Programming language: Go
License: MIT License

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Go FreeTDS wrapper. Native Sql Server database driver.


  • can be used as database/sql driver
  • handles calling stored procedures
  • handles multiple resultsets
  • supports database mirroring
  • connection pooling
  • scaning resultsets into structs

Get started

Install dependencines

FreeTDS libraries must be installed on the system.


brew install freetds

Ubuntu, Debian...

sudo apt-get install freetds-dev

Go get

go get github.com/minus5/gofreetds



Using as database/sql driver

Name of the driver is mssql.

db, err := sql.Open("mssql", connStr)
row := db.QueryRow("SELECT au_fname, au_lname name FROM authors WHERE au_id = ?", "172-32-1176")
var firstName, lastName string
err = row.Scan(&firstName, &lastName)

Full example in example/mssql.

Stored Procedures

What I'm missing in database/sql is calling stored procedures, handling return values and output params. And especially handling multiple result sets. Which is all supported by FreeTDS and of course by gofreetds.


pool, err := freetds.NewConnPool("user=ianic;pwd=ianic;database=pubs;host=iow")
defer pool.Close()
//get connection
conn, err := pool.Get()
defer conn.Close()

Execute stored procedure:

rst, err := conn.ExecSp("sp_help", "authors")  

Read sp return value, and output params:

returnValue := rst.Status()
var param1, param2 int
rst.ParamScan(&param1, &param2)

Read sp resultset (fill the struct):

author := &Author{}

Read next resultset:

if rst.NextResult() {
    for rst.Next() {
        var v1, v2 string
        rst.Scan(&v1, &v2)

Full example in example/stored_procedure

Other usage

Executing arbitrary sql is supported with Exec or ExecuteSql.

Execute query:

rst, err := conn.Exec("select au_id, au_lname, au_fname from authors")

Rst is array of results. Each result has Columns and Rows array. Each row is array of values. Each column is array of ResultColumn objects.

Full example in example/exec.

Execute query with params:

rst, err := conn.ExecuteSql("select au_id, au_lname, au_fname from authors where au_id = ?", "998-72-3567")

Sybase Compatibility Mode

Gofreetds now supports Sybase ASE 16.0 through the driver. In order to support this, this post is very helpful: Connect to MS SQL Server and Sybase ASE from Mac OS X and Linux with unixODBC and FreeTDS (from Internet Archive)

To use a Sybase ASE server with Gofreetds, you simply need to set a compatibility mode on your connection string after you've configured your .odbc.ini file and .freetds.conf file.

This mode uses TDS Version 5.

Connection String Parameter

You can set your connection string up for Sybase by using the 'compatibility_mode' Parameter. The parameter can be named 'compatibility', 'compatibility mode', 'compatibility_mode' or 'Compatibility Mode'. Currently this mode only supports Sybase. To specify you can use 'sybase' or 'Sybase'.

Server=myServerAddress;Database=myDatabase;User Id=myUsername;Password=myPassword;Failover Partner=myMirror;Max Pool Size=200;Compatibility Mode=Sybase


Tests depend on the pubs database.

Pubs sample database install script could be downloaded. After installing that package you will find instpubs.sql on the disk (C:\SQL Server 2000 Sample Databases). Execute that script to create pubs database.

Tests and examples are using environment variable GOFREETDS_CONN_STR to connect to the pubs database.

export GOFREETDS_CONN_STR="user=ianic;pwd=ianic;database=pubs;host=iow"
export GOFREETDS_MIRROR_HOST="iow-mirror"

If you don't want to setup and test database mirroring than don't define GOFREETDS_MIRROR_HOST. Mirroring tests will be skipped.