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License: GNU General Public License v3.0 only
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Latest version: v0.18.0

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Telegram Bot Discord Bot Matrix Bot Matrix Room Tor Hidden Service World Wide Web

Wayback is a tool that supports running as a command-line tool and docker container, purpose to snapshot webpage to time capsules.

Supported Golang version: See [.github/workflows/testing.yml](./.github/workflows/testing.yml)


  • Cross platform
  • Batch wayback URLs
  • Builtin CLI (wayback)
  • Serve as Tor Hidden Service or local web entry
  • Wayback to Internet Archive, archive.today, IPFS and Telegraph easier
  • Interactive with IRC, Martix, Telegram bot, Discord bot, Mastodon and Twitter as daemon service
  • Supports publish wayback results to Telegram channel, Mastodon and GitHub Issues
  • Supports store archived files to disk
  • Download stream media (requires FFmpeg)


The simplest, cross-platform way is to download from GitHub Releases and place the executable file in your PATH.

From source:

go install github.com/wabarc/wayback/cmd/wayback@latest

From GitHub Releases:

curl -fsSL https://github.com/wabarc/wayback/raw/main/install.sh | sh

or via Bina:

curl -fsSL https://bina.egoist.sh/wabarc/wayback | sh

Using Snapcraft (on GNU/Linux)

sudo snap install wayback

Via APT:

curl -fsSL https://repo.wabarc.eu.org/apt/gpg.key | sudo gpg --dearmor -o /usr/share/keyrings/packages.wabarc.gpg
echo "deb [arch=amd64,arm64,armhf signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/packages.wabarc.gpg] https://repo.wabarc.eu.org/apt/ /" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/wayback.list
sudo apt update
sudo apt install wayback

Via RPM:

sudo rpm --import https://repo.wabarc.eu.org/yum/gpg.key
sudo tee /etc/yum.repos.d/wayback.repo > /dev/null <<EOT
name=Wayback Archiver

sudo dnf install -y wayback

Via Homebrew:

brew tap wabarc/wayback
brew install wayback


Command line

$ wayback -h

A command-line tool and daemon service for archiving webpages.

  wayback [flags]

  wayback https://www.wikipedia.org
  wayback https://www.fsf.org https://www.eff.org
  wayback --ia https://www.fsf.org
  wayback --ia --is -d telegram -t your-telegram-bot-token
    WAYBACK_SECRET=YOUR-PINATA-SECRET wayback --ip https://www.fsf.org

      --chatid string      Telegram channel id
  -c, --config string      Configuration file path, defaults: ./wayback.conf, ~/wayback.conf, /etc/wayback.conf
  -d, --daemon strings     Run as daemon service, supported services are telegram, web, mastodon, twitter, discord, slack, irc
      --debug              Enable debug mode (default mode is false)
  -h, --help               help for wayback
      --ia                 Wayback webpages to Internet Archive
      --info               Show application information
      --ip                 Wayback webpages to IPFS
      --ipfs-host string   IPFS daemon host, do not require, unless enable ipfs (default "")
  -m, --ipfs-mode string   IPFS mode (default "pinner")
  -p, --ipfs-port uint     IPFS daemon port (default 5001)
      --is                 Wayback webpages to Archive Today
      --ph                 Wayback webpages to Telegraph
      --print              Show application configurations
  -t, --token string       Telegram Bot API Token
      --tor                Snapshot webpage via Tor anonymity network
      --tor-key string     The private key for Tor Hidden Service
  -v, --version            version for wayback


Wayback one or more url to Internet Archive and archive.today:

wayback https://www.wikipedia.org

wayback https://www.fsf.org https://www.eff.org

Wayback url to Internet Archive or archive.today or IPFS:

// Internet Archive
$ wayback --ia https://www.fsf.org

// archive.today
$ wayback --is https://www.fsf.org

$ wayback --ip https://www.fsf.org

For using IPFS, also can specify a pinning service:

$ export WAYBACK_SLOT=pinata
$ wayback --ip https://www.fsf.org

// or

$ WAYBACK_SECRET=YOUR-PINATA-SECRET wayback --ip https://www.fsf.org

More details about pinning service.

