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  • v1.13 Changes

    April 01, 2016

    Minor features and improvements release.

    • New Features

      • Added NewGeoWithinRegionForCollectionFilter, NewGeoRegionsContainingPointForCollectionFilter, NewGeoWithinRadiusForCollectionFilter for queries on collection bins.
    • Fixes

      • Fixed an issue in which bounded byte arrays were silently being dropped as map keys.
    • Improvements

      • Removed and fixed unused assignments and variables.
      • Fixed typos in the comments.
      • Minor changes and formatting. PR #124, thanks to Harmen
  • v1.12 Changes

    March 08, 2016

    Minor features and improvements release.

    • New Features

      • Support Metadata in struct tags to fetch TTL and Generation via GetObject. Notice: Metadata attributes in an struct are considered transient, and won't be persisted.


      type SomeStruct struct {
        TTL  uint32         `asm:"ttl"` // record time-to-live in seconds
        Gen  uint32         `asm:"gen"` // record generation
        A    int
        Self *SomeStruct
      key, _ := as.NewKey("ns", "set", value)
      err := client.PutObject(nil, key, obj)
      // handle error here
      rObj := &OtherStruct{}
      err = client.GetObject(nil, key, rObj)
      • GeoJSON support in Lists and Maps
    • Improvements

      • Use ClientPolicy.timeout for connection timeout when refreshing nodes
      • Added new server error codes
      • Protect RNG pool against low-precision clocks during init
      • Better error message distingushing between timeout because of reaching deadline and exceeding maximum retries
    • Fixes

      • Fixed object mapping cache for anonymous structs. PR #115, thanks to Moshe Revah
      • Fixed an issue where Execute() method wasn't observing the SendKey flag in Policy.
  • v1.11 Changes

    February 09, 2016

    Minor features and improvements release.

    • New Features

      • Can now use services-alternate for cluster tend.
      • New CDT List API: ListGetRangeFromOp, ListRemoveRangeFromOp, ListPopRangeFromOp
    • Improvements

      • Improves marshalling of data types into and out of the Lua library and avoids marshalling values before they are needed.
      • Returns error for having more than one Filter on client-side to avoid confusion.
      • Increases default ClientPolicy.Timeout and return a meaningful error message when the client is not fully connected to the cluster after waitTillStabilized call
  • v1.10 Changes

    January 13, 2016

    Major release. Adds Aggregation.

    • New Features

      • Added client.QueryAggregate method.
    • Improvements

      • Improve Query/Scan performance by reading from the socket in bigger chunks
  • v1.9 Changes

    December 14, 2015

    Major release. Adds new features.

    • New Features

      • Added CDT List operations.
      • Added NewGeoWithinRadiusFilter filter for queries.
    • Changes

      • Renamed NewGeoPointsWithinRegionFilter to NewGeoWithinRegionFilter
  • v1.8 Changes

    December 01, 2015

    Major release. Adds new features and fixes important bugs.

    • New Features

      • Added ScanAllObjects, ScanNodeObjects, QueryObjects and QueryNodeObjects to the client, to facilitate automatic unmarshalling of data similar to GetObject.
        • NOTICE: This feature and its API are experimental, and may change in the future. Please test your code throughly, and provide feedback via Github.
      • Added ScanPolicy.IncludeLDT option (Usable with yet to be released server v 3.7.0)
      • Added LargeList.Exist method.
    • Improvements

      • Makes Generation and Expiration values consistent for WritePolicy and Record.
        • NOTICE! BREAKING CHANGE: Types of Record.Generation and Record.Expiration, and also WritePolicy.Generation and WritePolicy.Expiration have changed, and may require casting in older code.
      • Refactor tools/asinfo to be more idiomatic Go. PR #86, thanks to Tyler Gibbons
      • Many documentation fixes thanks to Charl Matthee and Tyler Gibbons
    • Fixes

      • Changed the KeepConnection logic from black-list to white-list, to drop all
      • Fix RemoveNodesCopy logic error.
      • Add missing send on recordset Error channel. PR #99, thanks to Geert-Johan Riemer
      • Fix skipping of errors/records in (*recordset).Results() select after cancellation. PR #99, thanks to Geert-Johan Riemer
  • v1.7 Changes

    October 16, 2015

    Major release. Adds new features and fixes important bugs.

    • New Features

      • Added support for Geo spatial queries.
      • Added support for creating indexes on List and Map bins, and querying them.
      • Added support for native floating point values.
      • Added ClientPolicy.IpMap to use IP translation for alias recognition. PR #81, Thanks to Christopher Guiney
    • Improvements

      • Cosmetic change to improve code consistency for PackLong in packer.go. PR #78, Thanks to Erik Dubbelboer
    • Fixes

      • Fixes an issue when the info->services string was malformed and caused the client to panic.
      • Fixes an issue with unmarshalling maps of type map[ANY]struct{} into embedded structs.
      • Fixes issue with unmarshalling maps of type map[ANY]struct{} into embedded structs.
      • Fixes an issue with bound checking. PR #85, Thanks to Tait Clarridge
      • Fixes aa few typos in the docs. PR #76, Thanks to Charl Matthee
  • v1.6.5 Changes

    August 01, 2015

    Minor maintenance release.

    • Improvements

      • Export MaxBufferSize to allow tweaking of maximum buffer size allowed to read a record. If a record is bigger than this size (e.g: A lot of LDT elements in scan), this setting wil allow to tweak the buffer size.
  • v1.6.4 Changes

    July 16, 2015

    Hot fix release.

    • Fixes

      • Fix panic when a scan/query fails and the connection is not dropped.
  • v1.6.3 Changes

    July 09, 2015

    Minor fix release.

    • Improvements

    • Fixes

      • Fix a bunch of golint notices. PR #69, Thanks to Geert-Johan Riemer
      • Connection.Read() total bytes count on error. PR #71, Thanks to Geert-Johan Riemer
      • Fixed a race condition on objectMappings map. PR #72, Thanks to Geert-Johan Riemer
      • Fixed a few uint -> int convertions.