sh v3.3.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2021-08-01 // 3 months ago
    • syntax
      • Don't convert & in a separate line into ;
      • Fix a BinaryNextLine edge case idempotency bug
      • Never start printing a command with an escaped newline
    • interp
      • Support calling Runner.Reset before Runner.Run
      • Obey set -e for failed redirections

Previous changes from v3.3.0

    • cmd/shfmt
      • Document the FORCE_COLOR env var to always use colors in diffs
    • syntax
      • Add the printer SingleLine option to avoid printing newlines
      • Positions now use more bits for line numbers than column numbers
      • Test operators like && and || no longer escape newlines
      • Properly handle closing backquotes in a few edge cases
      • Properly handle trailing escaped newlines in heredocs
    • interp
      • Redesigned variable scoping to fix a number of edge cases
      • Refactor set -o nounset support to fix many edge cases
      • Deprecate LookPath in favor of LookPathDir
      • Array element words are now expanded correctly
      • Add support for trap with error and exit signals
      • Add support for shopt -s nullglob
      • Add support for type -p