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  • v2.3.0

    March 02, 2019
    • added support of work with mvn-golang dependencies in maven repository, so now they can be used as just maven dependencies, it can be disabled through scanDependencies property. example
    • 🔌 repository artifact extension changed to zip to provide way to be processed by standard maven plugins
    • ➕ added support of system properties 'mvngo.skip' and mvngo.disable.ssl.check
    • ➕ added jfrog-cli mojo to provide way make call to external JFrog CLI in tuned Go SDK environment, example.
    • ➕ added connectionTimeout property to provide timeout (milliseconds) for HTTP connections, default 60000 ms
    • 🖨 #55 print log error stream into debug if command status is not error
    • ➕ added check of hash for downloaded SDK archive, can be disabled by false in parameter checkSdkHash, it checks hash provided in response header x-goog-hash
    • 👌 improved GoSDK loading
  • v2.2.0

    May 13, 2018

    2.2.0 (13-may-2018)

    • ➕ added property mvn.golang.go.version to define value for goVersion configuration parameter, it allows decrease configuration section dramatically, example
    • ➕ added externalPackageFile (property mvn.golang.get.packages.file) option to the get mojo, it allows to keep package list in external file, example
    • default value of the useMavenProxy flag is changed to true to make the plugin more compatible with default maven process
  • v2.1.8

    April 29, 2018

    2.1.8 (29-apr-2018)

    • ➕ added support of maven.deploy.skip and maven.install.skip prperties in install and deploy mojos
    • 🚀 #48 improved processing of install and deploy to be more compatible with standard maven process
    • 🛠 fixed dependency for termui test project in examples
    • ➕ added customScript section into get to execute some custom script over package CVS folder
  • v2.1.7

    February 18, 2018

    2.1.7 (18-feb-2018)

    • 🛠 fixed target file extension in maven archetypes #44
    • ➕ added target386 to provide value for $GO386 environment variable
    • 👌 improved GOPATH value processing, multi-folder value allowed
    • ➕ added flag to disable SSL certificate check for HTTPS connections, disableSSLcheck, by default it is false
    • 👌 improved Golang SDK list load #24
    • ➕ added args attribute to the run mojo to provide tail command line arguments.
    • ➕ added processing of maven session offline mode
    • 👌 improved proxy server settings processing to process NTLM authorisation
    • ✂ removed maven-enforcer-plugin because it throws NPE for old maven versions
  • v2.1.6

    August 27, 2017

    2.1.6 (27-aug-2017)

    • 🔀 implemented file locker to synchronize SDK loading between JVM processes, if cache folder is shared
    • 👌 improved get mojo behavior during branch, tag and revision processing
    • 👌 improved get mojo, added deleteCommonPkg flag to delete whole common pkg folder, by default false
    • 👌 improved logging
    • ➕ added property supposeSdkArchiveFileName to suppose SDK archive file name if it is not presented in common SDK list, active by default
    • minimal version of Java increased to 1.7
  • v2.1.5

    July 03, 2017

    2.1.5 (03-jul-2017)

    • ➕ added archetype for multimodule project mvn-golang-hello-multi
    • ➕ added customCvsOptions into get mojo to provide custom options for CVS operation.
    • 👌 improved get mojo, added auto-search of CVS folder in package folder hierarchy, it can be disabled with <disableCvsAutosearch>true</disableCvsAutosearch>, #23
    • 👌 improved get mojo, added way to define relative path to CVS folder in src folder through <relativePathToCvsFolder>, by default the path extracted from package name
  • v2.1.4

    • ➕ added support of BAZAAR CVS (experimental)
    • 🛠 fixed order of processing of CVS branch, tag and revision in get mojo
    • ➕ added enforceDeletePackageFiles flag into get mojo to enforce deletion of package sources and compiled version in local repository
    • 🛠 fixed processing of revision for CVS
  • v2.1.3

    • 👌 Improved go-hello-test archetype to generate Intellij Idea Go plugin project structure
    • ➕ Added flag enforceGoPathToEnd to enforce changing of folder list order in new generated GOPATH
    • ➕ Added list parameter ldFlags for buildMojo to define linker flags.
    • ➕ Added boolean flag strip for buildMojo to remove symbol table and DWARF from the result file.
    • Added parameter buildMode for buildMojo to define Go build mode
  • v2.1.2

    • ➕ Added skip attribute to skip execution of mojo
    • #10, Added way to disable providing of $GOBIN through pseudo-path NONE
    • 🔄 Changed maven phase for build from compile to package (to prevent build start before tests)
    • ✅ Enforced console output for test even in non-verbose mode
    • ➕ Added default packages ./... for fmt,vet,fix and test tasks
    • ➕ Added maven.test.failure.ignore and test properties processing into test goal, also allowed method regex template after # like in surefire
  • v2.1.1

    • #9, Added attribute targetArm to provide $GOARM value
    • ➕ Added support of proxy server #8, added flag useMavenProxy to use proxy server defined either through maven settings.xml file or the proxy configuration section of the plugin.
    • 👌 Improved clean mojo, added flags to clean Go path folder defined through goPath parameter, and added flag to delete whole storeFolder
    • ➕ Added flag ignoreErrorExitCode to prevent failure for error exit code, it is useful in some test cases.
    • ➕ Added parameter reportsFolder to define folder where some reports will be placed.
    • ➕ Added parameters outLogFile and errLogFile to save execution console log as files in the report folder. By default such reports are not saved.
    • ✅ Console log for test will be shown in maven log only in verbose mode