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License: Apache License 2.0
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Gopencils - Dynamically consume REST APIs

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Gopencils is a REST Client written in go. Easily consume any REST API's. Supported Response formats: JSON


go get github.com/bndr/gopencils

Simple to use

Gopencils was designed to help you easily make requests to REST APIs without much hassle. It supports both Basic-Auth as well as OAuth.

Example Basic-Auth

type UserExample struct {
    Id            string
    Name          string
    Origin        string
    Url           string
    SomeJsonField string
// Create Basic Auth
auth := gopencils.BasicAuth{"username", "password"}

// Create New Api with our auth
api := gopencils.Api("http://your-api-url.com/api/", &auth)

// Create a pointer to our response struct
resp := &UserExample{}

// Perform a GET request
// URL Requested: http://your-api-url.com/api/users/1
api.Res("users", resp).Id(1).Get()

// Get Single Item
api.Res("users", resp).Id(1).Get()

// Perform a GET request with Querystring
querystring := map[string]string{"page": "100", "per_page": "1000"}

// URL Requested: http://your-api-url.com/api/users/123/items?page=100&per_page=1000
resource := api.Res("users").Id(123).Res("items", resp).Get(querystring)

// Now resp contains the returned json object
// resource.Raw contains raw http response,

// You can supply Path suffix to the api which will be applied to every url
// e.g /items/id.json
api := gopencils.Api("http://your-api-url.com/api/", &auth, ".json")

Example Github Api

package main

import (

type respStruct struct {
    Login string
    Id    int
    Name  string

func main() {
    api := gopencils.Api("https://api.github.com")
    // Users Resource
    users := api.Res("users")

    usernames := []string{"bndr", "torvalds", "coleifer"}

    for _, username := range usernames {
        // Create a new pointer to response Struct
        r := new(respStruct)
        // Get user with id i into the newly created response struct
        _, err := users.Id(username, r).Get()
        if err != nil {
        } else {

More examples in the examples folder.


I work a lot with REST APIs and I caught myself writing the same code over and over, so I decided to make a library that would help me (and others) to quickly consume them.

Is it ready?

It is still in beta. But I would be glad if you could test it on your pet projects. The API will be improved, but no breaking changes are planned.


All Contributions are welcome. The todo list is on the bottom of this README. Feel free to send a pull request.


Apache License 2.0


  1. Add more Options (Flexibility)
  2. Support XML Response
  3. Better Error Handling

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