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Interceptor & bootstrapper designed for grpc. Currently, supports bellow functionalities.

Name Description
Start with YAML Start service with YAML config.
Start with code Start service from code.
GRPC Service GRPC service defined with protocol buffer.
GRPC Gateway Service GRPC Gateway service with new port.
Swagger Service Swagger UI with same port as GRPC Gateway.
Common Service List of common API available on GRPC, GRPC Gateway and swagger.
TV Service A Web UI shows application and environment information.
Metrics interceptor Collect RPC metrics and export as prometheus client with same port of GRPC gateway.
Log interceptor Log every RPC requests as event with rk-query.
Trace interceptor Collect RPC trace and export it to stdout, file or jaeger.
Panic interceptor Recover from panic for RPC requests and log it.
Meta interceptor Send application metadata as header to client and GRPC Gateway.
Auth interceptor Support [Basic Auth] and [API Key] authrization types.

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go get -u github.com/rookie-ninja/rk-grpc

Quick Start

Bootstrapper can be used with YAML config. In the bellow example, we will start bellow services automatically.

  • GRPC Service
  • GRPC Server Reflection
  • GRPC Gateway Service
  • Swagger Service
  • Common Service
  • TV Service
  • Metrics
  • Logging
  • Meta

Please refer example at [example/boot/simple](example/boot/simple).

Start GRPC Service

  • [boot.yaml](example/boot/simple/boot.yaml)
  - name: greeter
    port: 1949
    reflection: true
      enabled: true
      enabled: true
      port: 8080
      rkServerOption: true
        enabled: true
        enabled: true
        enabled: true
        enabled: true
        enabled: true
  • [main.go](example/boot/simple/main.go)
func main() {
    // Bootstrap basic entries from boot config.

    // Bootstrap grpc entry from boot config
    res := rkgrpc.RegisterGrpcEntriesWithConfig("example/boot/simple/boot.yaml")

    // Bootstrap gin entry

    // Wait for shutdown signal

    // Interrupt gin entry
$ go run main.go


GRPC Service

Try to test GRPC Service with grpcurl ```shell script

List grpc services at port 1949 without TLS

Expect RkCommonService since we enabled common services.

$ grpcurl -plaintext localhost:1949 list
grpc.reflection.v1alpha.ServerReflection rk.api.v1.RkCommonService

List grpc methods in rk.api.v1.RkCommonService

$ grpcurl -plaintext localhost:1949 list rk.api.v1.RkCommonService
rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Apis rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Certs rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Configs rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Deps rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Entries rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Gc rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.GwErrorMapping rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Healthy rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Info rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.License rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Logs rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Readme rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Req rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Sys rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Git

Send request to rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Healthy

$ grpcurl -plaintext localhost:1949 rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Healthy { "healthy": true }

#### GRPC Gateway Service
Gateway was enabled at port 8080. We will try to send request to common service API.

Gateway to GRPC mapping defined at [gw-mapping](boot/api/v1/gw_mapping.yaml)
```shell script
$ curl localhost:8080/rk/v1/healthy

Swagger Service

By default, we could access swagger UI at [/sw].


Common Service

We can access common service both from Gateway and GRPC.


TV Service

By default, we could access TV at [/tv].



By default, we could access prometheus client at [/metrics]



By default, we enable zap logger and event logger with console encoding type. ```shell script 2021-06-24T05:25:20.621+0800 INFO boot/common_service_entry.go:141 Bootstrapping CommonServiceEntry. {"eventId": "5b82a7e0-f7ef-4a3a-abe7-fc1f9f83673a", "entryName": "greeter", "entryType": "GrpcCommonServiceEntry"} 2021-06-24T05:25:20.622+0800 INFO boot/tv_entry.go:172 Bootstrapping TvEntry. {"eventId": "5b82a7e0-f7ef-4a3a-abe7-fc1f9f83673a", "entryName": "greeter", "entryType": "GrpcTvEntry"} 2021-06-24T05:25:20.624+0800 INFO boot/sw_entry.go:202 Bootstrapping SwEntry. {"eventId": "5b82a7e0-f7ef-4a3a-abe7-fc1f9f83673a", "entryName": "greeter", "entryType": "GrpcSwEntry", "swPath": "/sw/", "headers": {}} 2021-06-24T05:25:20.624+0800 INFO boot/prom_entry.go:202 Bootstrapping promEntry. {"eventId": "5b82a7e0-f7ef-4a3a-abe7-fc1f9f83673a", "entryName": "greeter", "entryType": "GrpcPromEntry", "path": "/metrics", "port": 8080} 2021-06-24T05:25:20.624+0800 INFO boot/gw_entry.go:415 Bootstrapping GwEntry. {"eventId": "5b82a7e0-f7ef-4a3a-abe7-fc1f9f83673a", "entryName": "greeter", "entryType": "GwEntry", "grpcPort": 1949, "httpPort": 8080, "swEnabled": true, "tvEnabled": true, "promEnabled": true, "commonServiceEnabled": true, "clientTlsEnabled": false, "serverTlsEnabled": false} 2021-06-24T05:25:20.624+0800 INFO boot/grpc_entry.go:671 Bootstrapping grpcEntry. {"eventId": "5b82a7e0-f7ef-4a3a-abe7-fc1f9f83673a", "entryName": "greeter", "entryType": "GrpcEntry", "grpcPort": 1949, "commonServiceEnabled": true, "tlsEnabled": false, "gwEnabled": true, "reflectionEnabled": true, "swEnabled": true, "tvEnabled": true, "promEnabled": true, "gwClientTlsEnabled": false, "gwServerTlsEnabled": false, "swPath": "/sw/", "headers": {}, "tvPath": "/rk/v1/tv"}

