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  • v0.21.1 Changes

    October 23, 2019

    What's new?

    • πŸ”‹ Feature #164: Migrate OpenAPI plugin terraform core imports to Terraform Plugin SDK
    • πŸ› Bug Fix #172: provider name and version not parsed correctly when any part of version more than 1 digit

    πŸ”„ Changelog

    d4eeccb pump up minor and bug version
    71f1a04 pump up bug version number
    πŸ”€ dcf9b98 Merge pull request #170 from dikhan/fix-goreportcard-issues-2
    πŸ”€ 340f389 Merge branch 'master' into fix-goreportcard-issues-2
    πŸ›  d177dc6 Merge pull request #173 from dikhan/bugfix/allow-multiple-digit-version
    ⚑️ 54ede22 update test name
    πŸ›  c92455d Merge branch 'master' into bugfix/allow-multiple-digit-version
    df038d9 enable multiple digits in regex that checks binary name and extracts the provider name
    13935ba do not use iterating object for assignment
    2a9f4d8 handle error
    πŸ”€ b7e7c52 Merge pull request #168 from dikhan/fix-goreportcard-issues
    cdeebf1 ineffassign
    4214882 run go fmt simplify
    8ed6a93 fix misspells
    8df5c40 fix 'occured' misspells
    5e6c2a1 fix 'reponse' misspells
    2168001 fix 'Adn' misspells
    f091831 fix 'shoudl' misspells
    πŸ”€ 5950901 Merge pull request #167 from dikhan/making-repo-awesome
    πŸ”€ 41c0da0 Merge branch 'making-repo-awesome' of into making-repo-awesome
    🚚 70e2ca3 remove hidden dot
    πŸ”€ e3ea0a2 Merge branch 'master' into making-repo-awesome
    πŸ— 46fac18 push code cov report from ci build too
    πŸ”€ efc30f2 Merge pull request #166 from dikhan/making-repo-awesome
    fe1c3a2 add CodeCov link and badge
    8c521c1 add go doc and goreportcard links/badges
    πŸ”€ ae07d24 Merge pull request #165 from dikhan/feature/use-terraform-plugin-sdk
    ⚑️ 127011a go mod deps updates
    3a4ce45 ran tf-sdk-migrator migrate
    da82815 fix more issues related to the arrays of interfaces
    ⬆️ a36fc77 fix issues after upgrading terraform to 0.12.10

  • v0.20.0 Changes

    October 10, 2019

    What's new?

    πŸ”„ Changelog

    4abb5c8 pump minor version
    πŸ”€ 8bed9e5 Merge pull request #163 from dikhan/feature/refresh-token-authenticator
    25187b5 rename variable name to make govet happy
    πŸ”€ 0c9360f Merge branch 'master' into feature/refresh-token-authenticator
    βœ… 9de6447 add tests for specAPIKeyHeaderRefreshTokenSecurityDefinition
    ⚑️ 03b105a go mod dep updates
    8a8845b add docu for x-terraform-refresh-token-url extension
    🚚 e5b7c04 remove x-terraform-refresh-token-url from example
    7e9d49f add response status check
    πŸ”¨ 706b033 quick refactor in assertion
    🚚 1d94875 removed unapplicatle Todo, that struct feels a lot like a Java class with all private methods and because it doesn't shows behaviors it shouldn't be "tested directly"
    βœ… c8e7041 unittested apiRefreshTokenAuthenticator.prepareAuth()
    🚚 58b1073 removed unapplicable todo
    6ed5f89 add coverage for APIKeyHeaderRefreshTokenSecurityDefinition
    🚚 9dad72c remove no longer applable TODO
    πŸ‘ 2d2bdba cover use case where location is not supported
    βœ… 2e6ac2c add test for refresh token auth
    26872dd add coverage for bearer query sec def
    ⚑️ 4c181f8 update dup test to cover bearer header security def
    βœ… 3c59631 Add TestIsRefreshTokenAuth
    d5226c2 add TODOs as a reference to the missing bits and bobs
    2afb6ac integrate refresh token api call to prepareAuth and then attach to the auth context the access token received
    πŸ”¨ 1806721 update also input arguments after specAPIKeyHeaderRefreshTokenSecurityDefinition contructor signature refactoring
    b5650d9 quick struct rename to specAPIKeyHeaderRefreshTokenSecurityDefinition
    βœ… 8716336 create int test to cover refresh token authenticator
    ⚑️ 60631de update cons names to be more explicit
    πŸ”€ dc49dfd Merge branch 'master' into feature/refresh-token-authenticator
    f91faa8 design proposal for refresh token authenticator

