Programming language: Go
License: GNU General Public License v3.0 only
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Ticker Terminal stock watcher and stock position tracker


  • Live stock price quotes
  • Track value of your stock positions
  • Support for multiple cost basis lots
  • Support for pre and post market price quotes


Download the pre-compiled binaries from the releases page and copy to a location in PATH or see quick installs below


brew install achannarasappa/tap/ticker


curl -Ls https://api.github.com/repos/achannarasappa/ticker/releases/latest \
| grep -wo "https.*linux-amd64*.tar.gz" \
| wget -qi - \
&& tar -xvf ticker*.tar.gz ticker \
&& chmod +x ./ticker \
&& sudo mv ticker /usr/local/bin/


docker run -it --rm achannarasappa/ticker

Note: config file can be mounted from the host machine by using a bind mount with -v ~/.ticker.yaml:/.ticker.yaml


sudo snap install ticker

Note: config file will need to be set with --config $HOME/ticker.yaml since Snap does not allow access to dotfiles

Third-party repositories

These repositories are maintained by a third-party and may not have the latest versions available


sudo port selfupdate
sudo port install ticker

Quick Start

ticker -w NET,AAPL,TSLA


Option Name Alias Flag Default Description
--config ~/.ticker.yaml config file location with watchlist and positions
interval -i --interval 5 Refresh interval in seconds
watchlist -w --watchlist comma separated list of symbols to watch
show-tags --show-tags display currency, exchange name, and quote delay for each quote
show-fundamentals --show-fundamentals display open price, previous close, and day range
show-separator --show-separator layout with separators between each quote
show-summary --show-summary show total day change, total value, and total value change
show-holdings --show-holdings show holdings including weight, average cost, and quantity
sort --sort sort quotes on the UI - options are change percent (default), alpha, value, and user
proxy --proxy proxy URL for requests (default is none)
version --version print the current version number


Configuration is not required to watch stock price but is helpful when always watching the same stocks. Configuration can also be used to set cost basis lots which will in turn be used to show total gain or loss on any position.

# ~/.ticker.yaml
show-summary: true
show-tags: true
show-fundamentals: true
show-separator: true
show-holdings: true
interval: 5
currency: USD
currency-summary-only: false
  - NET
  - TEAM
  - ESTC
  - SOL.X # Solana price via CoinGecko
  - SAMOYEDCOIN.CG # Samoyed price via CoinGecko
  - symbol: "ABNB"
    quantity: 35.0
    unit_cost: 146.00
  - symbol: "ARKW"
    quantity: 20.0
    unit_cost: 152.25
  - symbol: "ARKW"
    quantity: 20.0
    unit_cost: 145.35
    fixed_cost: 7.00 # e.g. brokerage commission fee
  - name: crypto
      - SHIB-USD
      - VGX-USD
      - symbol: SOL1-USD
        quantity: 17
        unit_cost: 159.10
  • Symbols not on the watchlist that exists in lots will automatically be watched
  • To add multiple (quantity, unit_cost) to the same symbol, write two symbol entries - see ARKW example above
  • All properties in .ticker.yaml are optional
  • .ticker.yaml can be set in user home directory, the current directory, or XDG config home

Display Options

With --show-summary, --show-tags, --show-fundamentals, --show-holdings, and --show-separator options set, the layout and information displayed expands:


It's possible to set a custom sort order with the --sort flag or sort: config option with these options:

  • Default - change percent with closed markets at the end
  • alpha to sort alphabetically by symbol
  • value to sort by position value
  • user to sort by the order defined in configuration with positions on top then lots


Watchlists and holdings can be grouped in .ticker.yml under the groups property. While running ticker, press TAB to cycle forward through groups.

