Awesome Go has a "changelog" section under all projects. You can find it next to the "Repo" button in the header. There are two features that make it unique.

  1. It is an aggregation of parsed "" files and releases information from Github. This way, it is easier to see all changes in a single place and a uniform style.
  2. All changelogs are "emojified". This helps with identifying each change easier. Emojification is achieved by parsing each line and applying a specific emoji based on the first word or some other tokens.

The combination of the above two makes package changelogs on Awesome Go unique.

As you know, an example is worth a 1,000 words 🚀

Changelog examples

  • Twilio-csharp 5.31.4 (August 21, 2019)

    🚀 Release Notes



    • ➕ Add Chat Conversation SID to conversation default output properties


    • Adding outbound_call_flows object to Flex Configuration
    • ➕ Adding read and fetch to channels API


    • ➕ Add Sims and Commands resources for the Super Sim Pilot

    🔀 Sync

    • ➕ Added configuration option for enabling webhooks from REST.


    • Added usage_notification_method and usage_notification_url properties to rate_plan.


    • ➕ Add support for ach-debit transactions in Pay verb

    📄 Docs
    📦 NuGet

  • FileHelpers 3.4.1 (August 20, 2019)

    Braking Changes

    ➕ Added Features

    🛠 Fixed bugs

    • #291, #354 Excel NPOI Missing values are written as blank cells
  • Rx.NET 4.2.0-preview.625 (August 19, 2019)

    🔄 Changes:

