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  • v0.20.0 Changes

    November 25, 2018
    * Added  actions template support for inline workflow action template (neatly tag iterators)
    * Added multi asset supprot for inline workflow request (neatly like multi resource loading)
    * Added async flag to inline workflow at task level to allow parallel execution
    * Patched maching switch case with incompatible types
    * Patch assertly validator for nil expected time validation
    * Added regression format option to e2e project generator
    * Patched double execution of defer tasks
    * Updated documentation 
  • v0.19.0 Changes

    November 18, 2018
    * Added pubsub cloud messaging service
    * Added UDF service for registering udf with custom settings
    * Added generic protobuf UDF provider
    * Removed UDF Providers from service specific contracts in http/runner and storage services
    * Enhanced variable validation
    * Renamed Pipelines struct to InlineWorkflow
    * Updated documentation
  • v0.18.0 Changes

    November 13, 2018
    * Patched logger source.URL init to allow log validation with non schema based resources i.e. /tmp/logs/data as opposed to file:///tmp/logs/data
    * Updated logger validation documentation
    * Added $Len udf
    * Renamed ExpectedLogRecords in testing/log/service_contract.go to Expect for consistency (not backward compatible)
    * Added optional conversion from yaml kv paris to map in testing/log/service_contract.go  AssertRequest.Expect.Records
  • v0.17.0 Changes

    November 08, 2018
    * Added $dsconfig state keys with dsc.Config.params (i.e. $dsconfig.datasetId. $dsconfig.projectId)
    * Added dsunit.dump method to create schema DDL fro existing database
    * Refactor $timestamp. , $unix. to take advandate toolbox TimeAt method, i.e. ${unix.nowInUTC}, ${timestamp.5DaysAhead}
    * Added global $tzTime state function that uses time.RFC3339 time layout with toolbox.TimeAt semantic
    * Minor patches 
  • v0.16.0 Changes

    October 30, 2018
    * Added option to create setup or verification dataset with dsunit.freeze
  • v0.15.1 Changes

    October 26, 2018
    * Patched assertly numeric type casting criterion 
    * Renamed CopyHandlerUdf to Udf on storage copy request
  • v0.15.0 Changes

    October 18, 2018
    * Added SSH, Inline workflow runner option in e2e project generator 
    * Minor patches
  • v0.14.1 Changes

    October 11, 2018
    * Patched http trips cross reference expression substitution
    * Minor patches
  • v0.14.0 Changes

    October 09, 2018
    * Added http recordng option -u
    * Added Avro UDFs
    * Added UDF providers for UDF registration on the fly
    * Minor patches
  • v0.12.3 Changes

    October 02, 2018
    * Update logging with activity context (-d=true)
    * Minor patches