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RTS: Request to Struct

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Generate Go structs definitions from JSON server responses.

RTS defines type names using the specified lines in the route file and skipping numbers. e.g: a request to a route like /users/1/posts generates type UsersPosts

It supports parameters: a line like /users/:user/posts/:pid 1 200 generates type UsersUserPostsPid from the response to the request GET /users/1/posts/200.

RTS supports headers personalization as well, thus it can be used to generate types from responses protected by some authorization method

Updated: 6/17/2016 by Krish Verma https://github.com/kverma

In case the JSON server is HTTPS with unknown certificate signing authority, pass the -insecure flag to disable TLS certificate check


CLI Application

go get -u github.com/galeone/rts/cmd/rts


import "github.com/galeone/rts"

byteFile, err := rts.Do(pkg, server, lines, headerMap)

CLI Usage

rts [options]
  -headers string
        Headers to add in every request
        prints this help
        Disables TLS Certificate check for HTTPS, use in case HTTPS Server Certificate is signed by an unknown authority
  -out string
        Output file. Stdout is used if not specified
  -pkg string
        Package name (default "main")
  -routes string
        Routes to request. One per line (default "routes.txt")
  -server string
        sets the server address (default "http://localhost:9090")
        Creates types for sub-structs



/repos/:user/:repo galeone igor


rts -server https://api.github.com -pkg example


package example

type Foo1 struct {
    AuthorizationsURL                string `json:"authorizations_url"`
    CodeSearchURL                    string `json:"code_search_url"`
    CurrentUserAuthorizationsHTMLURL string `json:"current_user_authorizations_html_url"`
    CurrentUserRepositoriesURL       string `json:"current_user_repositories_url"`
    CurrentUserURL                   string `json:"current_user_url"`
    EmailsURL                        string `json:"emails_url"`
    EmojisURL                        string `json:"emojis_url"`
    EventsURL                        string `json:"events_url"`
    FeedsURL                         string `json:"feeds_url"`
    FollowersURL                     string `json:"followers_url"`
    FollowingURL                     string `json:"following_url"`
    GistsURL                         string `json:"gists_url"`
    HubURL                           string `json:"hub_url"`
    IssueSearchURL                   string `json:"issue_search_url"`
    IssuesURL                        string `json:"issues_url"`
    KeysURL                          string `json:"keys_url"`
    NotificationsURL                 string `json:"notifications_url"`
    OrganizationRepositoriesURL      string `json:"organization_repositories_url"`
    OrganizationURL                  string `json:"organization_url"`
    PublicGistsURL                   string `json:"public_gists_url"`
    RateLimitURL                     string `json:"rate_limit_url"`
    RepositorySearchURL              string `json:"repository_search_url"`
    RepositoryURL                    string `json:"repository_url"`
    StarredGistsURL                  string `json:"starred_gists_url"`
    StarredURL                       string `json:"starred_url"`
    TeamURL                          string `json:"team_url"`
    UserOrganizationsURL             string `json:"user_organizations_url"`
    UserRepositoriesURL              string `json:"user_repositories_url"`
    UserSearchURL                    string `json:"user_search_url"`
    UserURL                          string `json:"user_url"`