    • 🔀 c85f17c Merge pull request #1013 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Rx.NET/Source/ApprovalTests-4.2.0
    • 81c0f31 Bump ApprovalTests from 4.0.0 to 4.2.0 in /Rx.NET/Source
    • 🔀 a1218d2 Merge pull request #1017 from dotnet/remove-codecov
    • 🚚 62940ef Remove codecov
    • 🔀 6a226be Merge pull request #1016 from dotnet/preview8
    • 🏗 bde9caa fix build
    • ⚡️ 0d41da0 update sdk and deps for preview 8
    • 🚚 35f5127 Remove redundant default parameters
    • 🔀 fc0b03c Merge pull request #999 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Rx.NET/Source/Nerdbank.GitVersioning-3.0.25
    • 90f25b4 Bump Nerdbank.GitVersioning from 3.0.24 to 3.0.25 in /Rx.NET/Source 👀 See more 🔀 cf605e7 Merge pull request #1007 from dotnet/fix-rx cba2293 Don't emit framework reference on pack ⚡️ 160ef1d update task 75e7bbc preview7 3a1658e check exit code of sign tool 🔀 1ea7dde Merge pull request #996 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Ix.NET/Source/Microsoft.SourceLink.GitHub-1.0.0-beta2-19408-01 🔀 24e8a14 Merge pull request #997 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Rx.NET/Source/Microsoft.SourceLink.GitHub-1.0.0-beta2-19408-01 75df1e8 Bump Microsoft.SourceLink.GitHub in /Rx.NET/Source 833d34a Bump Microsoft.SourceLink.GitHub in /Ix.NET/Source 🔀 be6e265 Merge pull request #988 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Rx.NET/Source/Nerdbank.GitVersioning-3.0.24 🔀 8c51696 Merge pull request #985 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Ix.NET/Source/Microsoft.SourceLink.GitHub-1.0.0-beta2-19404-01 aeb1a19 Bump Nerdbank.GitVersioning from 2.3.183 to 3.0.24 in /Rx.NET/Source 5578035 Bump Microsoft.SourceLink.GitHub in /Ix.NET/Source 🔀 b5a2105 Merge pull request #980 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Ix.NET/Source/Microsoft.SourceLink.GitHub-1.0.0-beta2-19401-01 🔀 0e2b22c Merge pull request #982 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Rx.NET/Source/Microsoft.SourceLink.GitHub-1.0.0-beta2-19401-01 5c04d0a Bump Microsoft.SourceLink.GitHub in /Rx.NET/Source 7fb027c Bump Microsoft.SourceLink.GitHub in /Ix.NET/Source ⚡️ 6141798 Update 🔀 0a71df0 Merge pull request #976 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Rx.NET/Source/Microsoft.SourceLink.GitHub-1.0.0-beta2-19381-01 🔀 62ca877 Merge pull request #975 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Ix.NET/Source/Microsoft.SourceLink.GitHub-1.0.0-beta2-19381-01 afc568c Bump Microsoft.SourceLink.GitHub in /Rx.NET/Source 0f8db11 Bump Microsoft.SourceLink.GitHub in /Ix.NET/Source 🔀 b63ee0e Merge pull request #970 from weitzhandler/patch-1 📄 5b57d58 Added docs sources 🔀 dca0515 Merge pull request #958 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Ix.NET/Source/coverlet.collector-1.0.1 🔀 e19f942 Merge pull request #961 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Rx.NET/Source/System.Threading.Tasks.Extensions-4.5.3 🔀 4bb2777 Merge pull request #963 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Ix.NET/Source/MSBuild.Sdk.Extras-2.0.31 🔀 31062ee Merge pull request #962 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Rx.NET/Source/MSBuild.Sdk.Extras-2.0.31 🔀 a2d4d41 Merge pull request #965 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Rx.NET/Source/Microsoft.SourceLink.GitHub-1.0.0-beta2-19367-01 🔀 24b7a7d Merge pull request #966 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Ix.NET/Source/Microsoft.SourceLink.GitHub-1.0.0-beta2-19367-01 5496b70 Bump Microsoft.SourceLink.GitHub in /Ix.NET/Source be36760 Bump Microsoft.SourceLink.GitHub in /Rx.NET/Source 6d56801 Bump MSBuild.Sdk.Extras from 2.0.29 to 2.0.31 in /Ix.NET/Source 4984654 