  • If top level watchlist or lots properties are defined in the configuration file, the entries there will be added to a group named default which will always be shown first
  • Ordering is defined by order in the configuration file
  • The holdings property replaces lots under groups but serves the same purpose

Data Sources & Symbols

ticker pulls price quotes from Yahoo Finance by default but also supports pulling quotes from CoinGecko which supports price quotes for most cryptocurrencies. In order to pull from a specific data source, use a source suffix:

  • none - symbols with no suffix will default to Yahoo Finance as the data source
  • .X - symbols with this suffix are shorthand symbols that are specific to ticker and intended to provide more concise and familiar symbols for popular assets (e.g. using SOL.X rather than SOLANA.CG)
    • The full list of ticker symbols can be found here. Initial values are populated with the top 250 cryptocurrencies from CoinGecko at time of release
  • .CG - symbols with this suffix will use CoinGecko as the data source. The proper coin name can be found on the CoinGecko page in the API id field (e.g. for SOL go to the coin's page on CoinGecko, find the value is solana, and use the symbol SOLANA.CG in ticker)

Currency Conversion

ticker supports converting from the exchange's currency to a local currency. This can be set by setting the currency property in .ticker.yaml to a ISO 4217 3-digit currency code.

  • When a currency is defined, all values are converted including summary, quote, and position
  • Add cost basis lots in the currency of the exchange - these will be converted automatically when currency is defined
  • If a currency is not set (default behavior) and the show-summary option is enabled, the summary will be calculated in USD regardless of the exchange currency to avoid mixing currencies
  • Currencies are retrieved only once at start time - currency exchange rates do fluctuate over time and thus converted values may vary depending on when ticker is started
  • If the currency-summary-only is set to true and a value is set for currency, only the summary values will be converted
  • If currency-disable-unit-cost-conversion flag to true, currency conversion will not be done when calculating the cost basis. This can be useful for users that purchase a foreign security and want to use the currency exchange rate at the time of purchase by inputting the unit cost in their local currency (set in currency) rather than using the most recent currency exchange rate.

Custom Color Schemes

ticker supports setting custom color schemes from the config file. Colors are represented by a hex triplet. Below is an annotated example config block from .ticker.yaml where custom colors are set:

# ~/.ticker.yaml
  - NET
  - TEAM
  - ESTC
  text: "#005fff"
  text-light: "#0087ff"
  text-label: "#00d7ff"
  text-line: "#00ffff"
  text-tag: "#005fff"
  background-tag: "#0087ff"
  • Terminals supporting TrueColor will be able to represent the full color space and in other cases colors will be down sampled
  • Any omitted or invalid colors will revert to default color scheme values

Printing Holdings

ticker supports printing holdings to the terminal as text by using ticker print. Output defaults to JSON but CSV output can also be generated by passing the --format=csv flag.

$ ticker --config=./.ticker.yaml print
[{"name":"Airbnb, Inc.","symbol":"ABNB","price":164.71,"value":16965.13,"cost":15038,"quantity":103,"weight":53.66651978212161},{"name":"Tesla, Inc.","symbol":"TSLA","price":732.35,"value":14647,"cost":15660,"quantity":20,"weight":46.33348021787839}]
  • Ensure there is at least one lot in the configuration file in order to generate output
  • A specific config file can be specified with the --config flag


  • Real-time quotes - Quotes are pulled from Yahoo finance which may provide delayed stock quotes depending on the exchange. The major US exchanges (NYSE, NASDAQ) have real-time quotes however other exchanges may not. Consult the help article on exchange delays to determine which exchanges you can expect delays for or use the --show-tags flag to include timeliness of data alongside quotes in ticker.
  • Non-US Symbols, Forex, ETFs - The names for there may differ from their common name/symbols. Try searching the native name in Yahoo finance to determine the symbol to use in ticker
  • Terminal fonts - Font with support for the HORIZONTAL LINE SEPARATOR unicode character is required to properly render separators (--show-separator option)



Running tests:

ginkgo -cover ./...


golangci-lint run

Libraries ticker uses

  • bubbletea - terminal UI framework
  • termenv - color and styling for the terminal
  • term-grid - grid layout library terminal UIs

Related Tools

  • tickrs - real-time terminal stock ticker with support for graphing, options, and other analysis information
  • cointop - terminal UI tracking cryptocurrencies