minify v2.5.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-09-05 // 15 days ago
  • 🛠 Bugfixes:

    • 🛠 SVG: don't convert polyline/rect/polygon/line to path, which can break CSS, fixes #260
    • SVG: relative SVG BĂ©zier commands not properly minified
    • 🚚 CSS: don't remove whitespace in nested unknown at-rules, fixes #262
    • 🛠 CSS: fix panic for background when it contains functions other than calc for background-position, fixes #263
    • CSS: fix panic for background-position with three numbers
    • CSS: fix panic for url() with only whitespace or only one quote

Previous changes from v2.5.1

    • ✂ Remove import comments
    • SVG: do not convert line/rect to path if coordinates are relative percentages
    • CSS: fix bug with inline CSS encountering }