rabtap v1.22 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-01-28 // 2 months ago
    • The pub command now allows ialso to replay messages from a direcory previously recorded. The pub command also honors the recorded timestamps and delays the messages during replay. The signature of of the pub command was changed (see README.md). Note that the exchange is now optional and will be taken from the message metadata that is published.

Previous changes from v1.21

    • 🆕 new option: --format FORMAT which controls output format in tap,
      subscribe commands. --format json is equivalent to --json, which is
      🗄 now deprecated
    • 🆕 new output format: --format json-nopp which is not-pretty-printed JSON in
      tap and subscribe commands (#31)
    • 🆕 new option --silent for commands tap and subscribe which suppresses
      message output to stdout (#11)
    • 👍 short -o option for the info command --omit-empty is no longer supported
    • ✅ uniformly name test files *_test.go to improve external tool discoverbility