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Easily Manage OAuth2 Scopes In Go

Scope Matching Using Wildcard Strategy

import "github.com/SonicRoshan/scope"

scopeA := "read:user:*"
scopeB := "read:user:username"

doesMatch := scope.MatchScopes(scopeA, scopeB)

This strategy will work like this :-

  • users.* matches users.read
  • users.* matches users.read.foo
  • users.read matches users.read
  • users does not match users.read
  • users.read.* does not match users.read
  • users.*.* does not match users.read
  • users.*.* matches users.read.own
  • users.*.* matches users.read.own.other
  • users.read.* matches users.read.own
  • users.read.* matches users.read.own.other
  • users.write.* does not match users.read.own
  • users.*.bar matches users.baz.bar
  • users.*.bar does not users.baz.baz.bar

Filtering Struct For Read Request

When a client request certain data, this function will eliminate any data in the struct for which the client does not have a read scope.

type user struct {
    username string `readScope:"user:read:username"`
    email string `readScope:"user:read:email"`

func main() {
    output := user{username : "Test", email : "[email protected]"}
    scopesHeldByClient := []string{"user:read:username"}
    scope.FilterRead(output, scopesHeldByClient)

    // Now output.email will be nil as client does not have scope required to read email field

    output := user{username : "Test", email : "[email protected]"}
    scopesHeldByClient := []string{"user:read:*"}
    scope.FilterRead(&output, scopesHeldByClient)

    // Now none of the field in output will be nil as client has scopes to read everything in user struct