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Get real-time insights from all types of time series data with InfluxDB. Ingest, query, and analyze billions of data points in real-time with unbounded cardinality.
Promo www.influxdata.com


Pomerium is an identity and context-aware reverse proxy for zero-trust access to web applications and services.
Featured Package // Category DevOps Tools



Testcontainers for Go is a Go package that makes it simple to create and clean up container-based dependencies for automated integration/smoke tests. The clean, easy-to-use API enables developers to programmatically define containers that should be run as part of a test and clean up those resources when the test is done.
Featured Package // Category Testing

Last 7 Days

Go evolves in the wrong direction

Article Popular Story // valyala.medium.com


An email and SMTP testing tool with API for developers
Featured Package // Category Email

Putting Go's Context package into context

Article Popular Story // blog.meain.io


Woodpecker is a simple yet powerful CI/CD engine with great extensibility.
Featured Package // Category Continuous Integration

Keploy - An Open-source AI enabled E2E Test Generation Platform

Test generation for Developers. Generate tests and stubs for your application that actually work!
Featured Package // Category Build Automation

Reading Google Sheets from a Go program

Article Popular Story // eli.thegreenplace.net


vacuum is the worlds fastest OpenAPI 3, OpenAPI 2 / Swagger linter and quality analysis tool. Built in go, it tears through API specs faster than you can think. vacuum is compatible with Spectral rulesets and generates compatible reports.
Featured Package // Category Command Line

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  • Sentinel errors and errors.Is() slow your code down by 3000%
  • Structured concurrency in Go
  • Don't name packages common nouns

Distributed File Storage In Go – Full Course

Article Popular Story // www.youtube.com

Even more Opentelemetry!

Article Popular Story // dev.to


Enterprise-ready, GitOps enabled, CloudNative feature management solution
Featured Package // Category Server Applications

Last 30 Days

Fleet device management

Open-source platform for IT, security, and infrastructure teams. (Linux, macOS, Chrome, Windows, cloud, data center)
Featured Package // Category DevOps Tools


Lightweight data stream processing engine for IoT edge
Featured Package // Category IoT (Internet of Things)

Don't name packages common nouns

Article Popular Story // brandur.org


Feishu(飞书)/Lark Open API Go SDK, Support ALL Open API and Event Callback.
Featured Package // Category Third-party APIs


CometBFT (fork of Tendermint Core): A distributed, Byzantine fault-tolerant, deterministic state machine replication engine
Featured Package // Category Blockchain


Orchestration engine that enables the deployment, integration and lifecycle management of applications at any scale, on any infrastructure (Kubernetes or otherwise).
Featured Package // Category Other Software

Sentinel errors and errors.Is() slow your code down by 3000%

Article Popular Story // www.dolthub.com

Structured concurrency in Go

Article Popular Story // medium.com