uTask v1.3.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-03-17 // 3 months ago
  • 🔄 Changelog

    0️⃣ 5b73c7c HTTP plugin: default timeout of 30s
    💻 9d54b83 chore(deps): bump acorn from 6.2.1 to 6.4.1 in /ui/editor (#88)
    💻 7089331 chore(deps): bump acorn from 6.3.0 to 6.4.1 in /ui/dashboard (#89)
    8a10705 chore: rewrote error messages when failed to load templates (added IDs and names to determine which failed)
    🚀 a3139f7 feat: CI: moving release process to our internal CDS instance
    🚀 1ff6bd1 feat: release: add install-utask.sh as an extra file for the GitHub release
    48ffbfc feat: script: add output_mode, output_manual_delimiters, exit_codes_unrecoverable configuration
    afd154b feat: ssh: Add output_mode and output_manual_delimiters parameters.
    e309657 feat: ssh: exit_codes_unrecoverable: allow to change the error class following the returned SSH exit status
    e1ecb78 fix: notify pluggin panic when backend declared in template while no backends declared in utask-cfg
    📇 c06edb2 fix: script plugin should return metadata in a map[string]interface{} to have consistent keys
    db3c94d fix: ssh: changing script to be optional
    037dc11 fix: ssh: output wasn't retrieved correctly if values contained new lines
    0️⃣ 09d2092 fix: template-schema.json: input.default can be any types
    fce4845 fix: template-schema: adding required properties on subtask + conditions / removing required properties on inputs / wrong type on base_configuration
    🔌 edd7bb7 misc: CHANGELOG: add a CHANGELOG.md file to list plugin breaking changes
    ♻️ e2b89be misc: template-schema: allow json_schema property in step + refactor Dockerfile-child
    181b87b review: reword README.md
    095a73d scripts: add .PHONE to Makefile + fix Makefile on Go >=1.14 + check for pipefail on generate-install-script
    9e56f87 template: Add template JSON-schema validation
    🏗 c050d28 tests: adding Go 1.14 as mandatory builds

Previous changes from v1.2.3

  • 🔄 Changelog

    🏗 9c24c9c chore: improve build and testing (#76)
    ⚡️ 6294a5d doc: Update issue templates (#77)
    🚚 dabc1b4 fix: auth: remove CtxKey type - involves breaking of SubTask authentication (#78)
    🍱 8fe4552 fix: dashboard: remove authentication requirements for serving static assets (#75)