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  • v2.2.1 Changes

    August 13, 2019

    Minor improvement release.

    • Improvements

      • Supports the Write role in server v4.6.0.2+
  • v2.2.0 Changes

    May 21, 2019

    Minor Fixes and improvements release.

    • Fixes

      • Fixes an issue where an empty connection pool would cause a lock contention that would in turn lead to high CPU load.
      • Fixes an issue where in some circumstances connection pool would be depleted of connections.
      • Fixes an issue where the replica node would not be selected in case of master-node failure in Policy.ReplicaPolicy.SEQUENCE for reads.
    • Improvements

      • Transactions will not count a lack of connection in the node's connection pool as an iteration anymore.
  • v2.1.1 Changes

    April 25, 2019

    Minor Fixes and improvements release.

    • Fixes

      • Fixes an issue where meta tags were ignored in reflection API for ScanAllObjects/QueryObjects/BatchGetObjects. Resolves #260.
    • Improvements

      • Tend won't send rack: command to the nodes if ClientPolicy.RackAware is not set. PR #259, thanks to Dmitry Maksimov
      • Adds a new GeoJson example.
  • v2.1.0 Changes

    April 11, 2019

    Minor Feature and Improvements release.

    • New Features

      • Adds WarmUp method for Client, Cluster and Node. This method will fill the connection queue to ensure maximum and smooth performance on start up.
    • Improvements

      • Simplify connection Timeout calculation and floor the min timeout to 1ms.
      • Simplify resetting server timeout for each iteration.
      • Adds a few pre-defined errors to avoid allocating them during runtime.
    • Changes

      • Adds a TLS connection example.
      • Adds Cap method to connectionHeap.
  • v2.0.0 Changes

    March 19, 2019

    Major release. There are some breaking changes, both syntactically and semantically. Most changes are minor, and can be fixed with relative ease. The only major issue is that the behavior of the client when a key does not exist has changed. It used to return no error, but nil Record.Bins. Now it returns ErrKeyNotFound error. This is a significant changes, and you should search your code for all instances of Bins == nil and adapt the code accordingly.

    • Major:

      • Optimizes connection creation out of the transaction pipeline and makes it async.
      • Put a threshold on the number of connections allowed to open simultaneously. Controlled via ClientPolicy.OpeningConnectionThreshold.
      • Do not clear partition map entry when a node reports that it no longer owns that partition entry.
      • Uses rolling timeout instead of strict timeout for connections.
      • Remove ToValueArray and ToValueSlice methods to discourage such suboptimal use. Changes QueryAggregate signature to remove the need for those methods.
      • Remove unnecessary conversion from BinMap to Bins in reflection API to speedup the command an avoid unnecessary memory allocations.
      • Use shorter intervals with exponential back-off for tasks.
    • Breaking:

      • Get/Put/Touch/Operate and ExecuteUDF commands will return an ErrKeyNotFound error when the key does not exist in the database. The old behavior used to be not to return an error, but have an empty Record.Bins.
      • Renames Statement.Addfilter to Statement.SetFilter, change the name and type of Statement.Filters to Statement.Filter.
      • Remove ClientPolicy.RequestProleReplicas. THe client will always request them.
      • Removes ScanPolicy.ServerSocketTimeout and QueryPolicy.ServerSocketTimeout in favor of the already existing Policy.SocketTimeout.
      • Renames Policy.Timeout to Policy.TotalTimeout to make the naming consistent with other clients.
      • Moves atomic package to internal.
      • Moves ParticleType package to internal.
      • Moves RequestNodeInfo and RequestNodeStats to methods on Node object, and adds InfoPolicy to the relevant API signatures.
      • Removes WaitUntilMigrationIsFinished from Scan/Query policies.
      • Changes NewConnection method signature, makes LoginCommand private.
      • Makes OperationType private.
      • Remove long deprecated method for pool management.
      • Removes unused ReadN method in Connection.
      • Embeds Policies as values and not pointers inside MultiPolicy, ScanPolicy, QueryPolicy
    • Minor:

      • Fixes a race condition in the AdminCommand.
      • Synchronize the XORShift to avoid race conditions.
      • Completely removes deprecated LDT code.
  • v1.39.0 Changes

    March 11, 2019

    Major improvements Release.

