An application-oriented unified storage layer for Golang.

Programming language: Go
License: Apache License 2.0
Tags: Utility     Filesystem     Files     Object Storage     S3    
Latest version: v2.0.0

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An application-oriented unified storage layer for Golang.


  • Production ready
  • High performance
  • Vendor agnostic


Widely services support

Servicer operation support

  • List: list all Storager in service
  • Get: get a Storager via name
  • Create: create a Storager
  • Delete: delete a Storager

Storager operation support

Basic operations

  • Metadata: get storager's metadata
  • Read: read file content
  • Write: write content into file
  • Stat: get file's metadata
  • Delete: delete a file or directory

Extended operations

  • Copy: copy a file inside storager
  • Move: move a file inside storager
  • Reach: generate a public accessible url
  • Statistical: get storage service's statistics

Multiple list style support

  • ListDir: list files and directories under a directory
  • ListPrefix: list files under a prefix

Segment/Multipart support

  • ListPrefixSegment: list segments under a prefix
  • InitIndexSegment: initiate an index type segment
  • WriteIndexSegment: write content into an index type segment
  • CompleteSegment: complete a segment to create a file
  • AbortSegment: abort a segment

File metadata support

Required metadata

  • id: unique key in service
  • name: relative path towards service's work dir
  • size: size of this object
  • updated_at: last update time of this object

Optional metadata

  • content-md5: md5 digest as defined in rfc2616
  • content-type: media type as defined in rfc2616
  • etag: entity tag as defined in rfc2616
  • storage-class: object's storage class as defined in [storage proposal](./docs/design/8-normalize-metadata-storage-class.md)

Quick Start

import (


// Init a service.
store, err := coreutils.OpenStorager("fs", pairs.WithWorkDir("/tmp"))
if err != nil {
    log.Fatalf("service init failed: %v", err)

// Use Storager API to maintain data.
r, err := store.Read("path/to/file")
if err != nil {
    log.Printf("storager read: %v", err)

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