tendermint v0.32.8 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-11-19 // 24 days ago
  • November 19, 2019

    🚀 Special thanks to external contributors on this release: @erikgrinaker, @guagualvcha, @hsyis, @cosmostuba, @whunmr, @austinabell

    Friendly reminder, we have a bug bounty program..


    • Go API

      • [libs/pubsub] #4070 Query#(Matches|Conditions) returns an error.


    • 🚚 [mempool] #4083 Added TxInfo parameter to CheckTx(), and removed CheckTxWithInfo() (@erikgrinaker)
    • 🌲 [mempool] #4057 Include peer ID when logging rejected txns (@erikgrinaker)
    • [tools] #4023 Improved tm-monitor formatting of start time and avg tx throughput (@erikgrinaker)
    • 🌲 [p2p] #3991 Log "has been established or dialed" as debug log instead of Error for connected peers (@whunmr)
    • 👍 [rpc] #4077 Added support for EXISTS clause to the Websocket query interface.
    • [privval] Add SignerDialerEndpointRetryWaitInterval option (@cosmostuba)
    • [crypto] Add RegisterKeyType to amino to allow external key types registration (@austinabell)

    🐛 BUG FIXES:

    • [libs/pubsub] #4070 Strip out non-numeric characters when attempting to match numeric values.
    • [libs/pubsub] #4070 No longer panic in Query#(Matches|Conditions) preferring to return an error instead.
    • ⚡️ [tools] #4023 Refresh tm-monitor health when validator count is updated (@erikgrinaker)
    • [state] #4104 txindex/kv: Fsync data to disk immediately after receiving it (@guagualvcha)
    • [state] #4095 txindex/kv: Return an error if there's one when the user searches for a tx (hash=X) (@hsyis)

Previous changes from v0.32.7

  • October 18, 2019

    🚀 This security release fixes a vulnerability found in the consensus package, where an attacker could construct a BlockPartMessage message in such a way that it will lead to consensus failure. A few similar issues have been 🛠 identified and fixed here.

    ⬆️ All clients are recommended to upgrade

    Special thanks to elvishacker for finding and reporting this.

    Friendly reminder, we have a bug bounty program.


    • Go API
      • [consensus] Modify WAL#Write and WAL#WriteSync to return an error if they fail to write a message


    • [consensus] Validate incoming messages more throughly