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Fast key-value store in Go.
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▲ Triangle - Convert images to computer art with Go.

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raft vs Serf

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  • raft - Golang implementation of the Raft consensus protocol, by HashiCorp.
  • Serf - Service orchestration and management tool.

Go: Ten years and climbing

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Go (Golang) Package For Atom That Adds Autocomplete, Formatting, Syntax Checking, Linting and Vetting
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  • Go vs Rust? Choose Go.
  • Creating flappy bird in Go
  • 20 examples of data structure and algorithms in Golang.
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Diablo II binary character parser

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Intel releases Clear Containers 3.0, rewritten in Go

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Can you write an OS Kernel in Go?

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Go Native cross-platform GUI system automation;Control the mouse, keyboard and other.
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cobra vs cli

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  • cobra - A Commander for modern Go CLI interactions
  • cli - A feature-rich and easy to use command-line package based on golang tag

Blog Post: Golang: Don’t afraid of makefiles

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Simple and Asynchronous Goroutine pool library.
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Highly concurrent drop-in replacement for bufio.Writer
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peco vs fzf

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  • peco - Simplistic interactive filtering tool.
  • fzf - A command-line fuzzy finder written in Go

Chipmunk2D physics library ported to Go

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Allocation Efficiency in High-Performance Go Services

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Tool to fix (add, remove) your Go imports automatically.
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Golang UK Conference 2017 videos

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a way to drive/test Chrome, Safari, Edge, Android Webviews, and other browsers supporting the Chrome Debugging Protocol.
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zap vs logrus

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  • zap - Fast, structured, leveled logging in Go
  • logrus - a structured logger for Go.

20 examples of data structure and algorithms in Golang.

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alternative Selenium hub server that launches browsers within containers.
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Alloy - Boilerplate for creating web applications in Go

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Simple API to make HTTP GET requests with timeout support.
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Go bindings for Ethereum JSON RPC API.
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Framework for rapid development of performant network functions for cloud and bare-metal.
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Go Scoring API for PMML.
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