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  • v0.5.3

    March 11, 2018
    v0.5.3 - 12 Mar 2018
      * New --print-query option prints out the query upon successful exit
      * New actions ScrollFirstItem and ScrollLastItem
      * Update termbox-go version (#447)
      * Documentation fixes (#444)
      * Build peco using go1.10
  • v0.5.2

    December 08, 2017
    v0.5.2 - 08 Dec 2017
      Backwards Incompatible Change:
      * --version flag now prints out the Go version used to build the binary
      * Various doc fixes
      * Build peco using go1.9.2.
      * There have apparently been problems running the stock peco binary in
        MacOS High Sierra, with an error message like "failed MSpanList_Insert...",
        which can averted by compiling the binary with a newer Go.
        Reports suggest that peco v0.5.1 is not affected by this problem, but
        we're making this release anyway just to make sure that we're building
        on a new-ish Go, and that users have a way to see what Go version was
        used to build their binaries
  • v0.5.1

    March 17, 2017
    v0.5.1 - 17 Mar 2017
      * When --exec is used, and you come back from the external command,
        you lost your selected location in the peco view. #410
      Backwards Incompatible Change:
      * --tty has been removed. it was not being used anyways.
      * When scrolling right, you could potentially keep on scrolling
        infinitely. This has bee addressed by #409, #412
      * External commands specified in --exec now receive
        PECO_MACHED_LINE_COUNT as environment variables
      * Removed unused structs
      * Fixed glide related Mkaefile actions
  • v0.5.0

    March 05, 2017
    v0.5.0 - 06 Mar 2017
      Backwards Incompatible Change:
      * ExecuteCommand has been removed.
      * A new command line option `--exec` has been added. This allows you to
        execute external commands via shell, and should be used as replacement
        to `ExecuteCommand`
      * A new configuration option `MaxScanBufferSize` has been added. Whereas
        bufio.Scanner (which peco internally relies on) only accepts lines that
        are < 64kb when reading the input, specifying this option in the config
        allows you to change this limit.
        The default MaxScanBuferSize is 256kb.
      * When executing external commands, the screen and the capturing of user
        input would interfere when getting back to peco.
  • v0.4.9

    March 01, 2017
    v0.4.9 - 01 Mar 2017
      * SavedSelection under `--selection-prefix` was not properly working
      * An outstanding bug from v0.4.0 where specifying `--query` for a large
        enough input would lose results in the first query execution has been
        fixed (#389)
  • v0.4.8

    February 27, 2017
    v0.4.8 - 26 Feb 2017
      * A new command line option `--on-cancel` has been added. This allows you
        to determine if the user has canceled the query, which can be useful in
        a pipeline of commands.
      * `OnCancel` does the equivalent of `--on-cancel` in the config file.
      * A new command line option `--selection-prefix` has been added. This
        allows you to use a string prefix instead of highlighting currently
        selected lines.
      * `SelectionPrefix` does the equivalent of `--selection-prefix` in the
        config file.
      * Build using go 1.8
  • v0.4.7

    December 16, 2016
    v0.4.7 - 17 Dec 2016
      * A regression of #363 appeared again, because the test was not testing
        for the correct behavior (#376)
      * Internal house cleaning
  • v0.4.6

    December 13, 2016
    v0.4.6 - 14 Dec 2016
      * A new fuzzy filter has now been added. See README for details (#369, #370)
      * A very subtle timing issue that causes the search to be reset
        has been resolved (#364)
  • v0.4.5

    October 30, 2016
    v0.4.5 - 30 Oct 2016
      * v0.4.4 broke --select-1 :/ (#363)
  • v0.4.4

    October 23, 2016
    v0.4.4 - 23 Oct 2016 
      * Fix to force a redraw of the screen when the query becomes empty (#346)
      * Fix blocking when read from an slow input source is interrupted in
        the middle (#359)
      * Remove gratuitous use of panic that could happen occasionally when we
        bail out of setup (like the scenario above)