  • v0.19.1 Changes

    October 09, 2019

    What’s new?

    • πŸ› Bug Fix #159: immutable properties where the value has not changed not working properly.
    • πŸ› Bug Fix #160: readonly properties inside objects are included in the payload and sent to the API when a resource is updated.
    • πŸ› Bug Fix #161: immutable properties within objects and lists of objects are not working as expected.

    πŸ”„ Changelog

    5422349 pumping up bug version number
    πŸ”€ 12ff85c Merge pull request #162 from dikhan/various-bug-fix
    ⚑️ 0b544cf update readme with object and optional property child info
    ⚑️ 8f88674 go mod dep updates
    8f031bb fix issue where immutable check was done after the list size was checked resulting into an error being thrown for props that are actually mutable
    πŸ”€ aff7008 Merge branch 'master' into various-bug-fix
    ⚑️ 9927fd3 update docu for x-terraform-immutable
    πŸ›  6796f8d Merge pull request #158 from dikhan/bugfix/install-script
    20631d8 fetch version from github instead of relying on local dir
    πŸ”€ 49e700b Merge pull request #157 from childish-sambino/patch-1
    ⚑️ a805164 update error message in int test
    d7b8150 check if property (list of primitives) is immutable before checking for diffs
    39151b6 fix bug where properties within objects were always treated as immutable
    052034a add special case in float where if actual float is being compared then check directly the values (with no casting)
    ⚑️ c3d409e add new test mutable list of objects where some properties are immutable and values are not updated
    d976047 fix issue where json marshalling always converts int into float64
    ⚑️ ab45e06 update go mod deps
    ⚑️ ddb84b2 go vet name update
    01ceecd fix bug where read remote was not considering parentIDs (only for subresources)
    βœ… 0e03254 fix put tests
    βœ… f660861 add test when api returns more props than the ones specified in the schema definition
    fc7d1bb cover when client returns an error
    ⚑️ 7c01af7 added coverage for immutable list size is updated
    0f1c65a fix issue where objects that were not immutable but had properties immutable were being ignored
    πŸ›  154fd61 fixed docu for isComputed and isOptionalComputed methods
    βœ… 645b73a add missing prop to the test
    378839a check size of local list and remote before going through the list elems
    🚚 c9efbae move readOnly checks inside validateImmutableProperty so recursive calls also ensure ignore readonly and parent props
    7a142ac panic when marshalling fails
    πŸ‘ 1d42689 add support for list with objects immutable checks
    πŸ”¨ 78b505f refactor code removing not needed extra method validateImmutableProperties
    ⚑️ ce186ad add coverage for immutable object property is updated
    πŸ‘ 5fb697b add support and coverate for immutable objects
    388269e fix checkImmutableFields bugs
    πŸ— 8e37718 reverting changes related to post/put having different methods to build the payload
    πŸ›° bf877db push changes for createPayloadFromLocalStateData
    πŸ”¨ 62faaa0 refactoring on createPayloadFromLocalStateData
    🌲 3ff73d4 add better logging
    516a963 create string zeo prop
    8bdbda2 use computed param not used before
    πŸ— c4ebe4f create helper function to build parent props
    9a4773e go mod deps
    0fbd841 fix issue with version
    πŸ›° 5b5db35 do not inject readonly properties into the payload
    14d9d75 Add git dir to script installation instructions

  • v0.19.0 Changes

    October 02, 2019

    What’s new?

