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  • v1.0.3

    August 15, 2020
  • v1.0.3-test6

    August 15, 2020
  • v1.0.3-test5

    August 15, 2020
  • v1.0.3-test4

    August 15, 2020
  • v1.0.3-test3

    August 15, 2020
  • v1.0.3-test2

    August 15, 2020
  • v1.0.3-test Changes

    August 15, 2020

    🔄 Changelog

    772d598 clear arch type
    🚀 887af7f goreleaser check first "test"
    🏗 2fe3985 reset build flags
    🚀 cd70e4e travis test goreleaser on script

    🐳 Docker images

    • 🐳 docker pull prest/prest:v1.0.3-test
    • 🐳 docker pull prest/ptest:v1
    • 🐳 docker pull prest/prest:latest
  • v1.0.2 Changes

    August 14, 2020

    🔄 Changelog

    🏗 05da905 remove travis build go version 1.10 at 1.13 we are unpackaged software, we need to maintain compatibility with the most current version of Go
    🚀 b12898d gorelease set latest and major image
    🚀 3ac35d5 gorelease ignore darwin 386
    🚀 111c356 use go 1.15.x to deploy (release)
    👍 43a466f travis go 1.15.x support
    🛠 d6c11ef fixed yaml ident
    🚀 99aef76 docker image auto push to dockerhub by goreleaser

    🐳 Docker images

    • 🐳 docker pull prest/prest:v1.0.2
    • 🐳 docker pull prest/ptest:v1
    • 🐳 docker pull prest/prest:latest
  • v1.0.1 Changes

    August 05, 2020

    🔄 Changelog

    🔨 08c93e1 refactor: remove assert package
    📦 77843fd chore: fix package name
    09bc472 chore: add test dependency
    ⬆️ 6a254cc prest/adapters: upgrade mod by tidy
    eb122bd avoid panic on tx.commit calls (#55)
    🔀 e3f1bf9 Merge pull request #385 from prest/increase_coverage
    a544581 pass gofmt on files
    ad4abcf test: increase middlewares code coverage
    1596ccd test: fix var name
    c9f1153 test: add test 'empty' methods
    4ad58fa test: increase postgres/formatters coverage
    🔨 3762b95 refactor: remove unused code
    1b19436 test: increase config coverage
    8462aba test: increase coverage in template/funcregistry

