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flipt v1.15.1

A new version of flipt has been released
New Version


:chains: A Framework for Building High Value Public Blockchains :sparkles:
Featured Package // Category Blockchain

Some Useful Patterns for Go's os/exec

Article Popular Story // www.dolthub.com

How to build a custom TCP Server in Golang

Article Popular Story // www.youtube.com


Git Town

Generic, high-level Git workflow support!
Featured Package // Category Command Line

The Best Go framework: no framework?

Article Popular Story // threedots.tech

Twitch channel chats in your terminal

Library Popular Story // github.com

Last 7 Days


The modern cryptocurrency trading bot framework written in Go.
Featured Package // Category Financial

Fleet device management

Fleet is the lightweight, programmable telemetry platform for servers and workstations. Get comprehensive, customizable data from all your devices and operating systems — without the downtime risk.
Featured Package // Category DevOps Tools

Everything a beginner should know about pointers in Golang

Article Popular Story // www.youtube.com


Universal Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM) for Kubernetes operators, and operators for traditional Linux apps, with declarative integration between operators for automated microservice integration.
Featured Package // Category Other Software

1000X faster two sum leetcode solution

Article Popular Story // dev.to


Go library for the Stripe API.
Featured Package // Category Third-party APIs

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  • Google's internal Go style guide
  • Go 1.21 may have a clear(x) builtin and there's an interesting reason why
  • Modern API design with Golang, PostgreSQL and Docker.
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Passive DNS Capture and Monitoring Toolkit
Featured Package // Category Networking


Style definitions for nice terminal layouts 👄
Synced from the Github list // Category Advanced Console UIs

Last 30 Days


Go package to present your CLI version with an upgrade notice.
Featured Package // Category Go Tools

Comprehensive Guide to Testing in Go

Article Popular Story // blog.jetbrains.com


A Go network testing toolkit
Featured Package // Category Testing Frameworks

Wrapping errors in Go: A new approach

Article Popular Story // www.southcla.ws


Universal command-line interface for SQL databases
Featured Package // Category Utilities

Modern API design with Golang, PostgreSQL and Docker.

Article Popular Story // bognov.tech

Packer v1.5.5

A new version of Packer has been released
New Version


⟁ Tendermint Core (BFT Consensus) in Go
Featured Package // Category Distributed Systems