Serf v0.4.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2014-01-31 // about 6 years ago

    • Static role has been replaced with dynamic tags. Each agent can have multiple key/value tags associated using -tag. Tags can be updated using a SIGHUP and are advertised to the cluster, causing the member-update event to be triggered. [GH-111] [GH-98]

    • Serf can automatically discover peers uing mDNS when provided the -discover flag. In network environments supporting multicast, no explicit join is needed to find peers. [GH-53]

    • Serf collects telemetry information and simple runtime profiling. Stats can be dumped to stderr by sending a USR1 signal to Serf. Windows users must use the BREAK signal instead. [GH-103]

    • advertise flag can be used to set an advertise address different from the bind address. Used for NAT traversal. Thanks to @benagricola [GH-93]

    • members command now takes -format flag to specify either text or JSON output. Fixed by @ryanuber [GH-97]


    • User payload always appends a newline when invoking a shell script

    • Severity of "Potential blocking operation" reduced to debug to prevent spurious messages on slow or busy machines.

    🐛 BUG FIXES:

    • If an agent is restarted with the same bind address but new name, it will not respond to the old name, causing the old name to enter the failed state, instead of having duplicate entries in the alive state.

    • leave_on_interrupt set to false when not specified, if any config file is provided. This flag is deprecated for skip_leave_on_interrupt instead. [GH-94]


    • -role configuration has been deprecated in favor of -tag role=foo. The flag is still supported but will generate warnings.

    • Support for protocol version 0 (Serf 0.1) has been removed. Serf 0.4 cannot join a cluster that has members running version 0.1.