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  • v1.2

    December 03, 2013
  • v1.1

    July 12, 2019

    🚀 I’ve been using the master branch at incredible scale, for quite some time. We have tons of unit tests on top of the library, and we have lots of users that would complain to me Immediately if this wasn’t working correctly. This branch works. Furthermore, I hope you can find someone to help you get release.

  • v1.0.3

    July 14, 2017
  • v1.0.2

    July 14, 2017
  • v1.0.1

    July 14, 2017
  • v1.0.0

    May 23, 2017

    🚀 As pointed out in #306 we haven't done formal release tags since 2013. As Go's vendoring and dependency management story has now started to crystalise, it does feel like a good time to change this.

    Plenty of people are using xlsx in production, so let's formally call the current state v1.0.0.

  • v0.04

    September 25, 2011