Awesome Go has a "changelog" section under all projects. You can find it next to the "Repo" button in the header. There are two features that make it unique.

  1. It is an aggregation of parsed "" files and releases information from Github. This way, it is easier to see all changes in a single place and a uniform style.
  2. All changelogs are "emojified". This helps with identifying each change easier. Emojification is achieved by parsing each line and applying a specific emoji based on the first word or some other tokens.

The combination of the above two makes package changelogs on Awesome Go unique.

As you know, an example is worth a 1,000 words 🚀

Changelog examples

  • robotgo 0.90.0 (May 26, 2020)

    MT. Rainier

    ➕ Add

    ➕ add gohook modern and concurrent API
    ➕ add new gohook examples, thks for cauefcr

    👌 Support for multiple screens
    ➕ add getMousePos() multiple screens support
    ➕ add move smooth multiple screens support

    ➕ add all platform system scale support
    ➕ add get screen size test code

    ➕ add screen and bitmap multiple screens support
    ➕ add int32_t types support

    ⚡️ update keycode type use uint16 with gohook, not type convert
    ➕ add ToBitmapBytes func (#204)

    🏁 gohook: sched_yield support for non-POSIX windows gcc

    ➕ add gops test code support
    ➕ add Process() function test code
    ➕ add more gops test code

    ➕ add more win32 function export

    ➕ add get mouse color function

    ➕ add uint32 to Chex function support

    ➕ add key_Toggles() c function
    ➕ add keyTap and keyToggle "...string" parameters support, Fixed #209

    ➕ add robotgo simple test code

    ➕ add Is64Bit() c and go function

    ➕ add process FindPath() function

    ➕ add keycode "delete" support and fixed "\" error
    ➕ add more keycode support, "up, down, left, right"...

    export hook keycode and add godoc

    ⚡️ use robotn fork xgb and update go mod

    ➕ add hook example to robotgo examples

    ⚡️ update gohook and tt mod file

    ➕ add more and update test code

    ➕ add drag smooth function support and examples

    ➕ add ShowAlert() test support

    💅 update keypress rand sleep [reduce] and update code style, update c delay default value to 0

    ➕ add mouse toggle return and add more test

    ➕ add SetDelay function code and update other code

    ➕ add scaled function code

    ➕ add go opencv file

    ➕ add file

    ➕ add move mouse and move smooth relative code

    ➕ add move mouse and move smooth relative examples

    ➕ add more test code and update go tt mod

    ➕ add more bitmap test code

    ➕ add SaveImg function code

    ➕ add drop function hint print support

    ➕ add more key test code
    ➕ add more test code
    ➕ add paste string test code
    ➕ add xvfb run codecov test

    ➕ add keycode test support

    ➕ add FindPath example code

    ➕ add KeyTap() args[2] delay support

    ➕ add find bitmap nil args support

    ➕ add find color nil args support

    ➕ add drag and move mouse multiple screens support

    ➕ add drag mouse test code

    ⚡️ Use CGDisplayBounds not CGDisplayPixelsWide, optimize get mac display size …

    ⚡️ Update TypeStr function, add type delay and speed support

    ⚡️ update PasteStr function code return error

    ⚡️ Update

    ⚡️ Update robot info test code and Add go.yml test support

    👉 use while not for match special key map
    ✂ remove unless x11 special key and sort

    ⚡️ update go mod pkg
    ⚡️ update mod vendor
    ✂ remove vendor and update .gitignore

    ⚡️ update and fmt config.yml, add Linux go test support
    ⚡️ update Linux CI support x11 test

