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  • v1.1.2

    January 17, 2020


    • 👌 Improve FSM apply performance through batching. Implementing the BatchingFSM interface enables this new feature [GH-364]
    • ➕ Add ability to obtain Raft configuration before Raft starts with GetConfiguration [GH-369]


    • ✂ Remove lint violations and add a make rule for running the linter.
    • Replace logger with hclog [GH-360]
    • 🔧 Read latest configuration independently from main loop [GH-379]


    • Export the leader field in LeaderObservation [GH-357]
    • 🛠 Fix snapshot to not attempt to truncate a negative range [GH-358]
    • Check for shutdown in inmemPipeline before sending RPCs [GH-276]
  • v1.1.1

    July 23, 2019


    • ➕ Add support for extensions to be sent on log entries [GH-353]
    • ➕ Add config option to skip snapshot restore on startup [GH-340]
    • ➕ Add optional configuration store interface [GH-339]


    • 🔊 Break out of group commit early when no logs are present [GH-341]


    • 🛠 Fix 64-bit counters on 32-bit platforms [GH-344]
    • ⏪ Don't defer closing source in recover/restore operations since it's in a loop [GH-337]
  • v1.1.0

    May 23, 2019


    • ➕ Add transfer leadership extension [GH-306]


    • 🚚 Move to go mod [GH-323]
    • 🌲 Leveled log [GH-321]
    • ➕ Add peer changes to observations [GH-326]


    • Copy the contents of an InmemSnapshotStore when opening a snapshot [GH-270]
    • 🛠 Fix logging panic when converting parameters to strings [GH-332]
  • v1.0.1

    April 12, 2019


    • ⏱ InMemTransport: Add timeout for sending a message [GH-313]
    • ✅ ensure 'make deps' downloads test dependencies like testify [GH-310]
    • Clarifies function of CommitTimeout [GH-309]
    • ➕ Add additional metrics regarding log dispatching and committal [GH-316]
  • v1.0.0

    October 03, 2017

    👀 v1.0.0 takes the changes that were staged in the library-v2-stage-one branch. This version manages server identities using a UUID, so introduces some breaking API changes. It also versions the Raft protocol, and requires some special steps when interoperating with Raft servers running older versions of the library (see the detailed comment in config.go about version compatibility). You can reference for an idea of what was required to port Consul to these new interfaces.

  • v0.1.0

    September 29, 2017

    v0.1.0 is the original stable version of the library that was in master and has been maintained with no breaking API changes. This was in use by Consul prior to version 0.7.0.