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  • excelize

    9.6 7.9 Go
    Golang library for reading and writing Microsoft Excel (XLSX) files.
  • go-toml

    7.7 6.0 Go
    Go library for the TOML language
  • go-critic

    7.5 6.8 Go
    The most opinionated Go source code linter
  • mimetype

    6.8 6.3 Go
    Detect mimetypes by looking at content
  • resolv

    5.4 0.7 Go
    A Simple 2D Golang collision detection and resolution library for games.
  • yiigo

    2.9 6.8 Go
    Make Golang development easier
  • merge2pdf

    2.3 0.0 Go
    Merge Image and PDF files (optionally with selective pages) with lossless quality
  • Wait4X

    2.1 5.8 Go
    Wait4X is a cli tool to wait for everything! It can be wait for a port to open or enter to rquested state.

    1.7 1.6 Go
    Library providing routines to merge and validate JSON, YAML and/or TOML files
  • fstash

    1.5 0.0 Go
    stash a file or a tree of files for later reuse - a bit like git stash
  • go-slices

    1.2 0.0 Go
    Helper functions for manipulating slices in Go.
  • Package for fast copying structs of different types

    1.1 6.0 Go
    Package for fast copying structs of different types
  • Dig: plow through nested data with ease

    0.9 0.8 Go
    Access and modify property values in deeply nested maps, using dot-separated paths
  • ijson

    0.9 4.0 Go
    Go package to quickly query and manipulate interface data.
  • Reactive

    0.5 1.1 Go
    A simple pub/sub observable library with pipe support.
  • LazyLogger

    0.4 0.0 Go
    Simple app to watch, in real time, log files from different hosts.
  • lcache

    0.4 4.2 Go
    Lightweight LRU cache implementation
  • paginator

    0.3 0.0 Go
    A simple package to paginate your data in Go.