Serf v0.6.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2014-05-08 // about 6 years ago

    • Support for key rotation when using encryption. This adds a new serf keys command, and a -keyring-file configuration. Thanks to @ryanuber.

    • New -tags-file can be specified to persist changes to tags made via the RPC interface. Thanks to @ryanuber.

    • New serf info command to provide operator debugging information, and to get info about the local node.

    • Adding -retry-join flag to agent which enables retrying the join until success or -retry-max attempts have been made.


    • New -rejoin flag can be used along with a snapshot file to automatically rejoin a cluster.

    • Agent uses circular buffer to invoke handlers, guards against unbounded output lengths.

    • Adding support for logging to syslog

    • The SERF_RPC_ADDR environment variable can be used instead of the -rpc-addr flags. Thanks to @lalyos [GH-209].

    • serf query can now output the results in a JSON format.

    • Unknown configuration directives generate an error [GH-186]. Thanks to @vincentbernat.

    🐛 BUG FIXES:

    • Fixing environmental variables with invalid characters. [GH-200]. Thanks to @arschles.

    • Fixing issue with tag changes with hard restart before failure detection.

    • Fixing issue with reconnect when using dynamic ports.


    • Improved logging of various error messages

    • Improved debian packaging. Thanks to @vincentbernat.