type ReposUserRepo struct {
    ArchiveURL       string      `json:"archive_url"`
    AssigneesURL     string      `json:"assignees_url"`
    BlobsURL         string      `json:"blobs_url"`
    BranchesURL      string      `json:"branches_url"`
    CloneURL         string      `json:"clone_url"`
    CollaboratorsURL string      `json:"collaborators_url"`
    CommentsURL      string      `json:"comments_url"`
    CommitsURL       string      `json:"commits_url"`
    CompareURL       string      `json:"compare_url"`
    ContentsURL      string      `json:"contents_url"`
    ContributorsURL  string      `json:"contributors_url"`
    CreatedAt        string      `json:"created_at"`
    DefaultBranch    string      `json:"default_branch"`
    DeploymentsURL   string      `json:"deployments_url"`
    Description      string      `json:"description"`
    DownloadsURL     string      `json:"downloads_url"`
    EventsURL        string      `json:"events_url"`
    Fork             bool        `json:"fork"`
    Forks            int         `json:"forks"`
    ForksCount       int         `json:"forks_count"`
    ForksURL         string      `json:"forks_url"`
    FullName         string      `json:"full_name"`
    GitCommitsURL    string      `json:"git_commits_url"`
    GitRefsURL       string      `json:"git_refs_url"`
    GitTagsURL       string      `json:"git_tags_url"`
    GitURL           string      `json:"git_url"`
    HasDownloads     bool        `json:"has_downloads"`
    HasIssues        bool        `json:"has_issues"`
    HasPages         bool        `json:"has_pages"`
    HasWiki          bool        `json:"has_wiki"`
    Homepage         string      `json:"homepage"`
    HooksURL         string      `json:"hooks_url"`
    HTMLURL          string      `json:"html_url"`
    ID               int         `json:"id"`
    IssueCommentURL  string      `json:"issue_comment_url"`
    IssueEventsURL   string      `json:"issue_events_url"`
    IssuesURL        string      `json:"issues_url"`
    KeysURL          string      `json:"keys_url"`
    LabelsURL        string      `json:"labels_url"`
    Language         string      `json:"language"`
    LanguagesURL     string      `json:"languages_url"`
    MergesURL        string      `json:"merges_url"`
    MilestonesURL    string      `json:"milestones_url"`
    MirrorURL        interface{} `json:"mirror_url"`
    Name             string      `json:"name"`
    NetworkCount     int         `json:"network_count"`
    NotificationsURL string      `json:"notifications_url"`
    OpenIssues       int         `json:"open_issues"`
    OpenIssuesCount  int         `json:"open_issues_count"`
    Owner            struct {
        AvatarURL         string `json:"avatar_url"`
        EventsURL         string `json:"events_url"`
        FollowersURL      string `json:"followers_url"`
        FollowingURL      string `json:"following_url"`
        GistsURL          string `json:"gists_url"`
        GravatarID        string `json:"gravatar_id"`
        HTMLURL           string `json:"html_url"`
        ID                int    `json:"id"`
        Login             string `json:"login"`
        OrganizationsURL  string `json:"organizations_url"`
        ReceivedEventsURL string `json:"received_events_url"`
        ReposURL          string `json:"repos_url"`
        SiteAdmin         bool   `json:"site_admin"`
        StarredURL        string `json:"starred_url"`
        SubscriptionsURL  string `json:"subscriptions_url"`
        Type              string `json:"type"`
        URL               string `json:"url"`
    } `json:"owner"`
    Private          bool   `json:"private"`
    PullsURL         string `json:"pulls_url"`
    PushedAt         string `json:"pushed_at"`
    ReleasesURL      string `json:"releases_url"`
    Size             int    `json:"size"`
    SSHURL           string `json:"ssh_url"`
    StargazersCount  int    `json:"stargazers_count"`
    StargazersURL    string `json:"stargazers_url"`
    StatusesURL      string `json:"statuses_url"`
    SubscribersCount int    `json:"subscribers_count"`
    SubscribersURL   string `json:"subscribers_url"`
    SubscriptionURL  string `json:"subscription_url"`
    SvnURL           string `json:"svn_url"`
    TagsURL          string `json:"tags_url"`
    TeamsURL         string `json:"teams_url"`
    TreesURL         string `json:"trees_url"`
    UpdatedAt        string `json:"updated_at"`
    URL              string `json:"url"`
    Watchers         int    `json:"watchers"`
    WatchersCount    int    `json:"watchers_count"`


RTS: Request to Struct. Generates Go structs from a server response. Copyright (C) 2016 Paolo Galeone nessuno@nerdz.eu

This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. Exhibit B is not attached; this software is compatible with the licenses expressed under Section 1.12 of the MPL v2.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the rts README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.