    • πŸ”‹ Feature #154 : Added support for data source instance. More info here

    πŸ”„ Changelog

    b482df7 pump up minor version
    πŸ”€ e4dec0c Merge pull request #155 from dikhan/feature/data-source-instance
    πŸ“š 4325ef7 add documentation
    ⚑️ 1ba6f3b go mod dep updates
    🚚 02c7778 remove default values when processing data source computed properties
    ⚑️ 3f02a7d go mod dep updates
    βœ… f50fa49 add coverage for data source instance to fat unit test
    βœ… 5633465 add subresource test for DataSourceInstanceRead
    πŸ”¨ c320918 refactor createTerraformProviderResourceMap to return both resources and data source instance
    622654f handle createDataSourceSchema error returned
    d071248 create createTerraformProviderDataSourceInstanceMap
    πŸ‘ 9afcba7 add read support for data source instance
    d4fdfbc create data source instance factory
    βœ… f4a8dc2 add integration test for new data source type (instance)

  • v0.18.0 Changes

    September 24, 2019

    What’s new?

    • πŸ”‹ Feature #5: Added support for data sources. More info here

    πŸ”„ Changelog

    πŸ”€ c1505b6 Merge pull request #152 from dikhan/feature/data-source-support
    πŸ”€ 328c37b Merge branch 'feature/data-source-support' of into feature/data-source-support
    ⚑️ 75e8e25 Update TestCreateTerraformProviderDataSourceMap to use dataSources on the specAnalyserStub
    πŸ‘ 2876859 add info that subresource paths are also supported in data sources
    βœ… f2b1886 Fix case in TestCreateProvider for createTerraformProviderDataSourceMap failure
    πŸ”€ 0f95b4d Merge branch 'feature/data-source-support' of into feature/data-source-support
    🚧 7c9c762 WIP add case to TestCreateProvider to exercise error when createTerraformProviderDataSourceMap fails
    ⚑️ 3a6736d go mod update
    4cf3593 add timing telemetry and debug info
    πŸ”€ 2504e34 Merge branch 'feature/data-source-support' of into feature/data-source-support
    βœ… 61e6129 add fat test for subresource data sources
    βœ… ffca75e Expand TestOpenAPIProvider to check more data types
    βœ… a4264f7 add TestDataSourceRead_Subresource
    βœ… 0a1ff7e add test TestCreateDataSourceSchema_Subresources
    f53c126 use get property based on terraform name
    96c7d94 do not override parent id property config if found
    ⚑️ 2750c71 update test to represent the schema input configuration
    427e2af some more dry up
    πŸ”€ 18b8389 Merge branch 'feature/data-source-support' of into feature/data-source-support
    c524b82 create helper function to assert data source schema configs
    62906c9 [wip] applying a filter on a nested struct while reading from a DataSource
    πŸ›  70a0965 fixed case in which the datasource contains Elems which are primitive
    e7f55ba [wip] all the nested object properties attributes are set to the correct values for the data source
    πŸ‘ b1dd16c [wip] adding nested object support
    πŸ”€ 9d4b3e5 Merge branch 'master' into feature/data-source-support
    03cf8a2 added todo to cover nested objects and make sure they are made computed too
    ⚑️ 0944432 update the schema to incluide an array of strings and assert the state contains the owners too
    4696163 extend model def to include array of strings prop
    ⚑️ 6bad267 Merge pull request #151 from dikhan/update-version-to-0.18.0
