stripe v72.117.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2022-06-29 // 7 days ago
    • ⚡️ #1487 API Updates

      • Add support for DeliverCard, FailCard, ReturnCard, and ShipCard test helper methods on resource Issuing.Card
      • Change type of PaymentLinkPaymentMethodTypesParams and PaymentLinkPaymentMethodTypes from literal('card') to enum
      • Add support for HostedRegulatoryReceiptURL on TreasuryReceivedCredit and TreasuryReceivedDebit
    • #1483 Document use of undocumented parameters/properties

Previous changes from v72.116.0

    • ⚡️ #1484 API Updates
      • Add support for CaptureMethod on PaymentIntentConfirmParams and PaymentIntentParams
    • ⚡️ #1481 API Updates

      • Add support for PromptPayPayments on AccountCapabilitiesParams and AccountCapabilities
      • Add support for PromptPay on ChargePaymentMethodDetails, PaymentIntentConfirmPaymentMethodDataParams, PaymentIntentConfirmPaymentMethodOptionsParams, PaymentIntentPaymentMethodDataParams, PaymentIntentPaymentMethodOptionsParams, PaymentIntentPaymentMethodOptions, PaymentMethodParams, PaymentMethod, SetupIntentConfirmPaymentMethodDataParams, and SetupIntentPaymentMethodDataParams
      • Add support for SubtotalExcludingTax on CreditNote and Invoice
      • Add support for AmountExcludingTax and UnitAmountExcludingTax on CreditNoteLineItem and InvoiceLineItem
      • Add support for RenderingOptions on InvoiceParams
      • Add support for TotalExcludingTax on Invoice
      • Add support for new value promptpay on enums InvoicePaymentSettingsPaymentMethodTypes and SubscriptionPaymentSettingsPaymentMethodTypes
      • Add support for AutomaticPaymentMethods on OrderPaymentSettings
      • Add support for PromptPayDisplayQRCode on PaymentIntentNextAction
      • Add support for new value promptpay on enum PaymentMethodType
    • #1482 Use the generated API version