Paperboy is a command-line tool that creates and delivers modern email campaigns from a structured directory of markup files.

Programming language: Go
Tags: Productivity     Command Line     SMTP     Mailing     Standard CLI     Email     Tools    
Latest version: v0.2.1

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A Fast & Modern Email Campaign Engine built in Go.

Website | Documentation | Installation Guide

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Paperboy is complete email engine that helps you get the most out of your campaigns. It allows you to craft shared templates, and then quickly author and deliver multi-format campaigns.

Paperboy is command-line tool that consumes a source directory as input to render and send email campaigns via any SMTP service. By placing templates, lists, and content in a predefined directory structure, Paperboy will render markup, inline styles, wrap layouts, and more to deliver modern (yet legacy-compatible) newsletters and announcements.

Complete documentation is available at Paperboy Documentation.

Installing binaries

Currently, we provide pre-built binaries for Linux and macOS. Paperboy is a single binary with no external dependencies.

Just run ./paperboy help and you're ready to go.

Installing from source

You can also build and install Paperboy from source. The only requirement is to have a working installation of Go 1.11+. With those in place, the following commands will install Paperboy to $GOPATH/bin:

$ git clone https://github.com/rykov/paperboy.git
$ cd paperboy
$ make install

And please make sure $GOPATH/bin is in your $PATH.

If you receive a go: modules disabled error due to your project being inside of $GOPATH, you will have to force-enable go modules support:

GO111MODULE=on make install

Contributing to Paperboy

We welcome all contribution to Paperboy: documentation, bug reporst, feature ideas, blog posts, promotion, etc

You can start here:

Inspiration and credits

Paperboy aims to bring to email the ease of use and control we love from static site generators. We particularly want to thank Hugo authors for much of the inspiration and a number of our [dependencies][].

The banner photo is by Mathyas Kurmann