vim-go v1.22 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-01-30 // 23 days ago

    • ⬇️ Drop support for Vim 7.4. The minimum required version of Vim is now 8.0.1453. [GH-2495] [GH-2497]
    • ⬇️ Drop support for gometalinter [GH-2494]


    • Highlight the go keyword in go.mod files. [GH-2473]
    • 👉 Use echo functions consistently. [GH-2458]
    • ➕ Add support for managing goroutines in debugger. [GH-2463] [GH-2527]
    • Document g:go_doc_popup_window. [GH-2506]
    • Make g:go_doc_popup_window=1 work for Neovim, too. [GH-2451] [GH-2512]
    • 🖐 Handle errors jumping to a definition in a file open in another Vim process better. [GH-2518]
    • 👌 Improve the UX when the gopls binary is missing. [GH-2522]
    • 👉 Use gopls instead of guru for :GoSameIds. [GH-2519]
    • 👉 Use gopls instead of guru for :GoReferrers. [GH-2535]
    • ➕ Update documentation for g:go_addtags_transform. [GH-2541]
    • Install most helper tools in module aware mode. [GH-2545]
    • Add a new option, g:go_referrers_mode to allow the user to choose whether to use gopls or guru for finding references. [GH-2566]
    • ➕ Add options to control how gopls responds to completion requests. [GH-2567] [GH-2568]
    • ➕ Add syntax highlighting for binary literals. [GH-2557]
    • 👌 Improve highlighting of invalid numeric literals. [GH-2571] [GH-2587] [GH-2589] [GH-2584] [GH-2597] [GH-2599]
    • ➕ Add highlighting of sections reported by gopls diagnostics' errors and warnings. [GH-2569] [GH-2643]
    • 🔧 Make the highlighting of fzf decls configurable. [GH-2572] [GH-2579]
    • 👌 Support renaming with gopls. [GH-2577] [GH-2618]
    • Add an option, g:go_gopls_enabled, to allow gopls integration to be disabled. [GH-2605] [GH-2609] [GH-2638] [GH-2640]
    • Add a buffer level option, b:go_fmt_options, to control formatting options per buffer. [GH-2613]
    • 🏗 Use build tags when running :GoVet. [GH-2615]
    • ➕ Add new snippets for UltiSnips. [GH-2623] [GH-2627]
    • Expand completions as snippets when g:go_gopls_use_placeholders is set. [GH-2624]
    • ➕ Add a new function, :GoDiagnostics and an associated mapping for seeing gopls diagnostics. Because of the performance implications on large projects, g:go_diagnostics_enabled controls whether all diagnostics are processed or only the diagnostics for the current buffer. [GH-2612]
    • 🙋 Explain how to find and detect multiple copies of vim-go in the FAQ. [GH-2632]
    • ⚡️ Update the issue template to ask for the gopls version and :GoReportGitHubIssue to provide it. [GH-2630]
    • 👉 Use text properties when possible for some highlighting cases. [GH-2652] [GH-2662] [GH-2663] [GH-2672] [GH-2678]

    🐛 BUG FIXES:

    • 🛠 Fix removal of missing directories from gopls workspaces. [GH-2507]
    • 🔄 Change to original window before trying to change directories when term job ends. [GH-2508]
    • Swallow errors when the hover info cannot be determined. [GH-2515]
    • 🛠 Fix errors when trying to debug lsp and hover. [GH-2516]
    • Reset environment variables on Vim <= 8.0.1831 . [GH-2523]
    • 🖐 Handle empty results from delve. [GH-2526]
    • Do not overwrite updatetime when g:go_auto_sameids or g:go_auto_type_info is set. [GH-2529]
    • Fix example for g:go_debug_log_output in docs. [GH-2547]
    • 👉 Use FileChangedShellPost instead of FileChangedShell so that reload messages are not hidden. [GH-2549]
    • Restore cwd after :GoTest when g:go_term_enabled is set. [GH-2556]
    • Expand struct variable correctly in the variables debug window. [GH-2574]
    • 👉 Show output from errcheck when there are failures other than problems it can report. [GH-2667]

Previous changes from v1.22-rc.4