With telegram bot:

wayback --ia --is --ip -d telegram -t your-telegram-bot-token

Publish message to your Telegram channel at the same time:

wayback --ia --is --ip -d telegram -t your-telegram-bot-token --chatid your-telegram-channel-name

Also can run with debug mode:

wayback -d telegram -t YOUR-BOT-TOKEN --debug

Both serve on Telegram and Tor hidden service:

wayback -d telegram -t YOUT-BOT-TOKEN -d web

Configuration Parameters

By default, wayback looks for configuration options from this files, the following are parsed:

  • ./wayback.conf
  • ~/wayback.conf
  • /etc/wayback.conf

Use the -c / --config option to specify the build definition file to use.

You can also specify configuration options either via command flags or via environment variables, an overview of all options below.

Flags Environment Variable Default Description
--debug DEBUG false Enable debug mode, override LOG_LEVEL
-c, --config - - Configuration file path, defaults: ./wayback.conf, ~/wayback.conf, /etc/wayback.conf
- LOG_TIME true Display the date and time in log messages
- LOG_LEVEL info Log level, supported level are debug, info, warn, error, fatal, defaults to info
- ENABLE_METRICS false Enable metrics collector
- HTTP_LISTEN_ADDR The listen address for the HTTP server
- CHROME_REMOTE_ADDR - Chrome/Chromium remote debugging address, for screenshot
- WAYBACK_POOLING_SIZE 3 Number of worker pool for wayback at once
- WAYBACK_BOLT_PATH ./wayback.db File path of bolt database
- WAYBACK_STORAGE_DIR - Directory to store binary file, e.g. PDF, html file
- WAYBACK_MAX_MEDIA_SIZE 512MB Max size to limit download stream media
- WAYBACK_TIMEOUT 300 Timeout for single wayback request, defaults to 300 second
- WAYBACK_MAX_RETRIES 2 Max retries for single wayback request, defaults to 2
- WAYBACK_USERAGENT WaybackArchiver/1.0 User-Agent for a wayback request
- WAYBACK_FALLBACK off Use Google cache as a fallback if the original webpage is unavailable
- WAYBACK_MEILI_ENDPOINT - Meilisearch API endpoint
- WAYBACK_MEILI_INDEXING capsules Meilisearch indexing name
- WAYBACK_MEILI_APIKEY - Meilisearch admin API key
-d, --daemon - - Run as daemon service, e.g. telegram, web, mastodon, twitter, discord
--ia WAYBACK_ENABLE_IA true Wayback webpages to Internet Archive
--is WAYBACK_ENABLE_IS true Wayback webpages to Archive Today
--ip WAYBACK_ENABLE_IP false Wayback webpages to IPFS
--ph WAYBACK_ENABLE_PH false Wayback webpages to Telegra.ph, required Chrome/Chromium
--ipfs-host WAYBACK_IPFS_HOST IPFS daemon service host
-p, --ipfs-port WAYBACK_IPFS_PORT 5001 IPFS daemon service port
-m, --ipfs-mode WAYBACK_IPFS_MODE pinner IPFS mode for preserve webpage, e.g. daemon, pinner
- WAYBACK_IPFS_TARGET web3storage The IPFS pinning service is used to store files, supported pinners: infura, pinata, nftstorage, web3storage.
- WAYBACK_IPFS_APIKEY - Apikey of the IPFS pinning service
- WAYBACK_IPFS_SECRET - Secret of the IPFS pinning service
- WAYBACK_GITHUB_TOKEN - GitHub Personal Access Token, required the repo scope
- WAYBACK_GITHUB_OWNER - GitHub account name
- WAYBACK_GITHUB_REPO - GitHub repository to publish results
- WAYBACK_NOTION_TOKEN - Notion integration token
- WAYBACK_NOTION_DATABASE_ID - Notion database ID for archiving results
-t, --token WAYBACK_TELEGRAM_TOKEN - Telegram Bot API Token
--chatid WAYBACK_TELEGRAM_CHANNEL - The Telegram public/private channel id to publish archive result
- WAYBACK_TELEGRAM_HELPTEXT - The help text for Telegram command
- WAYBACK_MASTODON_SERVER - Domain of Mastodon instance
- WAYBACK_MASTODON_KEY - The client key of your Mastodon application
- WAYBACK_MASTODON_SECRET - The client secret of your Mastodon application
- WAYBACK_MASTODON_TOKEN - The access token of your Mastodon application
- WAYBACK_TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY - The customer key of your Twitter application
- WAYBACK_TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET - The customer secret of your Twitter application
- WAYBACK_TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN - The access token of your Twitter application
- WAYBACK_TWITTER_ACCESS_SECRET - The access secret of your Twitter application
- WAYBACK_IRC_SERVER irc.libera.chat:6697 IRC server, required TLS
- WAYBACK_MATRIX_HOMESERVER https://matrix.org Matrix homeserver
- WAYBACK_MATRIX_USERID - Matrix unique user ID, format: @foo:example.com
- WAYBACK_MATRIX_ROOMID - Matrix internal room ID, format: !bar:example.com
- WAYBACK_DISCORD_BOT_TOKEN - Discord bot authorization token
- WAYBACK_DISCORD_CHANNEL - Discord channel ID, find channel ID
- WAYBACK_DISCORD_HELPTEXT - The help text for Discord command
- WAYBACK_SLACK_APP_TOKEN - App-Level Token of Slack app
- WAYBACK_SLACK_BOT_TOKEN - Bot User OAuth Token for Slack workspace, use User OAuth Token if requires create external link
- WAYBACK_SLACK_CHANNEL - Channel ID of Slack channel
- WAYBACK_SLACK_HELPTEXT - The help text for Slack slash command
--tor WAYBACK_USE_TOR false Snapshot webpage via Tor anonymity network
--tor-key WAYBACK_TOR_PRIVKEY - The private key for Tor Hidden Service
- WAYBACK_TOR_LOCAL_PORT 8964 Local port for Tor Hidden Service, also support for a reverse proxy
- WAYBACK_TOR_REMOTE_PORTS 80 Remote ports for Tor Hidden Service, e.g. WAYBACK_TOR_REMOTE_PORTS=80,81
- WAYBACK_TORRC /etc/tor/torrc Using torrc for Tor Hidden Service
- WAYBACK_SLOT - Pinning service for IPFS mode of pinner, see ipfs-pinner
- WAYBACK_APIKEY - API key for pinning service
- WAYBACK_SECRET - API secret for pinning service