Bump MSBuild.Sdk.Extras from 2.0.29 to 2.0.31 in /Rx.NET/Source 01115cc Bump System.Threading.Tasks.Extensions in /Rx.NET/Source 🔀 e97d1a5 Merge pull request #960 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Rx.NET/Source/coverlet.collector-1.0.1 12cdfa9 Bump coverlet.collector from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 in /Rx.NET/Source 820349b Bump coverlet.collector from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 in /Ix.NET/Source 🔀 f98ed74 Merge pull request #924 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Rx.NET/Source/ApprovalTests-4.0.0 🔀 149a42d Merge pull request #929 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Rx.NET/Source/BenchmarkDotNet-0.11.5 ✅ 1c5c9cf Bump ApprovalTests from 3.0.14 to 4.0.0 in /Rx.NET/Source 3a9ea22 Bump BenchmarkDotNet from 0.10.14 to 0.11.5 in /Rx.NET/Source ⚡️ 7e097dd Merge pull request #955 from dotnet/update-tfm ⚡️ e225866 update api test ⚡️ 6d8f1c5 Merge pull request #954 from dotnet/update-benchmarks ba70227 don't run both cc's ⚡️ 685e313 update to 4.6.1 🔀 1e850d2 Merge pull request #953 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Ix.NET/Source/FluentAssertions-5.7.0 🔀 0bd1188 Merge pull request #952 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Rx.NET/Source/Microsoft.NET.Test.Sdk-16.2.0 6ee8d1c Bump FluentAssertions from 5.6.0 to 5.7.0 in /Ix.NET/Source ✅ fb19ce7 Bump Microsoft.NET.Test.Sdk from 16.1.1 to 16.2.0 in /Rx.NET/Source 🔀 729b51c Merge pull request #949 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Ix.NET/Source/MSBuild.Sdk.Extras-2.0.29 🔀 f954ffc Merge pull request #951 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Ix.NET/Source/Microsoft.NET.Test.Sdk-16.2.0 ✅ 14ed7f0 Bump Microsoft.NET.Test.Sdk from 16.1.1 to 16.2.0 in /Ix.NET/Source 80d635e Bump MSBuild.Sdk.Extras from 2.0.24 to 2.0.29 in /Ix.NET/Source cd63bad Use Coverlet (#947) ✅ a8e169d Switch to VSTest integration for coverlet 🔀 844aac2 Merge pull request #939 from dotnet/collect-report 1fa2a36 Collect raw coverage xml as artifact 🔀 d71e2b2 Merge pull request #937 from dotnet/fix-define 1510f20 Add .NET Standard 2.0 defines b1dd092 Bump to preview 6 to match CoreFX 31c9c50 Bump to preview 6 907f03b Bump to preview 6 🔀 d4d85d1 Merge pull request #936 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Ix.NET/Source/Microsoft.Bcl.AsyncInterfaces-1.0.0-preview7.19314.2 ⚡️ 13ef118 Update System.Linq.Async.Ref.csproj ⚡️ 58a8b81 Update System.Linq.Async.csproj 🔀 4de2edc Merge pull request #922 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Rx.NET/Source/xunit.assert.source-2.4.1 97af572 Bump Microsoft.Bcl.AsyncInterfaces in /Ix.NET/Source d4091b6 Bump xunit.assert.source from 2.3.1 to 2.4.1 in /Rx.NET/Source 🔀 83c0a55 Merge pull request #928 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Rx.NET/Source/Microsoft.NET.Test.Sdk-16.1.1 🔀 fd4922a Merge pull request #917 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Rx.NET/Source/DiffPlex-1.4.4 🔀 901e0f8 Merge pull request #935 from dotnet/revert-925-dependabot/nuget/Rx.NET/Source/System.Reactive-4.1.5 ⏪ 2284314 Revert "Bump System.Reactive from 3.1.1 to 4.1.5 in /Rx.NET/Source" 🔀 2609113 Merge pull request #925 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Rx.NET/Source/System.Reactive-4.1.5 ✅ e488700 Bump Microsoft.NET.Test.Sdk from 16.0.1 to 16.1.1 in /Rx.NET/Source 1108b51 Bump System.Reactive from 3.1.1 to 4.1.5 in /Rx.NET/Source 2a1e534 Bump DiffPlex from 1.4.1 to 1.4.4 in /Rx.NET/Source 🔀 336a50e Merge pull request #921 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Rx.NET/Source/MSBuild.Sdk.Extras-2.0.24 🏁 719f280 Merge pull request #920 from dotnet/dependabot/nuget/Rx.NET/Source/Microsoft.NETCore.UniversalWindowsPlatform-6.2.8 13f7aec Bump MSBuild.Sdk.Extras in /Rx.NET/Source 🏁 2f36f80 Bump Microsoft.NETCore.UniversalWindowsPlatform in /Rx.NET/Source 🏗 6762d5e Merge pull request #902 from dotnet/simplify-build 🔀 fde7f58 Merge pull request #912 from dotnet/CleanAssemblyInfo ff024ba Clean up AssemblyInfo.cs files 🔀 d346666 Merge pull request #910 from dotnet/ModernizeIx 5bc815e Modernize some Ix code. 