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  • v4.5.2 Changes

    May 28, 2021

    Minor fix release.

    • Fixes

      • Handle reading keys where the original value sent to the server was a list. Resolves Issue #350.
  • v4.5.1 Changes

    May 27, 2021

    Minor fix release.

    • Fixes

      • Handle lack of key digests in BatchExists command.
  • v4.5.0 Changes

    April 09, 2021

    Minor feature and fix release.

    • New Features

      • Allows reading of boolean types from the server, supported in Aerospike server v5.6. The current client will not support writing boolean type to the server. That features will be supported in the upcoming Go client v5.
    • Fixes

      • [CLIENT-1495] Tentatively check if a connection is allowed to avoid launching too many goroutines.
    • Fixes

      • Implements correct and re-triable Scans for the Reflection API.
      • Fixes an obscure var shadowing bug in TLS connection handshake error logging.
  • v4.4.0 Changes

    March 12, 2021

    Minor fix and improvements release.

    • Fixes

      • Fixes an issue where the client's reflection API expected certain int value types returned from the database. That assumption was wrong for CDTs and free form Lists and Maps. The client will now convert types to each other per Go's conversion rules where possible.
    • Improvements

      • Use a global TLS setting everywhere in tests.
  • v4.3.0 Changes

    March 01, 2021

    Minor feature and fix and major clean up release. While there aren't many user facing changes, the quality of the code has been markedly improved. This release puts us on a good footing for the next few bigger releases.

    • New Features:

      • [CLIENT-1457] Support scan pagination through ScanPartitions() with PartitionFilter
    • Fixes

      • Fixes an issue where if errors and filtered records happened at the same time in Batch requests, no error would be returned to the user.
    • Improvements

      • Makes the code samples more readable in the docs.
      • Fixes a lot of code samples in documentation, along with typos, etc.
      • Fixes copy/paste naming errors in the documentation. Thanks to Yevgeny Rizhkov
      • Removes a few unreachable lines from the code. Thanks to Yevgeny Rizhkov
      • Handles a few TLS connection related issues in tests.
  • v4.2.0 Changes

    February 12, 2021

    Major feature and improvements release.

    • New Features:

      • [CLIENT-1192] Adds Support for partition scans. Queries which lack a Statement.Filter will be automatically converted to partition scans. If the cluster supports partition scans, all Scans and Queries will use the new protocol to allow retrying in case of some errors.
      • [CLIENT-1237] Adds Support for MultiPolicy.MaxRecords in scans and queries without Statement.Filter.
      • Adds NewHosts convenience function. (Github #320) thanks to Yegor Myskin
    • Improvements

      • Adds a few missing error checks.
      • Moves examples files to dedicated folders to avoid multiple main function errors for new users.
      • Some documentation clean up. (Github #314) thanks to Shin Uozumi
      • Fix typo in example NewKey(). (Github #331) thanks to Patrick Kuca
      • Adds an example to list operations (using operate and list policy).
      • Runs the XDR tests only when XDR is configured on the server.
      • Add TLS config to test params.
      • Mark NewPredExpXXX return value as the PredExp interface instead of concrete type. It will now group them under the PredExp interface in the docs.
    • Changes

      • Only use Policy.Priority and MultiPolicy.FailOnClusterChange on server versions < 4.9. Priority is now deprecated and replaced with MultiPolicy.RecordPerSecond.
      • Statement.TaskID is deprecated and will be removed in the next major version.
      • ScanPolicy.ConcurrentNodes is deprecated and will be removed in the next major version.

    โ€ฆ versions < 4.9

  • v4.1.0 Changes

    January 25, 2021

    Major feature release.

    • New Features:

      • [CLIENT-1417] Adds Circuit-Breaker. Rejects command when assigned node's error rate exceeds ClientPolicy.MaxErrorRate over ClientPolicy.ErrorRateWindow.
      • [CLIENT-1410] Adds Client.SetXDRFilter().
      • [CLIENT-1433] Adds ExpMemorySize() to expression filters.
    • Fixes

      • Fixes an issue where remainder miscalculation would cause the connection pool to be smaller than it should have been. (Github #332) thanks to ShawnZhang
    • Improvements

      • [CLIENT-1434] Reset peers, partition and rebalance generations on node tend errors.
      • Use named fields in LimitedReader initialization.
      • Skip device_total_bytes tests in Expressions for memory-only namespaces
      • Change unexported field check in marshaller in anticipation of go 1.16 changes
    • Changes

      • Pack byte array header with string header codes when using msgpack to be consistent with server.
      • Adds ResultCode.LOST_CONFLICT
      • Change log level from Debug to Error for partition validation failures
    • Fixes

      • Fix remainder calculation in ConnectionHeap.
  • v4.0.0 Changes

    November 27, 2020

    ๐Ÿš€ This release deprecates PredExp filters and replaces them with the far more capable Expressions.

    ๐Ÿ†• New Features :

    - [CLIENT-1361] Replace predicate filters with new Aerospike Expressions.

    ๐Ÿ›  Fixes

    • Allows unmarshalling of bool fields to sub objects in reflection API. (Github #325)

    - Fixes an issue where BatchIndexGet commands were not retried in some circumstances.

    Incompatible changes :

    • Changes the BitResizeFlagsXXX enum types to BitResizeFlags type. This should not affect any code if the enums were used.
    • Changes the ListSortFlagsXXX enum types toListSortFlags are now typed. This should not affect any code if the enums were used.
  • v3.1.1 Changes

    November 09, 2020

    โฌ†๏ธ We recommend upgrading to this version, or cherry-picking the changeset to your vendored version if possible.

    ๐Ÿ›  Fixes

    • Handle cleanup cases in Offer and DropIdleTail for singleConnectionHeap. (Github #318)

    - Unlock the mutex in singleConnectionHeap.Poll if called after cleanup. (Github #323) thanks to linchuan4028

    ๐Ÿ”„ Changes

    • Removes support for versions prior to Go v1.12 due to incompatibility in the testing library we use. Go v1.9+ should still work, though they will not be tested in our tests.
  • v3.1.0 Changes

    September 10, 2020

    Minor fix release.

    • Fixes

      • Fixes an issue where initial tend was not adhering to the ClientPolicy.Timeout. (CLIENT-1344)