  • v1.0.0 Changes

    August 03, 2020

    🔄 Changelog

    d982702 force install inconshreveable/mousetrap
    🛠 0a2ef40 fixed typo branch master
    🚀 41e7430 travisci: set deploy on master branch
    🚀 9504c3c gorelease docker img generate remove baby step
    🚀 b3e0365 docker image by goreleaser
    🐳 ad4a2d7 fixed docker image
    🚀 94d76b0 goreleaser checker
    🔀 312cac8 Merge pull request #384 from prest/avelino/more-go-version
    🏗 e75a3f7 add support go 1.1[3-4] on travis build - 1.13.x - 1.14.x
    🔀 b871f8e Merge pull request #382 from prest/coveralls_switch
    2179774 chore: add coverage badge do readme
    4bd1fe3 chore: switch codecover to coveralls
    d84c8e2 chore: ignore coverage.out file
    ⬆️ 4b08c17 Merge pull request #379 from prest/avelino/upgrade-gomodules
    ⬆️ 94cf6e8 upgrade and generate all gomodule files
    🚀 07cc1b6 fix main file path in Goreleaser (#377)
    🚀 565f3bc fixed goreleaser ldflags merge repository
    🔀 44717ed Merge pull request #375 from prest/viveksyngh/ssl-to-migrate-command-prest/cmd
    🔀 1b0ba9e Merge into viveksyngh/ssl-to-migrate-command-prest/cmd
    🔀 86fce87 Merge pull request #370 from prest/avelino/repositories-merge
    🚚 8523763 fix: remove id and add empty return to tests
    be80132 chore: add missing table
    4b0a8c4 fix: controllers tests
    994c8ac fix: prest tables permissions
    b6590dd fix main.go path
    ab75aca chore: install dependencies
    🚚 0f03183 chore: remove GO111MODULE
    4d4194b pass gofmt on files
    0a80569 rename ConnectionPool to Pool
    13a85ca add comment to exported const
    ⚡️ fae586a update packages path
    37dd02b create submodules
    ⚡️ 0b3e63d update internal modules
    f7ea135 fix cmd and config path
    525fc3a delete cmd vendor
    15ceb2a Add ssl certs to migrate command URL
    d09190e initial migration mono repo
    🔀 27384f7 Merge commit '2eab00b' into avelino/repositories-merge
    🚚 2eab00b Moved entire subrepo into transactions
    🔀 00fe9b3 Merge commit 'faad30f' into avelino/repositories-merge
    🚚 faad30f Moved entire subrepo into helpers
    🔀 c21404a Merge commit 'a9224b1' into avelino/repositories-merge
    🚚 a9224b1 Moved entire subrepo into template
    🔀 99a4ffa Merge commit '491832a' into avelino/repositories-merge
    🚚 491832a Moved entire subrepo into config
    🔀 5a872ae Merge commit '5b6e7ad' into avelino/repositories-merge
    🚚 5b6e7ad Moved entire subrepo into controllers
    🔀 49a1d62 Merge commit '0ab9ab5' into avelino/repositories-merge
    🚚 0ab9ab5 Moved entire subrepo into middlewares
    🔀 2d98d85 Merge commit '7a7b49c' into avelino/repositories-merge
    🚚 7a7b49c Moved entire subrepo into dbtime
    🔀 322a73c Merge commit '41b8d44' into avelino/repositories-merge
    🚚 41b8d44 Moved entire subrepo into cmd
    🔀 57152cc Merge commit '30edd8a' into avelino/repositories-merge
    🚚 30edd8a Moved entire subrepo into adapters
    fe782dc Group function alias names (#53)
    0️⃣ 7200b74 Set default database on Custom Query (#22)
    25fb4a6 allows user to overlay the middlewares (#16)
    8a78bee Database url fix (#26)
    ae0e543 add split func on template (#5)
    53750aa Do not add stmt in cache if use transaction (#52)
    75b2d0c treats if load postgres adapter (#14)
    🔀 a5c1719 Merge pull request #15 from joelmdesouza/statements
    ⚡️ e93a6db Update JWT token never expires
    ⚡️ 5ced9ec Update JWT never expires
    ⚡️ f5a8ae7 Return 404 response for inserts,updates and deletes (#21)
    ⚡️ 632dbd5 Update jwt token TestJWTSignatureOk
    ⚡️ 0202572 Update testdata
    📦 6ec4bdd Move the statements package into the middlewares package
    🤡 f657f41 added missing GetTransaction on mock
    🔀 080ab42 Merge pull request #25 from prest/issue_333
    👍 fa41397 cloud factor support: PORT to http port ref #333
    b7f47eb Implements transaction (#51)
    b69fb39 Returning (#20)
    619b861 from os/user to (#24)
    🛠 94d74c9 bugfix: "select by field" don't work when permissions is not set (#50)
    c656d56 adds and normalizes debug messages to display SQL clause and query result
    d3da479 unescape url before to send it to database (#4)
    👍 24a9991 added ilike support (#49)
    👕 e384ae0 fix some lint errors
    👍 8d07860 database connection url support (#23)
    ⚡️ 8574708 update field permission to allow multiple config and operations (#48)
    c90158c delete messages (#22)
    2ec5fe9 mark functions as test helpers (#47)
    d1de3d3 load driver when start the server (#13)
    0181674 TablePermissions respect prest conf (#46)
    🚀 07dcf60 change way to show version so goreleaser can understand
    🔧 dd2292c add configuration warnings (#12)
    🔧 2defca4 remove warning about public configurations (#21)
    c877df1 check if database is available (#45)
    361ea77 Merge pull request #18 from prest/fix_insert_statuscode
    ⚡️ 12c95a5 update tests
    8132088 returns status 201 instead of 200 in insert
    87c3ca6 fix batch return
