Packer v1.3.5 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-02-28 // 12 months ago

    • ⚡️ builder/alicloud: Update aliyun sdk to support eu-west-1 region [GH-7338]
    • 🏗 builder/amazon: AWS users can now use the Vault AWS engine to generate temporary credentials. [GH-7282]
    • 🏗 builder/azure: IMDS to get subscription for Azure MSI [GH-7332]
    • 🏗 builder/openstack: Replaced deprecated compute/ api with imageservice/ [GH-7038]
    • ➕ builder/virtualbox: New "guest_additions_interface" option to enable attaching via a SATA interface. [GH-7298]
    • 🏗 builder/vmware: Add cores option for specifying the number of cores per socket. [GH-7191]
    • 🗄 bulder/openstac: Deprecated compute/v2/images API [GH-7268]
    • core: Add validation check to help folks who swap their iso_path and checksum_path [GH-7311]
    • 🛠 fixer/amazon: Make the amazon-private-ip fixer errors more visible [GH-7336]
    • post-processor/googlecompute-export: Extend auth for the GCE-post-processors to act like the GCE builder. [GH-7222]
    • post-processor/googlecompute-import: Extend auth for the GCE-post-processors to act like the GCE builder. [GH-7222]
    • post-processor/manifest: Add "custom_data" key to packer manifest post- processor [GH-7248]

    🐛 BUG FIXES:

    • 🏗 builder/amazon: Fix support for aws-us-gov [GH-7347]
    • 🏗 builder/amazon: Move snapshot deletion to cleanup phase. [GH-7343]
    • 🏗 builder/azure: Fixed Azure interactive authentication [GH-7276]
    • ⚡️ builder/cloudstack: Updated sdk version; can now use ostype name in template_os option. [GH-7264]
    • 📇 builder/google: Change metadata url to use a FQDN fixing bug stemming from differing DNS/search domains. [GH-7260]
    • 🏗 builder/hyper-v: Fix integer overflows in 32-bit builds [GH-7251]
    • 🏗 builder/hyper-v: Fix regression where we improperly handled spaces in switch names [GH-7266]
    • 🏗 builder/openstack: Pass context So we know to cancel during WaitForImage [GH-7341]
    • 🏗 builder/vmware-esxi: Strip \r\n whitespace from end of names of files stored on esxi. [GH-7310]
    • 🏗 builder/vmware: Add "--noSSLVerify" to args in ovftool Validation [GH-7314]
    • core: clean up Makefile [GH-7254][GH-7265]
    • 🛠 core: Fixes mismatches in checksums for dependencies for Go 1.11.4+ [GH-7261]
    • core: make sure 'only' option is completely ignored by post-processors [GH-7262]
    • core: name a post-processor to its type when it is not named [GH-7330]
    • provisioner/salt: Force powershell to overwrite duplicate files [GH-7281]

    🔋 Features:

    • 🆕 new builder vagrant allows users to call vagrant to provision starting from vagrant boxes and save them as new vagrant boxes. [GH-7221]
    • 🆕 new builder: hyperone for building new images on HyperOne Platform on top of existing image or from the scratch with the use of chroot. [GH-7294]
    • 🆕 new post-processor digitalocean-importAdd digitalocean-import post- processor. [GH-7060]
    • 🆕 new provisionerinspec Added provisioner [GH-7180]
    • 🔧 communicator: Add configurable pause after communicator can connect but before it performs provisioning tasks [GH-7317] [GH-7351]