    ⚑️ 714ee7d Update version to 0.18.0
    πŸ”€ d45cc04 Merge pull request #150 from dikhan/feature/data-source-support
    βœ… 51e7256 Add case to TestCreateProvider where createTerraformProviderResourceMap fails
    πŸ”€ e257db3 Merge branch 'feature/data-source-support' of into feature/data-source-support
    d7e9ece make assertions on data source map too
    πŸ”€ bc534db Merge branch 'feature/data-source-support' of into feature/data-source-support
    🚧 f2ffbf8 WIP add coverage to TestCreateProvider for createTerraformProviderResourceMap failure
    🚚 f5fe35f Remove error check from GetTerraformCompliantDataSources - no longer returns an error
    🚚 145cd1f remove empty line
    πŸ“š ecdef72 add data source documentation
    βœ… 221d817 Add case to TestCreateProvider where specAnalyser has an error on the backendConfiguration
    βœ… 8e3125c create specific int test for data source
    🚚 9a7c567 remove not needed assertions
    βœ… c3833a1 Add case to TestCreateProvider where specAnalyser has an error
    βœ… 01b5009 Add integration test for data source
    9f79f4f add todo with missing coverage
    🚚 7d14132 remove redundant test (perhaps copy pasta mistake)
    βœ… ece4e31 TestOpenAPIProvider now includes the Integration without mock of DataSources
    🚚 dec17f7 removed unapplicable todo
    15936e8 covered happy and crappy paths for createTerraformProviderDataSourceMap
    βœ… 104047e implemented logic remaining in createTerraformProviderDataSourceMap and completed its "integration" test
    βœ… 8d2468e [wip] the integration test is now running properly
    βœ… 267e900 [wip] attempt to test the createProvider() methods widthou that much stubbing this technically will increase confidence in the code as a real SPECV2Analyzer is being use to test prod code
    βœ… 7ef9606 Added tests for TestGetTerraformCompliantDataSources() and changed its signature to return NO error
    🚚 97f9389 Remove invalid specSchemaDefinition testcase from TestFilterMatch
    faa8d18 mod dep
    πŸ‘• 794a927 fix lint issue
    βœ… 09908a7 fix failing test after making list operation rely on root level get response operation config
    πŸ”€ 5db8c13 Merge branch 'feature/data-source-support' of into feature/data-source-support
    🚚 d55cb54 Remove error checking from filterMatch and validateInput - already caught when data source constructed
    βœ… 1550a54 fix issue with test assertion
    ef9be96 add more todos
    bc056da add implementation to GetTerraformCompliantDataSources
    1496b34 create constructor for newSpecV2DataSource
    πŸ”§ 9fb9a03 use List operation when figuring out configuration for list operation
    πŸ”€ bdfe95e Merge branch 'feature/data-source-support' of into feature/data-source-support
    ⚑️ 69309e6 update test to check expected struct hearirchy for data sources
    βœ… d998691 add todo as reminder to add a test for subresoruce data source too
    0fb66ab add logic to check if a path is data source compliant
    840ed38 Add TestDataSourceRead_Fails_Because_Bad_Status_Code
    βœ… 7df603f Add TestCreateTerraformDataSource
    d32ba16 skeleton design to integrate data source functionality
    1563b4f Add TestDataSourceRead_Fails_Because_List_Operation_Returns_Err for List returning error
    0958c3d [wip] covering crappy paths in read()
