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  • v2.0.0 Changes

    February 21, 2019
    • Backwards incompatible
    • Delta requests for most of the resources
    • ⚡️ Now allow bulk transaction update
  • v1.3.0 Changes

    December 20, 2018


    🚀 This release adds backwards incompatible changes in the budget package budget.DateFormat and budget.CurrencyFormat are now nullable in YNAB API's return.

    🚀 This release adds the ability to fetch and update category data for a given budget month.

    👍 With these two changes I believe the lib supports 100% of the YNAB API again.

  • v1.2.2

    October 06, 2018
  • v1.2.1 Changes

    October 06, 2018

    IMPORTANT: This change adds backwards incompatible changes. CreateTransaction return type have changed due to YNAB API changes. Should be easy to adjust though.

    These changes were needed following a change on YNAB's API:

    👍 "We’ve soft-deprecated POST /budgets/{budget_id}/transactions/bulk. It still works and we still support it, but POST /budgets/{budget_id}/transactions with a transactions array is likely the more future-proof way of creating multiple transactions."

    🚀 Source:

  • v1.2.0

    October 06, 2018
  • v1.1.8

    August 25, 2018
  • v1.1.7

    August 11, 2018
  • v1.1.6 Changes

    August 05, 2018

    🛠 Fix of percentage can be higher than 100 thank you @dwburke for the contribution.

  • v1.1.5 Changes

    August 02, 2018

    🛠 Important fixes on transaction's persistence requests.

  • v1.1.4 Changes

    July 31, 2018

    👍 vgo support