Task v3.0.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-08-17 // 11 months ago
    • On v3, all CLI variables will be considered global variables (#336, #341)
    • ➕ Add support to .env like files (#324, #356).
    • ➕ Add label: to task so you can override the task name in the logs (#321, #337).
    • ♻️ Refactor how variables work on version 3 (#311).
    • Disallow expansions on v3 since it has no effect.
    • Taskvars.yml is not automatically included anymore.
    • Taskfile_{{OS}}.yml is not automatically included anymore.
    • 👍 Allow interpolation on includes, so you can manually include a Taskfile based on operation system, for example.
    • 🔦 Expose .TASK variable in templates with the task name (#252).
    • Implement short task syntax (#194, #240).
    • ➕ Added option to make included Taskfile run commands on its own directory (#260, #144)
    • 👍 Taskfiles in version 1 are not supported anymore (#237).
    • ➕ Added global method: option. With this option, you can set a default method to all tasks in a Taskfile (#246).
    • 🔄 Changed default method from timestamp to checksum (#246).
    • 🆕 New magic variables are now available when using status:: .TIMESTAMP which contains the greatest modification date from the files listed in sources:, and .CHECKSUM, which contains a checksum of all files listed in status:. This is useful for manual checking when using external, or even remote, artifacts when using status: (#216).
    • We're now using slim-sprig instead of sprig, which allowed a file size reduction of about 22% (#219).
    • 👍 We now use some colors on Task output to better distinguish message types - commands are green, errors are red, etc (#207).