fac v2.0.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2018-06-15 // almost 2 years ago
  • 🔄 Changelog

    🚚 fe06d6f Remove brew dependency to git
    📜 1a8e180 Parse -version flag
    3b133f5 Add versions flag
    ⚡️ d160b39 Update man page
    👍 2767e99 Add support for -h | --help
    ♻️ 8e39330 Refactor enter detection
    ⚡️ 9eeca61 Update README with cont_eval
    ⚡️ f4a6481 Update tests for binding pkg
    3f09e4c Improve warning/error message display mechanism
    ⚡️ e913d1d Update dummy fac yml
    6f59a29 Implement continuous evaluation behavior
    📦 3fb2cca Change package 'key' to 'binding'
    🚚 0a38b45 Arrow down to move to the end of prompt
    335700b Add custom editor function for continuous eval
    0de2cbe Add continuous evaluation to key binding table
    54efd07 Add banner sketch file
    5511c42 Appease go report card
    16b474b Make coloring function public
    ✏️ 729cceb Fix typos
    ♻️ 6b6fb16 Add missing comments and refactor
    02bd481 Fix nil binding map bug
    ♻️ 96ca3ec Refactor globalQuit
    📦 4821de0 Add full test coverage to key package
    🔧 c335ee8 Add key-binding configuration README
    ⚡️ 48b1230 Update to use custom key bindings
    📦 7b53a69 Add key package to handle custom keys
    ⚡️ 02be1a6 Update dep for go-yml
    ae7f29c Add yellow color function for warnings
    📦 62373a1 Remove main package from testing list
    👍 9c16b8a Add support for editor env variable with flags
    ⚡️ d0fb86a Update README with new preview gif
    d93d37e Fix external editor crash bug
    f0822c9 Fix predicate for checking conflict existence
    ⚡️ 7d9024a Update editor reading/writing mechanism
    afe8327 Add manual code edit functionality
    84fa845 Test: Add tests for color.go
    0️⃣ 01e6131 Use default gocui editor for user input
    7d32441 Tests: Cover all cases for file.go
    ddf05f7 Test: add all tests for conflict pkg
    fb16830 Test: Add tests for command.go
    🍱 46606a1 Add code coverage badge 😵
    👷 e04392c Integrate codecov with Travis CI
    b15c9ad Test: Add tests for summary.go
    93ed8dd Test: Add tests for parse.go
    7e45571 Test: Add tests for file.go
    a2da952 Test: Add tests for conflict.go
    ♻️ 9dd4809 Refactor: Remove all global state via File structs
    c69a9bb Add global test cases
    ef7ef9a Add testdata directory for dummy test files
    ⚡️ 1a84012 Update gitignore
    ⚡️ de580dd Update Travis CI for code coverage
    642a3ad Add link to gif demo
    8bec3dc Add new fac banner
    ⚡️ e3cff7e Brew formula update for fac version v1.1.0

Previous changes from v1.1.0

  • 🔄 Changelog

    ⚡️ ce0a043 Update application screenshot
    👷 3d7e70d Add CI and Go report badges
    🚚 51ef7cb Remove dummy git repo
    🚚 42aacb4 Remove command tests
    👷 d6bb1b5 Add Travis CI config file
    eb4a2ad Colorize diff3 separator marker
    2230b51 Add tests for summary.go
    👍 a04cfa0 Add support for diff3 conflict styling
    🚚 b0d661b Move and rename dummy git repo
    ♻️ c1dd493 Refactor git conflict marker parsing methods
    769ab01 Ignore existing conflict in test git submodule
    ♻️ 7637551 Refactor git calling functions
    05c8288 Add dummy git repo with conflict for testing
    🍱 83ac734 Move documents to assets
    ⚡️ d8fe975 Update comments on functions
    ecba69c Use dep
    🚚 bf242e3 Remove vendor directory
    🔀 2afd0bd Merge pull request #33 from shogo-ma/master
    312f7c1 fix typo
    🔀 fb868ea Merge pull request #27 from olshevskiy87/t1
    🔀 c4d1d39 Merge pull request #31 from jnv/patch-1
    🚀 ba183d4 Goreleaser: Remove dep on go in Brew formula
    🔀 c86e474 Merge pull request #28 from antham/patch-1
    9657490 Fix typo
    8684e49 find and open conflict files from root git directory
    🔀 8f11fd7 Merge pull request #24 from wezm/man
    0a500c2 Add man page
    4addf0d fac version v1.0.4