devd v0.9 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-01-20 // about 1 year ago
    • 🛠 Fix live reload issues on Linux (Delyan Angelov)
    • Only inject livereload content if content type is text/html (Mattias Wadman)
    • 🛠 Fix treatment of X-Forwarded-Proto (Marvin Frick)
    • ⚡️ Dependency updates and test improvements

Previous changes from v0.8

    • 👌 Improvements in file change monitoring, fixing a number of bugs and
      reliability issues, and improving the way we handle symlinks (via the
      moddwatch repo).
    • 🛠 Fix handling of the X-Forwarded-Proto header in reverse proxy (thanks to Bernd
    • 📚 Various other minor fixes and documentation updates.