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Breaking all the rules: Using Go to call Windows API

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Tool for generating self-contained mock objects
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go-php vs go-lua

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  • go-php - PHP bindings for Go
  • go-lua - A port of the Lua 5.2 VM to pure Go


Golang for Node.js developers

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Go implementation of RFC 5389 STUN protocol.
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borg vs restic

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  • borg - A terminal based search engine for bash snippets
  • restic - De-duplicating backup program.

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Dropbox migration to gRPC

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Thought Experiment: Flutter in Go · divan's blog

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Oversight is a complete implementation of the Erlang supervision trees.
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Declarative end to end functional testing.
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Could Koazee be for Go like lodash is for NodeJS?

Koazee is inspired in lodash (nodeJS)
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Koazee v0.0.04 (Golden Lion) is released!

A streamLike, immutable, lazy-loading and smart Go Library that provides a rich set of 23 operations to deal with slices.
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A Parser for PHP written in Go
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kingpin vs cobra

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  • kingpin - A command line and flag parser supporting sub commands.
  • cobra - A Commander for modern Go CLI interactions


A scalable, performant, rapid development Web framework for Go.
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A simple pub/sub observable library with pipe support.
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telegram vs pushover

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  • telegram - Implementation for the telegram bot API
  • pushover - Go wrapper for the Pushover API.

redigo vs redis

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  • redigo - Redigo is a Go client for the Redis database.
  • redis - Redis client for Golang

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  • Want to write good unit tests in go? Don’t panic… or should you?
  • #Golang – Building Small Docker Images using multistage builds
  • QuickFix: Vs-code Golang Renaming
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NMEA parser library for the Go language.
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Caddy vs traefik

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  • Caddy - Caddy is an alternative, HTTP/2 web server that's easy to configure and use.
  • traefik - Træfɪk, a modern reverse proxy

The use of defer in Go

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Industrial IoT Messaging and Device Management Server.
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QuickFix: Vs-code Golang Renaming

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Gophercon 2019 Tickets on Sale now

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usql is a universal command-line interface for SQL databases.
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