    7244bc3 Revised batch insert (#17)
    396261d Add BatchInsertInTables to make inserts with batch (#11)
    a680d0f Batch insert (#16)
    ce51108 fix when is not a slice
    🔀 d0ed757 Merge pull request #3 from prest/script-slice
    ea558e5 fix typo
    114c56a add 1.10 to travis
    f55a7d0 add supprt to slice on scripts
    👍 7080d6f Implement support for JWT algos (#14)
    🚚 25c7971 remove go 1.7 support
    🔧 7073425 Add JWT-algo configuration (#20)
    👍 806e64a sqlx stop support go 1.7 so prest stops too (#10)
    03ddc99 Statements encapsulate (#15)
    44e1a99 first commit
    🔀 721f801 Merge pull request #14 from joelmdesouza/master
    ⚡️ a0b6be8 Adjusted UpdateTable for compatibility with other Adapters
    🔨 ad78673 Refactoring to use SQL Adapter Methods (#13)
    🔀 fed004c Merge pull request #9 from negbie/master
    2f8d6d7 Add HTTPHost to basic config struct (#18)
    4f927b8 Listen on HTTPHost:HTTPPort
    🔀 38910f4 Merge pull request #7 from prest/remove-unnecessary-else
    🚚 a7ff18e remove unnecessary else
    🔀 b1622cb Merge pull request #6 from RekGRpth/master
    🔀 1a9f774 Merge pull request #17 from RekGRpth/master
    87852e6 go fmt
    a07d4aa https
    3739ad5 https
    04c51f2 escape url (#5)
    f8b5c7f fix file mandatory (#16)
    ⚡️ 9e61e2d update version
    🔀 2bb7a41 Merge pull request #11 from tiaguinho/master
    e7a564d add allowCredentials header to every request
    ada59db return allowed origin for every method
    b5d873e Config file (#15)
    👍 6ab32d8 gae support as a framework (#4)
    🔧 2389a79 configurable context path (#14)
    👍 b7c5947 Support access to all databases in PostgreSQL cluster (#10)
    5e4eebe add ssl mode (#3)
    🔧 9665a52 add ssl configurations (#13)
    🔀 0d568c2 Joel`s conflicts and merge manuali (#11)
    6d97a19 restructuring for use of more than one database adapter / middlewares (#8)
    6605499 restructuring for use of more than one database adapter / config (#7)
    🔀 bfca151 Merge pull request #12 from prest/cache_disable
    1c44366 add config to disable cache stmt
    b07db21 enable to customize jwt (#10)
    0️⃣ 23df0f5 jwt default implementation (#11)
    🔀 4ed30c6 Merge pull request #2 from andrewsmedina/master
    da90437 add Go 1.9 in travis platforms
    14bc08e fix cors implementation (#9)
    👍 e55ed9a Support Distinct function in query (#9)
    de23d7b Use SQL file to load database structure (#1)
    424bf75 Use SQL file to load database structure (#8)
    👍 b76ca93 readme better
    5a54eef Fix initApp that was initialize every time (#7)
    🔧 06c3a14 improving support for CORS by handling preflight request and configurable allowed headers header (#6)
    🔀 9c37a72 Merge pull request #5 from prest/fix/middlewares_import
    📦 43a41b5 Fix middlewares package import
    🔀 4890cf7 Merge pull request #2 from prest/fix/middlewares_import
    98c3a86 Add initial travis file
    3475713 Fix middleware import
    🔀 7df0c79 Merge pull request #5 from prest/feature/badges
    7b0f398 Add status badges
    🔀 b1923dc Merge pull request #4 from prest/capital
    🚚 9bbb983 remove dot
    🚚 419d432 remove capital
    🚚 d1d7c04 Move config/middlewares to simply config.go on middlewares (#3)
    19c7291 wrapper names with " (#4)
    10cd2ac subindo dbtime
    5e3ebb9 Initial commit
    30f9da5 Add travis.yml file
    06e8979 Merge pull request #2 from prest/fix_renderFormat_function
    4bb1282 ad travis
    🔨 f7d18d4 Merge pull request #1 from prest/improvements/refactor-cmd
    🔀 6515e51 Merge
    7e67e95 Initial commit
    🔨 7ef50e3 Refactor cmd package
    🔀 c834e8f Merge
    6c5b23e Initial commit
    🔀 91528fd Merge
    ede1fc9 Initial commit
    fc70b77 fix cors (#183)
    55606d9 Migrate via gopkg (#165)
    62d8edf prevent more than load when use pREST as a module (#155)
    c44c1b9 implement funcs to help scripts (#152)
    📦 8029060 Prevents multiple startup when the pREST is used as a package. (#139)
    🚀 6556055 set new release 0.1.7
    87a5433 fix config propagate for all commands (#136)
    🔨 089c60e Refactoring to prevent multiple configuration loads (#131)
    🚀 6db6eb5 set new release 0.1.6
    🚀 5ca7ee9 set new release 0.1.5
    💻 0cb1289 Added version command line (#125)
    💻 8df2085 Added version command line (#125)
    69b40d3 possibility to reorder (#120)
    2320a8f enable add custom middleware (#117)
    ca84150 show error if have error in config file (#115)
    ⚡️ ecf1ff9 updating from master
    👍 db9d0b4 added cors support
    f5627cd modules structure
    🚚 8d94df0 Remove _VIEW endpoint (#82)
    a0d9651 Add process queries (#78)
    🚧 3bde25b [WIP] Change Access Control verification (#80)
    9ec35e2 Improvements tests and change endpoint to process view
    fe75f07 Add Select operation from Views
    ⚡️ af1b35a updated tests, test db and config
    🚧 d130420 initial access permissions - WIP
    00f4271 url based on configs
    🚚 42327e8 remove cobra override default config code