fasthttp v1.18.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-12-09 // over 3 years ago
    • d0dfbd4 fix issue #875 (#909) (Kirill Danshin)
    • ec4aa43 (header) do case insensitive lookup of cookie header value (#925) (Daniel KΓΌrner)
    • f710c2d Fixing deletion of headers/queryargs having multiple values. (#918) (anshul-jain-aws)
    • 🐎 cb0aaaa Improve round2 performance (#914) (kiyon)
    • c2542e5 add nil check for LocalAddr (#907) (Shohi Wang)
    • βœ… 30aa43e Adding Power support(ppc64le) with continuous integration/testing to the project for architecture independent (#903) (asellappen)
    • βœ… df87e70 Fix race condition in TestCloseIdleConnections (Erik Dubbelboer)

Previous changes from v1.17.0

    • πŸ‘ 74bd13a Add ppc64le support (Erik Dubbelboer)
    • 00973e5 Don't use %w (Erik Dubbelboer)
    • 0️⃣ d7752d2 fixed default schema for for req url (#897) (Maxim Korolyov)
    • ce7b94f Add Request.SetBodyRaw (Erik Dubbelboer)
    • βœ… d71fc6c Ignore * files from tests (Erik Dubbelboer)
    • 9697ccb Added httpproxy v2 (#889) (Maxim Korolyov)
    • 🚚 9ed328c remove unnecessary type conversion (#890) (Mohammad Alian)
    • πŸ‘ 4eac1ae Added proxy from env support (#885) (Maxim Korolyov)
    • ⏱ 56775f4 tryDial timeout (#881) (Vitali Pikulik)
    • πŸ‘ 805af0e Brotli support in FS handler. (#880) (hex0x00)
    • ae8b65f Add Client.CloseIdleConnections() (Erik Dubbelboer)
    • πŸ“œ aa3f96c Git commit fix URI parse for urls like (#866) (Vitali Pikulik)