    • Improvements

      • Significantly improves Batch/Scan/Query/UDF/QueryAggregate performance, up to 10x depending on the number of records.
    • Changes

      • Removes BatchPolicy.UseBatchDirect from the code since it is not supported on the server anymore.
  • v1.38.0 Changes

    February 21, 2019
    • New Features

      • Support new server truncate-namespace command via Client.Truncate when set is not specified.
    • Improvements

      • The client will not clear a partition map entry when a node reports that it no longer owns that partition entry until another node claims ownership.
      • Adapt UDF test for new server changes. The server will not return an error after RemoveUDF if the UDF did not exist.
      • Improves a few tests and relaxes tolerances in tests to accommodate slower cloud test environments.
    • Fixes

      • Fixes a race condition in XOR shift RNG.
      • Fixes a race condition in the AdminCommand.
  • v1.37.0 Changes

    December 03, 2018
    • New Features

      • Support lut-now parameter for Client.Truncate() in servers that support and require it.
      • Added support for CDT Map Relative Ops: MapGetByKeyRelativeIndexRangeOp, MapGetByKeyRelativeIndexRangeCountOp, MapGetByValueRelativeRankRangeOp, MapGetByValueRelativeRankRangeCountOp, MapRemoveByKeyRelativeIndexRangeOp, MapRemoveByKeyRelativeIndexRangeCountOp.
      • Added support for CDT List Relative Ops: ListGetByValueRelativeRankRangeOp, ListGetByValueRelativeRankRangeCountOp, ListRemoveByValueRelativeRankRangeOp, ListRemoveByValueRelativeRankRangeCountOp.
      • Added INFINITY and WILDCARD values for use in CDT map/list comparators.
    • Improvements

      • Increase default Policy.SocketTimeout to 30s. If SocketTimeout is longer than Timeout, Timeout will be used instead silently. This change is done for the client to perform more intuitively in cloud environments.
      • Never return a random node if a node was not found in the partition map.
      • Return more descriptive error messages on various partition map and other node related errors.
    • Changes

      • Remove the ability to force old batch direct protocol on the client because the server will be removing support for the old batch direct protocol.
      • Update admin message version to 2.
      • Remove unused error codes.
      • Remove Go 1.7 and 1.8 from travis tests due to incompatibility with the test framework.
  • v1.36.0 Changes

    November 01, 2018

    Feature Release.

    • New Features

      • Support rackaware feature. You need to set the ClientPolicy.RackAware = true, and set the ClientPolicy.RackId. All read operations will try to choose a node on the same rack if Policy.ReplicaPolicy = PREFER_RACK. This feature is especially useful when the app/cluster are on the cloud and network throughput over different zones are price differently.
    • Improvements

      • Update Operate command documentation.
      • Improve an expectation in a CDT Map test.
      • Move UDF object test to the proper file.
      • Support float64 struct fields when the value of the field has been changed inside lua and set to int - will only affect clusters which support float.
      • Fixes an issue where key value was sent and cause server PARAMETER_ERROR via the operate command if policy.SendKey was set but no write operations were passed.
      • Updated README example with clarification.
    • Fixes

      • Fixes an issue where multiple operation results for a bin would be appended to the first result if it was a list.
  • v1.35.2 Changes

    October 02, 2018

    Improvement release.

    • Improvements

      • Do not allocate a partition map on each tend unless needed.
      • Adds ConnectionsClosed stat and sets the connection and dataBuffer to nil in a few places to help the GC.
      • Use a heap data structure for connection pooling instead of a queue. This allows better management of connections after a surge, since it keeps the unused connection in the bottom of the heap to close. It also helps with performance a bit due to better caching of the data structure in CPU.