    32f78d1 added the ID to the data source and improved assertions
    5664259 [wip] extracted setStateID() from resource_factory.go to common.go as it will be used in data_source_factory.go too
    d6280d1 [wip] introduced new todos as annotation on code coverage and correctness
    🚚 4954c34 removed unapplicable or old todos
    πŸ›  8627def Fixed filter for float property
    πŸ’… 6becdd7 [wip] polishing and removing unapplicable or solved todos
    ⚑️ 75074a3 Update TestCreateTerraformDataSourceSchema to check for an expectedError
    ⚑️ 5027d68 Update createTerraformDataSourceSchema to return an error
    🚚 e63fc0d Remove todo to get and return the data source schema in createTerraformDataSourceSchema
    ⚑️ 02a719c Update createTerraformDataSourceSchema to return the created data source schema
    d1a6920 [wip] on createTerraformDataSourceSchema
    9589386 both sad and happy path covered for createDataSourceSchema()
    cd28208 both sad and happy path covered for createDataSourceSchema()
    c3a5172 [wip] happy path for createDataSourceSchema()
    πŸ‘ e032097 add support for createDataSourceSchema
    πŸ”€ ffae702 Merge branch 'feature/data-source-support' of into feature/data-source-support
    πŸ”§ efdfb7b add test for TestCreateTerraformDataSourceSchema that documents what is the expectation for data source schema configuration
    πŸ”€ f4ba8af Merge branch 'feature/data-source-support' of into feature/data-source-support
    βœ… 3249311 Add happy path testcases to TestFilterMatch for int, float, bool properties
    βœ… e020425 add some info why the test fails
    7bf7c12 flesh out todo comment
    262e44a add ref todo comment with missing logic to make the read operation work fine
    ⚑️ d52c9ce integrate updateStateWithPayloadData so state gets updated with the filtered result
    26aa11e fix assertion issue and only assert state when error is nil
    βœ… fd7e365 add test case for validate input fails
    🚚 d97d477 remove no longer applicable TODO
    βœ… 6ca9596 add test coverage for:
    βœ… 79a96b1 Add TestFilterMatch to validate filterMatch on dataSourceFactory
    07534ed Add error property to specStubResource so getResourceSchema() can return an error
    πŸ”¨ a046e70 refactor TestCheckHTTPStatusCode and TestResponseContainsExpectedStatus
    🚚 6af5c24 move common functionality for datasource and resources to commons
    1ad586d add filterMatch logic
    636e1ff make validateInput return list of filters with name and value
    βœ… d45f505 add test for TestDataSourceRead
    ⚑️ 750aa62 remove redundant err check and update error message returned
    ⚑️ 078546e update response payload to be array of items
    βœ… 5b6e347 enable list testing adding responseListPayload to clientOpenAPIStub
    230c94e dry up label set up
    βœ… 56fab15 add test coverage for isPrimitiveProperty
    🚚 22246e5 remove n/a todo comment
    267e978 add check for primitive and values size
    πŸ”¨ 78cfe37 refactor test to use test driven table
    ✏️ c666a98 use const for schema property names to avoid bugs due to typos (reused names across)
    βœ… c5c40da add some test for validateInput
    5428780 add dataSourceFactory struct
    90dd66a extend ClientAPI with new operation to list instances
    🚚 d5d26c6 move common functionality for resource and data source factories to commons

