VictoriaMetrics v1.43.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-10-06 // almost 2 years ago
  • 🔄 Changes since v1.42.0

    🔋 FEATURE: reduce CPU usage for repeated queries over sliding time window when no new time series are added to the database.
    Typical use cases: repeated evaluation of alerting rules in vmalert or dashboard auto-refresh in Grafana.

    FEATURE: vmagent: add OpenStack service discovery aka openstack_sd_config. See #728

    🔋 FEATURE: vmalert: make -maxIdleConnections configurable for datasource HTTP client. This option can be used for minimizing connection churn.
    👀 See #795 .

    🔋 FEATURE: add -influx.maxLineSize command-line flag for configuring the maximum size for a single Influx line during parsing.
    👀 See #807

    🛠 BUGFIX: properly handle inf values during background merge of LSM parts.
    👀 Previously Inf values could result in NaN values for adjancent samples in time series. See #805 .

    BUGFIX: fill gaps on graphs for range_* and running_* functions. See #806 .

    🛠 BUGFIX: make a copy of label with new name during relabeling with action: labelmap in the same way as Prometheus does.
    👀 Previously the original label name has been replaced. See #812 .

    🛠 BUGFIX: support parsing floating-point timestamp like Graphite Carbon does. Such timestmaps are truncated to seconds.

    How to run VictoriaMetrics

    📄 Unpack the victoria-metrics-*.tar.gz archive and read these docs.

    vmutils-*.tag.gz archive contains the following tools:

    🐳 The corresponding docker images are available here.
    Cluster version is available here.

    🚀 vmctl releases are available here.