Serf v0.5.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2014-03-12 // about 6 years ago

    • New query command provides a request/response mechanism to do realtime queries across the cluster. [GH-139]

    • Automatic conflict resolution. Serf will detect name conflicts, and use an internal query to determine which node is in the minority and perform a shutdown. [GH-167] [GH-119]

    • New reachability command can be used to help diagnose network and configuration issues.

    • Added member-reap event to get notified of when Serf removes a failed or left node from the cluster. The reap interval is controlled by reconnect_timeout and tombstone_timeout respectively. [GH-172]


    • New Recipes section on the site to share Serf tips. Thanks to @ryanuber. [GH-177]

    • members command has new -name filter flag. Thanks to @ryanuber [GH-164]

    • New RPC command "members-filtered" to move filtering logic to the agent. Thanks to @ryanuber. [GH-149]

    • reconnect_interval and reconnect_timeout can be provided to configure agent behavior for attempting to reconnect to failed nodes. [GH-155]

    • tombstone_interval can be provided to configure the reap time for nodes that have gracefully left. [GH_172]

    • Agent can be provided rpc_auth config to require that RPC is authenticated. All commands can take a -rpc-auth flag now. [GH-148]

    🐛 BUG FIXES:

    • Fixed config folder in Upstart script. Thanks to @llchen223. [GH-174]

    • Event handlers are correctly invoked when BusyBox is the shell. [GH-156]

    • Event handlers were not being invoked with the correct SERF_TAG_* values if tags were changed using the tags command. [GH-169]


    • Support for protocol version 1 (Serf 0.2) has been removed. Serf 0.5 cannot join a cluster that has members running version 0.2.