```shell script


By default, we will send back some metadata to client including gateway with headers. ```shell script $ curl -vs localhost:8080/rk/v1/healthy ... < HTTP/1.1 200 OK < Content-Type: application/json < X-Request-Id: cb615712-74dc-4e62-afb9-2fc6599bf452 < X-Rk-App-Name: rk-grpc < X-Rk-App-Unix-Time: 2021-06-24T05:29:09.481073+08:00 < X-Rk-App-Version: master-xxx < X-Rk-Received-Time: 2021-06-24T05:29:09.481073+08:00 < Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2021 21:29:09 GMT ...

## YAML Config
Available configuration
User can start multiple grpc servers at the same time. Please make sure use different port and name.

### GRPC Service
| name | description | type | default value |
| ------ | ------ | ------ | ------ |
| grpc.name | The name of grpc server | string | N/A |
| grpc.port | The port of grpc server | integer | nil, server won't start |
| grpc.description | Description of grpc entry. | string | "" |
| grpc.reflection | Enable grpc server reflection | boolean | false |
| grpc.cert.ref | Reference of cert entry declared in [cert entry](https://github.com/rookie-ninja/rk-entry#certentry) | string | "" |
| grpc.logger.zapLogger.ref | Reference of zapLoggerEntry declared in [zapLoggerEntry](https://github.com/rookie-ninja/rk-entry#zaploggerentry) | string | "" |
| grpc.logger.eventLogger.ref | Reference of eventLoggerEntry declared in [eventLoggerEntry](https://github.com/rookie-ninja/rk-entry#eventloggerentry) | string | "" |

### Common Service
    - selector: rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Healthy
      get: /rk/v1/healthy
    - selector: rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Gc
      get: /rk/v1/gc
    - selector: rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Info
      get: /rk/v1/info
    - selector: rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Configs
      get: /rk/v1/configs
    - selector: rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Apis
      get: /rk/v1/apis
    - selector: rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Sys
      get: /rk/v1/sys
    - selector: rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Req
      get: /rk/v1/req
    - selector: rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Entries
      get: /rk/v1/entries
    - selector: rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Certs
      get: /rk/v1/certs
    - selector: rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Logs
      get: /rk/v1/logs
    - selector: rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Deps
      get: /rk/v1/deps
    - selector: rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.License
      get: /rk/v1/license
    - selector: rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Readme
      get: /rk/v1/readme
    - selector: rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.Git
      get: /rk/v1/git
    - selector: rk.api.v1.RkCommonService.GwErrorMapping
      get: /rk/v1/gwErrorMapping
name description type default value
grpc.commonService.enabled Enable embedded common service boolean false

GRPC Gateway Service

name description type default value
grpc.gw.enabled Enable gateway service over gRpc server boolean false
grpc.gw.port The port of gRpc gateway integer 0
grpc.gw.rkServerOption Enable RK style gateway server options. [detail](boot/gw_server_options.go) false
grpc.gw.gwMappingFilePaths The grpc gateway mapping file path. [example](boot/api/v1/gw_mapping.yaml) string array []
grpc.gw.cert.ref Reference of cert entry declared in cert section string ""

Swagger Service

name description type default value
grpc.gw.sw.enabled Enable swagger service over gRpc server boolean false
grpc.gw.sw.path The path access swagger service from web string /sw
grpc.gw.sw.jsonPath Where the swagger.json files are stored locally string ""
grpc.gw.sw.headers Headers would be sent to caller as scheme of [key:value] []string []

Prom Client

name description type default value
grpc.gw.prom.enabled Enable prometheus boolean false
grpc.gw.prom.path Path of prometheus string /metrics
grpc.gw.prom.pusher.enabled Enable prometheus pusher bool false
grpc.gw.prom.pusher.jobName Job name would be attached as label while pushing to remote pushgateway string ""
grpc.gw.prom.pusher.remoteAddress PushGateWay address, could be form of http://x.x.x.x or x.x.x.x string ""
grpc.gw.prom.pusher.intervalMs Push interval in milliseconds string 1000
grpc.gw.prom.pusher.basicAuth Basic auth used to interact with remote pushgateway, form of [user:pass] string ""
grpc.gw.prom.pusher.cert.ref Reference of rkentry.CertEntry string ""

TV Service

name description type default value
grpc.gw.tv.enabled Enable RK TV boolean false



name description type default value
grpc.interceptors.loggingZap.enabled Enable log interceptor boolean false
grpc.interceptors.loggingZap.zapLoggerEncoding json or console string console
grpc.interceptors.loggingZap.zapLoggerOutputPaths Output paths []string stdout
grpc.interceptors.loggingZap.eventLoggerEncoding json or console string console
grpc.interceptors.loggingZap.eventLoggerOutputPaths Output paths []string false

We will log two types of log for every RPC call.

