consul v1.6.3 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-01-30 // 4 months ago

    • agent: mitigate potential DoS vector allowing unbounded server resource usage from unauthenticated connections [GH-7159]
    • acl: add ACL enforcement to the v1/agent/health/service/* endpoints [GH-7160]


    • tls: auto_encrypt and verify_incoming [GH-6811]


    • agent: output proper HTTP status codes for Txn requests that are too large [GH-7158]
    • connect: derive connect certificate serial numbers from a memdb index instead of the provider table max index [GH-7011]
    • ⚡️ connect: ensure that updates to the secondary root CA configuration use the correct signing key ID values for comparison [GH-7012]