    🚚 move hook to hook.go

    ⚡️ update appveyor and test code
    💅 update version and code style

    ⚡️ update move mouse smooth test code

    ⚡️ update clipboard code and add test code

    ⚡️ update test code and add codecov support

    ⚡️ update show alert test code

    ⚡️ update keycode.go

    ⚡️ update window examples code

    ⚡️ update test code remove windows alert test

    🚚 move gops code to ps.go

    ⚡️ update version

    ⚡️ update unix get title type

    💅 gofmt go code and update code style

    ➕ add ToBitmapBytes examples code

    ⚡️ update example code, fixed golint warning

    ⚡️ update bitmap example code

    ⚡️ Update

    💅 update code style

    ⚡️ update godoc

    💅 update keytap code and code style

    ⚡️ update Bitmap struct delete fuzzy api

    ⚡️ update key examples code

    ➕ add bitmap from string clear api

    ⚡️ update go mod vendor
    ⚡️ update go mod pkg not proxy

    ⚡️ update bitmap example code

    ⚡️ update test code fixed appveyor CI

    ⚡️ update test code fixed equal error

    ⚡️ update hook godoc

    ⚡️ update event example code

    💅 update godoc and code style

    ⚡️ update key example code

    ⚡️ Update example

    ⚡️ update and tidy go mod

    ⚡️ update code remove duplicate code and update godoc

    ⚡️ update xgb getXid log

    ⚡️ update GetBounds x11 error log

    ⚡️ update cgo code and version

    ⚡️ update TypeString function code [Drop]

    ⚡️ update key example code

    ⚡️ Update TypeStr function, optimize x11 type string

    ⚡️ Update TypeStrDelay function, remove unused code

    ⚡️ update code fixed x11 type sleep

    ⚡️ Update key example code

    👉 use gops to simplify code
    ⚡️ update key examples code

    ⚡️ update bitmap examples code

    ⚡️ update colorpicker and findcolor example code

    ⚡️ update bitmap example code

    ⚡️ update robotgo test code, add more test

    ⚡️ Update

    📇 rename type names make clearer

    ⚡️ update types.h code and fixed bug

    ✂ remove unused code fixed x11 build error

    ⚡️ update robot info test code and appveyor

    ⚡️ Update, Add more CI badge

    ⚡️ update gohook pkg and robot info test code

    ⚡️ Update linux upper code, add more special key support

    Create go.yml
    ⚡️ Update go.yml
    ➕ add more test and update go.yml
    ⚡️ Update dockerfile to go1.13.5

    ⚡️ update dockerfile and appveyor.yml
    ⚡️ Update dockerfile and appveyor.yml to go1.14.3

    ✂ remove Travis go1.11.x
    ⚡️ update appveyor and dockerfile to go1.13.1
    ⚡️ update dockerfile, go.yml and appveyor.yml to go1.14

    ⚡️ update travis.yml to go1.14.x and remove go1.13.x
    ⚡️ Update and fmt appveyor.ymlu
    ⚡️ update dockerfile and appveyor to go1.12.5

    ⚡️ update appveyor and dockerfile to go1.12.6

    ➕ add CI go1.13 support
    ⚡️ update config.yml
    ⚡️ update and fmt travis.yml
    ⚡️ Update Travis remove go1.12.x

    ⚡️ Update issue and pull request template

    🛠 Fix

    ⚡️ Update to utf-code function Fixed #189

    ⚡️ Update x11 keypress upper code Fixed #243

    type conversion needed in addMouse (#201)

    ⚡️ update hook, Fixed #202 fatal error: concurrent map writes

    ➕ add key Kind Fixed #203

    ⚡️ optimize get title code, Fixed #165 and typo

    🛠 Fixed gohook#3 mouse is_drag error on x11

    🛠 Fixed #213 AddEvents() can't listen correctly multiple times

    ⚡️ update clipboard error hand Fixed #212

    ⚡️ Update go.mod fixing issue "invalid pseudo-version: does not match version …

    ⚡️ update keyboard example code, #238

    ⚡️ update go mod file Fixed #239

    ⚡️ update gops and other mod files fixed bug

  • negroni 2.0.0 (May 25, 2020)

    🔄 Changed

    • 🖨 Recovery.PrintStack, when false, now also supresses the panic message in addition to supressing the stack trace

    🛠 Fixed

    • Negroni.With() now copies handlers to avoid mutating the original Negroni instance if Use is called on the new Negroni instance

    ➕ Added

    • 🔊 Recovery.LogStack was added to control whether the stacktrace is logged for panics

    🔄 Changed

  • Trickster 1.0.4 (May 22, 2020)

    🛠 [BUGFIX] Type conversion panic #433

    ⚡️ Other improvements, specifically in cache size calculation accuracy for memory and bbolt caches (#438), and an update to go v1.14.