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  • vim-go

    9.8 9.0 Vim script
    Go development plugin for Vim.
  • Go for Visual Studio Code

    9.5 7.6 TypeScript
    An extension for VS Code which provides support for the Go language.
  • gocode

    9.4 0.0 Go
    An autocompletion daemon for the Go programming language.
  • go-lang-idea-plugin

    9.3 0.0 L2 Java
    Go plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.
  • GoSublime

    9.0 1.8 Go
    A Golang plugin collection for the text editor SublimeText 2 providing code completion and other IDE-like features.
  • vscode-go

    8.2 9.6 TypeScript
    Extension for Visual Studio Code (VS Code) which provides support for the Go language.
  • go-plus

    8.1 0.0 L4 JavaScript
    Go (Golang) Package For Atom That Adds Autocomplete, Formatting, Syntax Checking, Linting and Vetting
  • GNU/Emacs go-mode

    8.0 3.1 Emacs Lisp
    Emacs mode for the Go programming language
  • Goclipse

    8.0 0.0 L4 Java
    An Eclipse plugin for Go.
  • Watch

    5.7 0.0 Go
    Runs a command in an acme win on file changes.
  • vim-compiler-go

    4.4 0.0 VimL
    A Vim plugin to highlight syntax errors on save.
  • Local Golang playground

    3.6 0.5 Emacs Lisp
    GNU/Emacs mode for local Go playground like
  • go-language-server

    3.1 0.0 TypeScript
    A wrapper to turn the VSCode go extension into a language server supporting the language-server-protocol.
  • velour

    3.1 0.0 Go
    An IRC client for the acme editor.
  • goimports-reviser

    2.7 6.4 Go
    Formatting tool for imports.
  • theia-go-extension

    2.5 0.0 TypeScript
    Go language support for the Theia IDE.
  • gounit-vim

    1.8 0.0 Vim script
    Vim plugin for generating Go tests based on the function's or method's signature.
  • goprofiling

    This extension adds benchmark profiling support for the Go language to VS Code.
  • Go plugin for JetBrains IDEs

    Go plugin for JetBrains IDEs.