Programming language: Go
License: Apache License 2.0
Tags: Web Frameworks    
Latest version: v0.49.2

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Patron is a framework for creating microservices, originally created by Sotiris Mantzaris (https://github.com/mantzas). This fork is maintained by Beat Engineering (https://thebeat.co)

Patron is french for template or pattern, but it means also boss which we found out later (no pun intended).

The entry point of the framework is the Service. The Service uses Components to handle the processing of sync and async requests. The Service starts by default an HTTP Component which hosts the /debug, /alive, /ready and /metrics endpoints. Any other endpoints will be added to the default HTTP Component as Routes. Alongside Routes one can specify middleware functions to be applied ordered to all routes as MiddlewareFunc. The service sets up by default logging with zerolog, tracing and metrics with Jaeger and prometheus.

Patron provides abstractions for the following functionality of the framework:

  • service, which orchestrates everything
  • components and processors, which provide an abstraction of adding processing functionality to the service
    • asynchronous message processing (RabbitMQ, Kafka, AWS SQS)
    • synchronous processing (HTTP)
    • gRPC support
  • metrics and tracing
  • logging

Patron provides the same defaults for making the usage as simple as possible. Patron needs Go 1.16 as a minimum.

Table of Contents

  • [Architecture](docs/Architecture.md)
  • [CLI](docs/other/CLI.md)
  • Components
    • [Async](docs/components/async/Async.md)
    • [Kafka](docs/components/async/Kafka.md)
    • [AMQP](docs/components/async/AMQP.md)
    • [AWS SQS (deprecated)](docs/components/async/AWSSQS.md)
    • [HTTP (deprecated)](docs/components/HTTP.md)
    • [HTTP v2](docs/components/HTTPv2.md)
    • [gRPC](docs/components/gRPC.md)
    • [AWS SQS](docs/components/SQS.md)
    • [AMQP](docs/components/AMQP.md)
  • [Clients](docs/clients/Clients.md)
  • Packages
    • [Reliability](docs/other/Reliability.md)
    • [Observability](docs/observability/Observability.md)
    • [Logging](docs/observability/Logging.md)
    • [Distributed Tracing](docs/observability/DistributedTracing.md)
    • [Caching](docs/other/Caching.md)
    • [Encoding](docs/other/Encoding.md)
    • [Errors](docs/other/Errors.md)
  • [Examples](docs/Examples.md)
  • [Code of Conduct](docs/CodeOfConduct.md)
  • [Contribution Guidelines](docs/ContributionGuidelines.md)
  • [Acknowledgments](docs/ACKNOWLEDGMENTS.md)