🔀 8778a4b Merge pull request #909 from dotnet/UseUsingDecl 550db9d Use using declarations. 🔀 305d381 Merge pull request #908 from dotnet/NullableReferenceTypes 🔀 46f5123 Merge branch 'master' of into NullableReferenceTypes d09b56f Enable nullable context in generated files. f329683 Enable nullable reference types. 🔀 ad58020 Merge pull request #906 from dotnet/MiscCleanup 5deb0f1 Some minor cleanup. 🔀 447c3fb Merge pull request #905 from dotnet/UseAsyncIterators 🚚 6335194 Remove dead code of hand-rolled iterators. 3529def Merge pull request #904 from dotnet/more_csharp8 c23993c Use null-coalescing assignment. fdc613c Local functions can shadow variables now. 🔀 f417a7c Merge pull request #903 from BojanKogoj/bojan/readme-link-fix 🛠 b4968dd Fixed link to RxPy in readme ⚡️ d454b35 Update to preview 5 and remove extra .net core install 297a910 Bump to preview 3 🔀 df75c21 Merge pull request #900 from dotnet/use-bcl-iae 🏗 ca93b96 Build against preview 5 3edb789 Use BCL types 🔀 641a751 Merge pull request #898 from NickDarvey/async-808-fixes-throttle-operator 🛠 eead46b Fixes throttling by passing through dueTime e690374 Use Microsoft.Bcl.AsyncInterfaces 🔀 5906af9 Merge pull request #887 from dotnet/UseArraySort f311d17 Use Array.Sort instead of QuickSort. 🔀 7c2d6a0 Merge pull request #883 from dotnet/ix-coverage 3aebd79 coverlet 2.5.1 ⚡️ 6b61b8a Update dependencies 3045081 Publish consolidated report b7b4038 Publish individual coverage reports 9db05f3 add transparency ⏱ acf75cb Fix wrong usage of ISchedulerLongRunning in ObserveOn ⚡️ 5c4a48d update test sdk 🚚 8fb2f33 remove vs2019 preview workaround ✅ 0969bae Add test verifying the fix c4d8342 Fix InvalidOp when enumerating the SystemClockChanged hashset 8ffdea9 bump to preview 2 for ixnet ⚡️ 868caff Update 🔀 c256fe2 Merge pull request #423 from dotnet/IxAsyncCSharp8 9e72e46 Fix optional parameters for async overloads b8c42e1 Introduce a single place where all public async overloads are maintained to evaluate design options using a single SUPPORT_FLAT_ASYNC_API flag. 895cae3 Generic API surface for async overloads. ⚡️ 791d078 Update visibility on AsyncEnumberableExtensions to hideit from the ref on .NET Standard 2.1 ⚡️ 03dbe96 update link be1b856 Fixing System.Interactive.Providers.Ref 🔀 403e7c0 Merge branch 'IxAsyncCSharp8' of into IxAsyncCSharp8 25610a5 Fix System.Interactive.Providers 🔀 3accb7e Merge branch 'master' into IxAsyncCSharp8 f298f64 Fix System.Interactive.Providers 🔀 9e46f82 Merge branch 'IxAsyncCSharp8' of into IxAsyncCSharp8 ✅ eb98b21 Clean up tests for Throw. ✅ caeb526 Clean up tests for Zip. ✅ bcd1aa1 Clean up tests for ToAsyncEnumerable. ✅ 9168f56 Clean up [Skip|Take]Last tests. ✅ 2cdc2af Improve tests for To*. ✅ f0e8a53 Clean up Distinct tests. ✅ afda630 Clean up Concat tests. ✅ 0e5c7f8 Clean up Cast and OfType tests. ✅ bd4dccc Clean up [Ap|Pre]pend tests. ✅ 39856c1 Clean up [First|Last][OrDefault] tests. ✅ 73ee1d2 Clean up tests for Average. b49a479 Fix AsyncQueryable.Zip. 905f456 Use cached refletion info for AsyncQueryable[Ex]. 3051508 Get rid of junk in project files ✅ d57055d Add back .NET Core 3 target until .NET Core 3 runtime has the latest netstandard dll in it. 