  • v0.17.0 Changes

    September 03, 2019

    What's New?

    • βž• Added support for complex objects #147. More info here.

    πŸ”„ Changelog

    πŸ”€ 5a6e1e7 Merge pull request #149 from dikhan/bumping-ver-0.17.0
    πŸš€ 759d05b added details in the doc
    91a8ef0 bump version to 0.17.0
    πŸ”€ e4b109a Merge pull request #148 from dikhan/investigation/nested-objects-readonly-props-diffing
    πŸ”€ 75351e0 Merge branch 'investigation/nested-objects-readonly-props-diffing' of into investigation/nested-objects-readonly-props-diffing
    fea7dde fix broken link
    πŸ”€ f0c1c65 Merge branch 'investigation/nested-objects-readonly-props-diffing' of into investigation/nested-objects-readonly-props-diffing
    βœ… cf2b1f6 added a new test case to cover //unstested path
    πŸ“š e5b20c2 add documentation about
    βœ… 0db47f5 Dry-ed test case
    🚚 34a181f remove //untested comments for tested code
    βœ… 53cf534 add a test for invalid terraform names for getPropertyPayload()
    βœ… 61851ab add TestGetPropertyBasedOnTerraformName()
    de2b288 replace dependency to github
    🚚 c2ece77 Remove obsolete //untested marker
    πŸ”€ cde9294 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/investigation/nested-objects-readonly-props-diffing' into investigation/nested-objects-readonly-props-diffing
    πŸ”€ 6e81694 merge master
    πŸ”€ accb1b7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/investigation/nested-objects-readonly-props-diffing' into investigation/nested-objects-readonly-props-diffing
    βœ… 71f66d4 if a datavalue is null, then test the return behavior
    ⚑️ 6983dee Mark untested logic in updated function
    7f54cfa Fix "swagger schema definition property that is not of type 'object'", which was passing for the wrong reason
    βœ… 17804e3 De-convey TestSpecSchemaDefinitionIsPropertyWithNestedObjects
    βœ… 65e7e38 Simplify TestSpecSchemaDefinitionIsPropertyWithNestedObjects
    βœ… 021567f Introduce "Given a swagger schema definition property that is not of type object" in TestSpecSchemaDefinitionIsPropertyWithNestedObjects
    βœ… c0c1c13 Simplify TestIsLegacyComplexObjectExtensionEnabled
    βœ… d6bbee2 tested objectSchema, err := s.terraformObjectSchema()
    πŸ”€ 2bec2cb Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/investigation/nested-objects-readonly-props-diffing' into investigation/nested-objects-readonly-props-diffing
    βœ… ede3a27 De-Convey TestIsLegacyComplexObjectExtensionEnabled
    πŸ”€ 40a707a Merge branch 'investigation/nested-objects-readonly-props-diffing' of into investigation/nested-objects-readonly-props-diffing
    ⚑️ c0a2d21 Mark untested logic in new and updated functions
    ⚑️ d568b4f quick convey test name update to make it more explicit difference bw simple and complex objects
    βœ… de84c8f Clean up obsolete TODO; introduce new tests for getPropertyPayload.
    ⚑️ 85e6ab8 update go mod deps
    🚚 8174b68 remove unnecessary error returned from isPropertyWithNestedObjects
    πŸ”€ a9aae5c Merge branch 'investigation/nested-objects-readonly-props-diffing' of into investigation/nested-objects-readonly-props-diffing
    βœ… d3e90b3 added test coverage for complex object types in TestConvertPayloadToLocalStateDataValue
    36c7624 handled error when a resource miss the specSchemaDefinition
    πŸ”€ d5beb47 Merge branch 'investigation/nested-objects-readonly-props-diffing' of into investigation/nested-objects-readonly-props-diffing
    βœ… 3106508 Add a test scenario where a nested object contains a complex object
    βœ… 9ce8475 Introduce Test_shouldUseLegacyTerraformSDKBlockApproachForComplexObjects
    βœ… aa754e9 Add a test scenario where a nested object contains a complex object
    πŸ”€ 36a53b7 fix merge conflicts - replaced name to isLegacyComplexObjectExtensionEnabled
    πŸ”€ 8be8c38 Merge branch 'investigation/nested-objects-readonly-props-diffing' of into investigation/nested-objects-readonly-props-diffing
    βœ… cb28dc2 add test coverage for shouldEnableLegacyComplexObjectBlockConfiguration
    a82a318 simplified function name
    πŸ”€ e23c975 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/investigation/nested-objects-readonly-props-diffing' into investigation/nested-objects-readonly-props-diffing
    afde7ce simplified return boolean values
    🚚 591caff remove no longer applicable todo commnet
    βœ… 15d6fa6 add test coverage for isBoolExtensionEnabled
    bd2a77d centralise bool check logic into its own method isBoolExtensionEnabled
    🚚 ad216da remove unneeded fmt print line
    βœ… 9b4bd4b add test coverage for x-terraform-complex-object-legacy-config extension
    1a99932 add TODOs with remaining missing coverage
    31d3398 centralised all the logic related to legacy block approach for complex objecs under one method (shouldUseLegacyTerraformSDKBlockApproachForComplexObjects)
    ⚑️ e79b4eb update extension name
    βœ… 7b59209 delete no longer needed test file
    d52bf67 add two option on how to handle object types without diffs
    πŸ“„ c8e7d6c better docs
    ac7facf That's my take on this issues, check my TODOs
    βœ… fcc823c add some bits to the test to reproduce the error
    βœ… cdc7361 add readonly YAML to the grey box testing
    πŸ”§ a11201c add new unit test to prove that nested objects with readonly props are configured properly in terraform schema