Packer v1.5.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-02-12 // 15 days ago
  • 🆕 New Builder The vsphere-iso builder, previously maintained by JetBrains, 🔀 has been merged with the Packer core. It will be officially supported by the Packer team at HashiCorp moving forward. [GH-8480]

    HCL2 variables & functions HCL2 configurations can now use variable, variables, locals, and functions [GH-8588].


    • 🏗 builder/alicloud: Add AlicloudProfile option. [GH-8560]
    • 🏗 builder/amazon: Add max_retries option to aws builders [GH-8709]
    • 🏗 builder/amazon: Add source AMI owner ID/name to template engines [GH-8550]
    • ⚡️ builder/amazon: Update instance waiters to use global waiter settings set by AWS_POLL_DELAY_SECONDS and AWS_TIMEOUT_SECONDS [GH-8699]
    • 🏁 builder/azure: Allow users to use custom key vault for storing Windows certificates [GH-8704]
    • 🏗 builder/azure: Set expiry for image versions in SIG [GH-8561]
    • 🏗 builder/proxmox: Add option to upload the boot ISO rather than pointing out a previously manually uploaded one. [GH-8624]
    • 🏗 builder/vagrant: Fix a crash in the Vagrant driver [GH-8607]
    • 🏗 builder/yandex: Add service account ID to config [GH-8717]
    • communicator/winrm: Users can now override winrm_host with a static IP even when using cloud builders. [GH-8675]
    • core/hcl2: Fix bug preventing reading slices within other slices [GH-8669]
    • 🏗 core: Interpolation within post-processors can now access build-specific values like Host IP, communicator password, and more [GH-8632]
    • 🔌 core: Add PACKER_PLUGIN_PATH to list of supported paths for plugin discovery [GH-8616]
    • 🔌 core: clean up messy log line in plugin execution. [GH-8542]
    • core: Ensure PACKER_HTTP_ADDR is always set for any builder that provides a HTTP server for file transfer [GH-8654]
    • 🔌 core: Fix loading external plugins defined in PACKER_CONFIG [GH-8582]
    • 🌲 core: Log name of postprocessor running to disambiguate long chains of post- processors. [GH-8613]
    • 🏁 core: Packer can use isos in-place on Windows again, instead of copying them into its cache. [GH-7627]
    • core: step_download: return without error if Urls is empty [GH-8579]
    • post-processor/vsphere-template] Simplify method to use vm.MarkAsTemplate (optionally) [GH-8511]
    • scripts: Fix some issues with mapstructure-to-hcl2 code generator. [GH-8574]
    • ⚡️ scripts: Update Vagrant bootstrapping scripts [GH-8604]

    🐛 Bug Fixes:

    • 🔒 builder/alicloud: Fix "security group doesn't exist" error when there are >10 security groups. [GH-8535]
    • 🏗 builder/amazon: Allow AWS builder pre-validation to pass when subnet filters are present [GH-8622]
    • 🚀 builder/azure: Fix bug where deployments were not being cleaned up: [GH-8496]
    • 🏗 builder/azure: Fix issue where WinRMPassword was being left unset [GH-8670]
    • 🏗 builder/lxd: Fix file uploading issue when using the file provisioner [GH-8636]
    • 🏗 builder/null: Fix crash when configuring builder using HCL2. [GH-8612]
    • 🏗 builder/osc: Fix ssh host detection in Public Cloud and Nets [GH-8414]
    • 🏗 builder/vagrant: Fix bug with reading key from a path with spaces [GH-8605]
    • 🏗 builder/virtualbox-ovf: Remove config dependency from StepImport [GH-8509]
    • 🏗 builder/virtualbox-vm: use config as a non pointer to avoid a panic [GH-8576]
    • 🏗 core: Fix crash when build.sources is set to an invalid name [GH-8569]
    • core: Fix error loading .packerconfig [GH-8623]
    • core: Fix loading local ISO files when using iso_target_path [GH-8689]
    • 🔌 core: Fix loading of external plugins. GH-8543]
    • 🐳 post-processor/docker-tag: Fix regression if no tags were specified. [GH-8593]
    • ⚡️ post-processor/vagrant-cloud: Update error handling for Vagrant Cloud API [GH-8594]
    • post-processor/vagrant: correctly handle the diskSize property as a qemu size string [GH-8567]
    • provisioner/ansible: Fix password sanitization to account for empty string values. [GH-8570]
    • provisioner/shell: Fix bug with shell provisioner failing to clean up the environment var file when env_var_file is true. [GH-8639]