Programming language: Go
License: MIT License
Tags: Miscellaneous     Strings    
Latest version: v0.3.0

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String Utilities for Go

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"strutil" provides string functions for go applications.

For documentation with examples see GoDoc


Align (Docs)

Aligns the text to the specified side

strutil.Align("lorem ipsum", strutil.Right, 20) //->"        lorem ipsum" 

AlignCenter (Docs)

Aligns the text to the center

strutil.AlignCenter("lorem\nipsum", 10) //->"  lorem   \n  ipsum   " 

AlignLeft (Docs)

Aligns the text to the left

strutil.AlignLeft("  lorem   \n  ipsum   ") //->"lorem   \nipsum   " 

AlignRight (Docs)

Aligns the text to the right

strutil.AlignRight("lorem\nipsum", 10) //-> "     lorem\n     ipsum" 

CountWords (Docs)

Counts the words

strutil.CountWords("Lorem ipsum, dolor sit amet") //-> "5"

DrawBox (Docs)

Draws a frame around the string with default character set

strutil.DrawBox("Hello World", 20, strutil.Center)
//β”‚   Hello World    β”‚

DrawCustomBox (Docs)

Draws a frame around the string with custom character set

strutil.DrawCustomBox("Hello World", 20, strutil.Center, strutil.SimpleBox9Slice(), "\n")
//β”‚   Hello World    β”‚

ExpandTabs (Docs)

Converts tabs to the spaces

strutil.ExpandTabs("\tlorem\n\tipsum\n", 2) //-> "  lorem\n  ipsum\n"

Indent (Docs)

Indents every line

strutil.Indent("lorem\nipsum", "> ") //-> "> lorem\n> ipsum"

IsASCII (Docs)

Checks if all the characters in string are in standard ASCII table

strutil.IsASCII("lorem\nipsum") //-> true

Len (Docs)

Alias of utf8.RuneCountInString which returns the number of runes in string

strutil.Len("bΓΆt") //-> "3"

MapLines (Docs)

Runs function fn on every line of the string

strutil.MapLines("   lorem      \n    ipsum      ", strings.TrimSpace) //-> "lorem\nipsum"

OSNewLine (Docs)

OSNewLine returns operating systems default new line character

strutil.OSNewLine() //-> "\n"

Pad (Docs)

Left and right pads the string

strutil.Pad("lorem", 11, "->", "<-") //-> "->->lorem<-<-"

PadLeft (Docs)

Left pads the string

strutil.PadLeft("lorem", 9, "->") //-> "->->lorem"

PadRight (Docs)

Right pads the string

strutil.PadRight("lorem", 9, "<-") //-> "lorem<-<-"

Random (Docs)

Creates a random string from a character set

strutil.Random("abcdefghi", 10) //-> "aciafbeafg"

RemoveAccents (Docs)

Convert accented letters to ascii counterparts

strutil.RemoveAccents("rΓ©sumΓ©") //-> "resume"

ReplaceAllToOne (Docs)

Replace all substrings in the text with the specified string

strutil.ReplaceAllToOne("lorem ipsum", []string{"o","e","i","u"}, ".") //-> "l.r.m .ps.m"

Reverse (Docs)

Reverses the string

strutil.Reverse("lorem") //-> "merol"

Splice (Docs)

Replaces a part of the string

strutil.Splice("lorem", "-x-", 2, 3) //-> "lo-x-em"

SplitAndMap (Docs)

Splits the string and runs the function fn on every part

strutil.MapLines("lorem-ipsum-dolor", "-",  strutil.Reverse) //-> "merol\nmuspi\nrolod"

Slugify (Docs)

Converts the string to a slug

strutil.Slugify("Lorem ipsum, dolΓΆr") //-> "lorem-ipsum-dolor"

SlugifySpecial (Docs)

Converts the string to a slug with custom delimiter.

strutil.SlugifySpecial("Lorem ipsum, dolΓΆr", "_") //-> "lorem_ipsum_dolor"

SplitCamelCase (Docs)

Splits the words in a camelCase string

strutil.SplitCamelCase("loremIpsum") //-> []string{"lorem", "Ipsum"}

Substring (Docs)

Gets a part of the string without panics

strutil.SafeSubstring("lorem", 0, 1) //-> "l"

MustSubstring (Docs)

Gets a part of the string

strutil.Substring("lorem", 0, 1) //-> "l"

Summary (Docs)

Cuts the string to the specified length

strutil.Summary("Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet",  10, "...") //-> "lorem ipsum..."

Tile (Docs)

Repeats the pattern until the result reaches the 'length'

strutil.Tile("-ΰ§Ή", 4) //-> "-ΰ§Ή-ΰ§Ή"

ToSnakeCase (Docs)

Converts the string to snake_case

strutil.ToSnakeCase("Snake Case") //-> "snake_case"

ToCamelCase (Docs)

Converts the string to camelCase

strutil.ToCamelCase("Camel Case") //-> "camelCase"

Words (Docs)

Returns the words inside the text

strutil.Words("Lorem ipsum, dolor sit amet") //-> []string{"Lorem", "ipsum", "dolor", "sit", "amet"}

WordWrap (Docs)

Wraps the lines in the text

strutil.WordWrap("Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet", 15, false) //-> "Lorem ipsum\ndolor sit amet"



  • Go 1.10+

Install with

go get github.com/ozgio/strutil