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Vim compiler file for Go (golang)

Compiles Go files in the background and usefully underlines and reports errors to the QuickFix window:




Just clone this repo into your bundles directory:

git clone https://github.com/rjohnsondev/vim-compiler-go.git ~/.vim/bundle/vim-compiler-go

Either ensure the $GOROOT environment variable is set, or otherwise set the g:golang_goroot variable in .vimrc to where your go installation can be found. This must be an absolute path:

let g:golang_goroot = "/home/richard/go"

Manual installation

Drop golang.vim in ~/.vim/compiler directory.

Add the following line to the autocmd section of .vimrc

autocmd FileType go compiler golang

Set the g:golang_goroot variable to where your go installation can be found. This must be an absolute path

let g:golang_goroot = "/home/richard/go"

The plugin assumes a standard project layout with the files stored in a src directory. The GOPATH is set to one directory below the src folder.


Golang is called after a buffer with Go code is saved. The QuickFix window is opened to show errors, warnings and hints provided by Golang.

To disable calling Golang every time a buffer is saved, put into .vimrc file:

let g:golang_onwrite = 0

The QuickFix window can be disabled with:

let g:golang_cwindow = 0

Setting highlights for the lines can be disabled with:

let g:golang_inline_highlight = 0

Of course, standard :make command can be used as is the case with every other compiler.