imaginary v1.0.17 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-01-20 // over 1 year ago
  • 🏷 Tagging release 1.0.17

    🚀 This release contains mostly non-functional improvements, however:

    • 👀 The parameter handling is more liberal in parsing certain arguments and is also more clear in it's error messages about what went wrong. See #239 for more details.
    • The /health endpoint returns some extra information

    🐳 Docker image changes

    🚀 The Docker image for this release is built using a new approach for Imaginary and bimg. Of you experience any problems please let us know.

    🔄 Changelog

    ♻️ a9dbf56 refactor(README): remove header image
    📄 a1bb2fd docs(watermarkimage): Add docs for the /watermarkimage endpoint (#226)
    d20af55 Including a test case with multiple subdomains
    15c4252 Exposing several extra details
    💅 fbff718 Style fixes
    f783899 Removing unused function
    👍 c38cf80 Unavailable is not actually used, replaced it with _ to better convey intent.
    b24da45 Removing literals in favor of http constants
    83750ba Comment fix
    b1a8027 Correcting the use of abbreviations
    🚚 bab8a72 Removed unused variable and explicitly ignoring errors
    a299f70 Correcting comments, casing and constant use
    d71d48b More literal to constant replacements
    c20f833 Changing the if's to a single map lookup.
    45e311f ErrorReply's return value was never used.
    b55d8a2 explicitly ignoring errors
    4220bfc Correct casing for multiple words
    0fbc67f Simplifying some if statements, removing unnecessary parenthesis and added an explicit error ignore
    45eb61c minor styling
    ♻️ a6234c1 Refactoring, making things simpler
    54a099c Allow Go 1.9 to fail
    c1122d2 Bumping Go's version requirement
    e113d6d cleanup
    c75d2ba Bumping version to 1.0.17