  • zapLogger

Contains user printed logging with requestId or traceId.

  • eventLogger

Contains per RPC metadata, response information, environment information and etc.

Field Description
endTime As name described
startTime As name described
elapsedNano Elapsed time for RPC in nanoseconds
timezone As name described
ids Contains three different ids(eventId, requestId and traceId). If meta interceptor was enabled or event.SetRequestId() was called by user, then requestId would be attached. eventId would be the same as requestId if meta interceptor was enabled. If trace interceptor was enabled, then traceId would be attached.
app Contains appName, appVersion, entryName, entryType.
env Contains arch, az, domain, hostname, localIP, os, realm, region. realm, region, az, domain were retrieved from environment variable named as REALM, REGION, AZ and DOMAIN. "*" means empty environment variable.
payloads Contains RPC related metadata
error Contains errors if occur
counters Set by calling event.SetCounter() by user.
pairs Set by calling event.AddPair() by user.
timing Set by calling event.StartTimer() and event.EndTimer() by user.
remoteAddr As name described
operation RPC method name
resCode Response code of RPC
eventStatus Ended or InProgress
  • example

```shell script

endTime=2021-06-24T05:58:48.282193+08:00 startTime=2021-06-24T05:58:48.28204+08:00 elapsedNano=153005 timezone=CST ids={"eventId":"573ce6a8-308b-4fc0-9255-33608b9e41d4","requestId":"573ce6a8-308b-4fc0-9255-33608b9e41d4"} app={"appName":"rk-grpc","appVersion":"master-xxx","entryName":"greeter","entryType":"GrpcEntry"} env={"arch":"amd64","az":"","domain":"","hostname":"lark.local","localIP":"","os":"darwin","realm":"","region":""} payloads={"grpcMethod":"Healthy","grpcService":"rk.api.v1.RkCommonService","grpcType":"unaryServer","gwMethod":"GET","gwPath":"/rk/v1/healthy","gwScheme":"http","gwUserAgent":"Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_6) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/91.0.4472.77 Safari/537.36"} error={} counters={} pairs={"healthy":"true"} timing={} remoteAddr=localhost:57135 operation=/rk.api.v1.RkCommonService/Healthy resCode=OK eventStatus=Ended EOE

#### Metrics
| name | description | type | default value |
| ------ | ------ | ------ | ------ |
| grpc.interceptors.metricsProm.enabled | Enable metrics interceptor | boolean | false |

#### Auth
Enable the server side auth. codes.Unauthenticated would be returned to client if not authorized with user defined credential.

| name | description | type | default value |
| ------ | ------ | ------ | ------ |
| grpc.interceptors.auth.enabled | Enable auth interceptor | boolean | false |
| grpc.interceptors.auth.basic | Basic auth credentials as scheme of <user:pass> | []string | [] |
| grpc.interceptors.auth.apiKey | API key | []string | [] |
| grpc.interceptors.auth.ignorePrefix | The paths of prefix that will be ignored by interceptor | []string | [] |

#### Meta
Send application metadata as header to client and GRPC Gateway.

| name | description | type | default value |
| ------ | ------ | ------ | ------ |
| grpc.interceptors.meta.enabled | Enable meta interceptor | boolean | false |
| grpc.interceptors.meta.prefix | Header key was formed as X-<Prefix>-XXX | string | RK |

#### Tracing
| name | description | type | default value |
| ------ | ------ | ------ | ------ |
| grpc.interceptors.tracingTelemetry.enabled | Enable tracing interceptor | boolean | false |
| grpc.interceptors.exporter.file.enabled | Enable file exporter | boolean | RK |
| grpc.interceptors.exporter.file.outputPath | Export tracing info to files | string | stdout |
| grpc.interceptors.exporter.jaeger.enabled | Export tracing info jaeger | boolean | false |
| grpc.interceptors.exporter.jaeger.collectorEndpoint | As name described | string | localhost:16368/api/trace |
| grpc.interceptors.exporter.jaeger.collectorUsername | As name described | string | "" |
| grpc.interceptors.exporter.jaeger.collectorPassword | As name described | string | "" |

### Development Status: Stable

### Appendix
Use bellow command to rebuild proto files, we are using [buf](https://docs.buf.build/generate-usage) to generate proto related files.
Configuration could be found at root path of project.

- make buf

### Contributing
We encourage and support an active, healthy community of contributors &mdash;
including you! Details are in the [contribution guide](CONTRIBUTING.md) and
the [code of conduct](CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md). The rk maintainers keep an eye on
issues and pull requests, but you can also report any negative conduct to
[email protected]


Released under the [Apache 2.0 License](LICENSE).

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the rk-grpc README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.