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  • This is first tutorial of GO language.The golang is developed by Google developer Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson.The go is a statically typed, compiled programming language designed.
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  • There are more than 2,500 programming languages in existence today. Where do all these languages come from? Learn more about the first generation.
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  • On March 25, 2019, gophers (Go developers) from around the world, and especially Europe, once more gathered for the dotGo conference at the Théâtre de Paris in the city’s 9th arrondissement. Organized almost annually by the dotConferences team since 2014, this one-day TED Talk-style event focuses on the Go language, its ecosystem, and the challenges that come with it. Here’s our summary of this year’s presenters and their talks.
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  • A practical handbook about foundational concepts of the Go language and introduces specific strategies you can use in your day-to-day applications using Problem/Solution/Discussion format.
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  • Book on how to build scalable, high-performance web applications in Go using modern design principles.
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  • Sample app using GIN framework
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  • Learn to develop professional GraphQL API's with GO. The workshop is completely free @wesovilabs
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  • In this tutorial, learn how to use it by building a simple realtime blog feed, with a Golang backend. Users will be able to create blog posts and see them published instantly, but all data will be fully encrypted and not shared with Pusher.
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  • Learn how to decode a Base64 encoded string in Golang. Go's "encoding/base64" package contains functionalities to perform Base64 decoding on a string.
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  • We know about many web development languages that have been successfully used by developers for quite a long time so far. The most popular of them are Python, PHP, and Ruby. However, recent years have brought a new technology that is being thoroughly discussed - the Elixir programming language.

    Let’s learn more about what the Elixir language is, what it offers to developers, and what projects it can be used for.
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  • Golang provides built-in support for Base64 encoding and decoding. In this article, you’ll find examples demonstrating how to perform Base64 encoding in Golang.

    Go’s encoding/base64 package implements base64 encoding as specified by RFC 4648. It provides implementations for both Standard as well as URL and Filename safe Base64 encoding variant.
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  • Have you ever added a new feature only to have another one break? After fixing the break, something else breaks, like some kind of bug whack-a-mole? Have you ever spent hours debugging a broken test only to find the issue lurking in another, supposedly unrelated package? These issues are caused by code being tightly coupled. In this article, we are going to examine ways to make code easier to understand, maintain and test by using decoupling.
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  • Koazee is inspired in lodash (nodeJS)
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  • A streamLike, immutable, lazy-loading and smart Go Library that provides a rich set of 23 operations to deal with slices.
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  • To have a good idea won’t guarantee your project is succeed. You need to apply the best practices to make it well-known.
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  • In this tutorials, You will learn File IO operations. The examples used in this post uses below packages
    bufio package - IO functionality functions for buffered stream
    IOUtil package Input and Output operations functions
    Os package for inbuilt functions
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  • Comments are part of program code to describe information code block or lines. Golang provides Single-line comments,multi-line comments or code blocks. And also documentation API can be generated using Godoc tool to output HTML for reference
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  • This post covers two programs, the First program is to convert Hexadecimal to an integer, the Second program is a decimal integer to Hexadecimal Integer. In Golang, Conversions or casting of any types will not work automatically. you have to write a code to handle this. strconv package provides many utility conversion functions
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  • Like any programming language, Golang has inbuilt Datatypes used for declaring variables and functions types. These are used to tell to a compiler to allocate them based on a type of the data. There are various types you can use to declare it.
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  • This article covers the installation of Go on windows machine, write a simple hello world program, compile and run program with output
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  • Variables are a basic building block of any programming language to store the values. The syntax for variable declaration change from language to other
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  • Go is a static type programming language, To learn any new programming language, Hello word is a starting basic application to make use of language applicaiton features
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  • Golang Url Decoding example. In this article, you'll learn how to URL decode query strings or form parameters in Golang. URL Decoding is the inverse operation of URL encoding. It converts the encoded characters back to their normal form.
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  • Koazee versus similar libraries
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  • Koazee is a StreamLike, Inmutable, Lazy Loading and smart Golang Library to deal with slices.
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  • The purpose of this article is providing a benchmark comparison between Koazee and two of the most well-known Golang frameworks to work with arrays: Go-Funk and Go-Linq.
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  • Golang Url Encoding example. Learn How to encode a String into URL Encoded format in Golang. URL Encoding converts a string to a universally accepted format that can be transmitted over the internet.
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  • 3Factor is an architectural pattern for building web/mobile applications that allow for fast iteration, while being highly resilient and scalable from day 1.
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  • Serverless Computing allows you to concentrate on your application code instead of managing servers or installing any software. You can build a Serverless Website by using AWS Lambda, a serverless compute service and it’s simply great.
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  • Technically, Go is not an object-oriented programming language. It doesn’t have classes, objects, and inheritance. However, Go has types. And, you can define methods on types. This allows for an object-oriented style of programming in Go.
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