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How we built Zoom's end-to-end optimizations with Go and WebRTC

Article Popular Story // blog.livekit.io


Go generator to copy values from type to type and fields from struct to struct (copier without reflection). Generate any code based on types.
Featured Package // Category Generators


No-code workflow executor. it executes DAGs defined in a simple YAML format.
Synced from the Github list // Category Job Scheduler


Improving Code Design With OpenTelemetry — A Practical Guide

Article Popular Story // betterprogramming.pub


A secure user directory built for developers to comply with the GDPR
Featured Package // Category Database

Pitch me on Go

Article Popular Story // dev.to

Last 7 Days

Calculating type sets is harder than you think

Article Popular Story // blog.merovius.de


Container Signing
Featured Package // Category Zero Trust

Resource to learn concurrency in Go

Library Popular Story // github.com

Developing a RESTful API with Go

Article Popular Story // dev.to


The SPIFFE Runtime Environment
Featured Package // Category Zero Trust

webutil - A utility package for web development in Go

Library Popular Story // github.com


A Devtools driver for web automation and scraping
Featured Package // Category Selenium and browser control tools.

cardrank.io/cardrank: poker hand evaluator

Library Popular Story // github.com


OWASP Coraza WAF is a golang modsecurity compatible web application firewall library
Featured Package // Category Security

SQLite in Go, with and without cgo

Article Popular Story // datastation.multiprocess.io

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  • A faster lexer in Go
  • Go: The language of cloud-native development - SD Times
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Vegeta: HTTP load testing tool written in Go

Library Popular Story // github.com


Go extension for Visual Studio Code
Featured Package // Category Editor Plugins

Last 30 Days

Ddosify – Simple Load Testing Tool

Library Popular Story // github.com

rqlite v7.4.0

A new version of rqlite has been released
New Version


Storage and image processing server written in Go
Featured Package // Category Images


Conversion utilities between H3 indexes and GeoJSON
Package Added by mmadfox into category Go Tools

Safe Migrations with Atlas and Ent

Article Popular Story // entgo.io


Starter code for writing web services in Go using Kubernetes.
Featured Package // Category Project Layout