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Go (Golang) Package For Atom That Adds Autocomplete, Formatting, Syntax Checking, Linting and Vetting
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One of the best videos on Go testing

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Working with Arrays in Golang

An array is a fixed-size collection of elements of the same type. The elements of the array are stored sequentially and can be accessed using their index. In this article, you'll learn how to declare and initialize arrays, how to iterate over arrays, and how to create multidimensional arrays.
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  • InfluxData Working on Go Implementation of Apache Arrow
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A high-performance 100% compatible drop-in replacement of "encoding/json"
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InfluxData Working on Go Implementation of Apache Arrow

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How to Build a Search Service with Go and Elasticsearch

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Golang for Rubyists (and Pythonistas and JSistas and so on). Part 2. Go type system.

An introduction to Golang types from the perspective of a Ruby/JS/Python developer.
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beego orm vs GORM

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  • beego orm - A powerful orm framework for go. Support: pq/mysql/sqlite3.
  • GORM - The fantastic ORM library for Golang, aims to be developer friendly.

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BitTorrent Kademlia DHT implementation.
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borg vs restic

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  • borg - A terminal based search engine for bash snippets
  • restic - De-duplicating backup program.

For Sum Types: Golang's multiple return parameters are overrated

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Virtualgo: Easy and powerful workspace based development for go
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justforfunc #31: gRPC Basics

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alternative Selenium hub server that launches browsers within containers.
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How To Use Go Interfaces

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Writing an Exploit in Golang - From A to Z

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Caddy vs traefik

Popular comparison
  • Caddy - Caddy is an alternative, HTTP/2 web server that's easy to configure and use.
  • traefik - Træfɪk, a modern reverse proxy

zap vs logrus

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  • zap - Fast, structured, leveled logging in Go
  • logrus - a structured logger for Go.


An asynchronous task queue/job queue based on distributed message passing.
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Semaphore pattern implementation with timeout of lock/unlock operations based on channel and context.
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peco vs fzf

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  • peco - Simplistic interactive filtering tool.
  • fzf - A command-line fuzzy finder written in Go

Repeatable Builds with vgo

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Themis by Cossack Labs

Crypto library for storage and messaging for Swift, ObjC, Android, С++, JS, Python, Ruby, PHP, Go
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Make your Go go faster in 2018!

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redigo vs redis

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  • redigo - Redigo is a Go client for the Redis database.
  • redis - Redis client for Golang

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  • Duke advice to gopher
  • Switching from PHP to Go: A Development Case Study
  • Five Nice Things for Machine Generated Code
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Auto provision Let's Encrypt certificates and start a TLS server.
Featured Package // Category Security