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  • kcptun

    9.8 4.2 Go
    A Stable & Secure Tunnel based on KCP with N:M multiplexing and FEC. Available for ARM, MIPS, 386 and AMD64。KCPプロトコルに基づく安全なトンネル。KCP 프로토콜을 기반으로 하는 보안 터널입니다。
  • fasthttp

    9.8 8.4 Go
    Fast HTTP package for Go. Tuned for high performance. Zero memory allocations in hot paths. Up to 10x faster than net/http
  • Pion WebRTC

    9.7 8.5 Go
    Pure Go implementation of the WebRTC API
  • gnet

    9.5 7.6 Go
    🚀 gnet is a high-performance, lightweight, non-blocking, event-driven networking framework written in pure Go./ gnet 是一个高性能、轻量级、非阻塞的事件驱动 Go 网络框架。
  • dns

    9.5 6.9 Go
    DNS library in Go
  • quic-go

    9.5 9.1 Go
    A QUIC implementation in pure go
  • gopacket

    9.3 4.1 Go
    Provides packet processing capabilities for Go
  • httpstat

    9.3 0.0 Go
    It's like curl -v, with colours.
  • Netmaker

    9.3 9.9 Go
    Netmaker makes networks with WireGuard. Netmaker automates fast, secure, and distributed virtual networks.
  • kcp-go

    9.0 2.3 Go
    A Crypto-Secure, Production-Grade Reliable-UDP Library for golang with FEC
  • gobgp

    8.9 7.7 Go
    BGP implemented in the Go Programming Language
  • HTTPLab

    8.9 0.0 Go
    The interactive web server
  • netpoll

    8.8 7.6 Go
    A high-performance non-blocking I/O networking framework, which focused on RPC scenarios, developed by ByteDance.
  • DHT

    8.8 0.0 Go
    BitTorrent DHT Protocol && DHT Spider.
  • req

    8.7 9.5 Go
    Simple Go HTTP client with Black Magic
  • ssh

    8.7 4.5 Go
    Easy SSH servers in Golang
  • mqttPaho

    8.6 6.7 Go
    The Paho Go Client provides an MQTT client library for connection to MQTT brokers via TCP, TLS or WebSockets.
  • fortio

    8.6 8.0 Go
    Fortio load testing library, command line tool, advanced echo server and web UI in go (golang). Allows to specify a set query-per-second load and record latency histograms and other useful stats.
  • heimdall

    8.5 0.0 Go
    An enhanced HTTP client for Go
  • go-getter

    8.4 5.4 Go
    Package for downloading things from a string URL using a variety of protocols.
  • gobetween

    8.2 1.7 Go
    :cloud: Modern & minimalistic load balancer for the Сloud era
  • gev

    8.1 2.9 Go
    🚀Gev is a lightweight, fast non-blocking TCP network library / websocket server based on Reactor mode. Support custom protocols to quickly and easily build high-performance servers.
  • water

    8.1 0.0 Go
    A simple TUN/TAP library written in native Go.
  • sftp

    8.1 5.2 Go
    SFTP support for the go.crypto/ssh package
  • mdns

    8.1 0.0 Go
    Simple mDNS client/server library in Golang
  • NFF-Go

    7.9 0.0 Go
    NFF-Go -Network Function Framework for GO (former YANFF)
  • ftp

    7.9 5.5 Go
    FTP client package for Go
  • gosnmp

    7.8 4.5 Go
    An SNMP library written in Go
  • grab

    7.7 1.4 Go
    A download manager package for Go
  • nbio

    7.5 8.2 Go
    Pure Go 1000k+ connections solution, support tls/http1.x/websocket and basically compatible with net/http, with high-performance and low memory cost, non-blocking, event-driven, easy-to-use.