👍 0a2d637 Switch to use .NET Standard 2.1 instead of netcoreapp3.0 for broader support 5da0a5a Add Zip with ValueTuple return type. 🔀 f2ce04b The Big Rename to avoid ambiguity between sync/async/cancellable overloads of operators. ⚡️ 0a1b100 Update docs 131392c Fix typo d2b8eea Add comment to SelectMany. ✅ ad78405 Improve tests for GroupBy. 🔀 1d538a3 Merge branch 'IxAsyncCSharp8' of into IxAsyncCSharp8 🚚 9460634 remove outdated comment ↪ cf99807 Workaround dotnet/sdk#2976 453609f use 2019 pool ✅ 908eb23 Sorting GroupBy tests. ✅ de10e13 Clean up GroupBy tests. 9666473 Fix itemgroup conditions ⚡️ 6f59615 Merge pull request #871 from dotnet/package-updates-for-rx 📦 7b07f9e Use package license expression and fix icon 🐧 935b524 Merge pull request #859 from dotnet/linux-tests 🚚 e127ac4 Move Product to targets so AssemblyName is set 2d5aabd Fix packaging 📦 6ee6b11 Ensure dll is in package 98ce4e0 Fix targets bug ⚡️ 61c63f8 Update displayname 6de2ebf Fix invoke of tool 🏁 f3ce0f0 Add WindowsDesktop integration tests ↪ 8775aa2 Workaround dotnet/sdk#2976 875e542 Specify TFs ✅ 06126dd run tests independently due to DotNetCoreInstaller stepping on 2.1/3.0 at the same time ⬇️ 31e7b00 Prevent downgrade 🚚 65460ef Remove binlog 🏗 db5b0dc Use latest SDK to build ↪ fde4bde add workaround 9cef070 generate binlog ⚡️ 6e746eb Update sdk ⚡️ 3d78b42 Update to latest extras 855ea86 Improve SkipWhile and TakeWhile code coverage. ✅ 44b0418 Clean up SkipWhile and TakeWhile test code. ✅ a46a2c0 Add tests for ToEnumerable. ✅ 3d6c430 Add tests for Repeat. 1d87e7a Fix CancellationToken overloads of ForEachAsync. ✅ 89b9338 Add tests for ForEachAsync. 💅 985dbf3 Style consistency in new code. ✅ f598aad Add unit tests for Union. ✅ cca4b7e Rename Except and Intersect tests. c5cd99c Make GetConfiguredAsyncEnumerator internal. ecf7330 Fix typo. ✅ f21e2fb Add more tests for Where. ✅ 1107bd9 Add more tests for Select optimization for IList. 🔀 998efd2 Merge branch 'master' of into IxAsyncCSharp8 ✅ 83a35c4 More tests for Select. ✅ f0b2ea3 Add some tests for Select. ✅ d2349b6 Min and Max units tests for NaN. 29a3f08 Port fix for race condition (dotnet/coreclr#22711). ✅ 472f006 AsyncListPartition tests. 🔀 4248578 Merge branch 'IxAsyncCSharp8' of into IxAsyncCSharp8 b51fbd3 Take code coverage. c38b24b Skip code coverage. b72ec28 Fix OOM in partition code. ✅ a6574c0 DefaultIfEmpty unit test cleanup. 1960d68 Range code coverage. 1144c88 Eliminate redundant code in Range. c4c86aa Empty code coverage. 2980364 SequenceEqualAsync code coverage. 0️⃣ 673aadb SingleOrDefaultAsync code coverage. ce701cf SingleAsync code coverage. 38cf3f1 Switch codecov to use global tool 75ff7a5 MinAsync and MaxAsync code coverage. ✅ d5b1398 Clean up MinAsync and MaxAsync tests. d403d11 LongCountAsync code coverage, 0️⃣ 368b760 ElementAtOrDefaultAsync code coverage, 9a64454 ElementAtAsync code coverage. a6a49d8 enable USE_ASYNC_ITERATOR for .NET 4.6 c210b3f CountAsync code coverage. 0d68831 ContainsAsync code coverage. 7a0f4fe Use async iterators for OfType. 490e2dd Use async iterators for Cast. 0️⃣ ccc5d2b Simplify default expression. 6a18540 AnyAsync code coverage. de20e2d AllAsync code coverage. f111876 Reorder some code. ✅ dc5017b Clean up AggregateAsync tests. 🚚 c221a0c Remove a dependency on System.Threading.Tasks.Extensions when targeting .NET Core 3 as it's not required 👍 902d431 Add in AsyncIteratorMethodBuilder to support the async iterators on downlevel platforms 8582d2a AggregateAsync code coverage. 0️⃣ ffe3aff use default pdb in debug mode for code coverage to work in VS 🔧 45e8127 Add support for configured disposing d52acd7 fix flag parameter 5988269 add codecov config eac0b68 specify flag for codecov 🚀 This list of changes was auto generated.