Terminal tasks todo with reminder tool for geek

Programming language: Go
License: MIT License
Tags: Utilities     Command Line     Go Tools     CLI    
Latest version: v1.0

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Terminal tasks todo tool for geek

Task screenshot

Download Binary

Mac/Linux download the binary

$ cp task /usr/local/bin/task
$ sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/task

For windows download the binary and set environment variable so that you can access the binary from terminal

Custom File Path

If you are interested to sync the task in Dropbox/Google drive, you can set a custom path. To set a custom path open your .bashrc or .bash_profile and add this line export TASK_DB_FILE_PATH=Your file path

Example File path

export TASK_DB_FILE_PATH=/home/thedevsaddam/Dropbox  # default file name will be .task.json
export TASK_DB_FILE_PATH=/home/thedevsaddam/Dropbox/mytasks.json


  • List all the tasks bash $ task
  • Add a new task to list bash $ task a Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
  • Add a reminder task to list bash $ task reminder Meeting with Jane next wednesday at 2:30pm
  • List all pending tasks bash $ task p
  • Show a task details bash $ task s ID
  • Mark a task as completed bash $ task c ID
  • Mark a task as pending bash $ task p ID
  • Modify a task task bash $ task m ID Watch Game of Thrones
  • Delete latest task bash $ task del
  • Remove a specific task by id bash $ task r ID
  • Flush/Delete all the tasks bash $ task flush
  • To start the program as service (Note: Must use as service if you are using reminder) bash $ task service-start # Start service $ task service-force-start # Forcefully start service $ task service-stop #stop service
Examples of reminder
$ task remind Take a cup of coffee in 30min
$ task remind Watch game of thrones season 7 today 8:30pm
$ task remind Watch despicable me 3 next friday at 3pm
$ task remind Bug fix of the docker and send PR next thursday

Build yourself

Go to your $GOPATH/src and get the package

$ go get github.com/thedevsaddam/task

Install dependency management tool go govendor

$ go get -u github.com/kardianos/govendor

To install dependencies go to project root and $ cd vendor

$ govendor sync

In unix system use

$ ./build

Some awesome packages are used to make this awesome task :)


There are some tasks that need to be done. I have tried to make a minimal setup, need more code refactoring, review, bug fixing and adding features. If you are interested to make this application better please send pull requests.


The task is a open-source software licensed under the [MIT License](LICENSE.md).

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