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Latest version: v0.84.3

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Rod is a high-level driver directly based on DevTools Protocol. It's designed for web automation and scraping for both high-level and low-level use, senior developers can use the low-level packages and functions to easily customize or build up their own version of Rod, the high-level functions are just examples to build a default version of Rod.

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  • Chained context design, intuitive to timeout or cancel the long-running task
  • Auto-wait elements to be ready
  • Debugging friendly, auto input tracing, remote monitoring headless browser
  • Thread-safe for all operations
  • Automatically find or download [browser](lib/launcher)
  • High-level helpers like WaitStable, WaitRequestIdle, HijackRequests, WaitDownload, etc
  • Two-step WaitEvent design, never miss an event (how it works)
  • Correctly handles nested iframes or shadow DOMs
  • No zombie browser process after the crash (how it works)
  • CI enforced 100% test coverage


Please check the [examples_test.go](examples_test.go) file first, then check the [examples](lib/examples) folder.

For more detailed examples, please search the unit tests. Such as the usage of method HandleAuth, you can search all the *_test.go files that contain HandleAuth, for example, use Github online search in repository. You can also search the GitHub issues or discussions, a lot of usage examples are recorded there.

[Here](lib/examples/compare-chromedp) is a comparison of the examples between rod and Chromedp.

If you have questions, please raise an issues/discussions or join the chat room.

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