If both of the definition file and environment variables are specified, they are all will be read and apply, and preferred from the environment variable for the same item.

Prints the resulting options of the targets with --print, in a Go struct with type, without running the wayback.


docker pull wabarc/wayback
docker run -d wabarc/wayback wayback -d telegram -t YOUR-BOT-TOKEN # without telegram channel
docker run -d wabarc/wayback wayback -d telegram -t YOUR-BOT-TOKEN -c YOUR-CHANNEL-USERNAME # with telegram channel

1-Click Deploy




Archive.org and Archive.today are currently supported, the next step mind support the followings platform:


Telegram bot

Mastodon bot

Bot friendly instance:


Q: How to keep the Tor hidden service hostname?

A: For the first time to run the wayback service, keep the key from the output message (the key is the part after private key: below) and next time to run the wayback service to place the key to the --tor-key option or the WAYBACK_TOR_PRIVKEY environment variable.

[INFO] Web: important to keep the private key: d005473a611d2b23e54d6446dfe209cb6c52ddd698818d1233b1d750f790445fcfb5ece556fe5ee3b4724ac6bea7431898ee788c6011febba7f779c85845ae87


We encourage all contributions to this repository! Open an issue! Or open a Pull Request!

If you're interested in contributing to wayback itself, read our [contributing guide](./CONTRIBUTING.md) to get started.

Note: All interaction here should conform to the [Code of Conduct](./CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md).


This software is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.0. See the LICENSE file for details.

FOSSA Status

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the wayback README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.