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  • Gorilla WebSocket

    9.9 5.7 Go
    A fast, well-tested and widely used WebSocket implementation for Go.
  • excelize

    9.7 9.2 Go
    Go language library for reading and writing Microsoft Excel™ (XLAM / XLSM / XLSX / XLTM / XLTX) spreadsheets
  • authelia

    9.7 9.9 Go
    The Single Sign-On Multi-Factor portal for web apps
  • goa

    9.2 9.3 Go
    Design-based APIs and microservices in Go
  • Ferret

    9.2 7.1 Go
    Declarative web scraping
  • Olric

    8.4 8.4 Go
    Distributed in-memory data structure store. It can be used both as an embedded Go library and as a language-independent service.
  • FSM for Go

    8.4 3.9 Go
    Finite State Machine for Go
  • Kopia

    8.3 9.5 Go
    Cross-platform backup tool for Windows, macOS & Linux with fast, incremental backups, client-side end-to-end encryption, compression and data deduplication. CLI and GUI included.
  • Geziyor

    8.1 3.4 Go
    Geziyor, blazing fast web crawling & scraping framework for Go. Supports JS rendering.
  • jackal

    7.9 8.3 Go
    💬 Instant messaging server for the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP).
  • go-toml

    7.9 8.5 Go
    Go library for the TOML file format
  • beaver

    7.8 6.1 Go
    💨 A real time messaging system to build a scalable in-app notifications, multiplayer games, chat apps in web and mobile apps.
  • go-critic

    7.8 7.9 Go
    The most opinionated Go source code linter for code audit.
  • Package govalidator

    7.7 0.0 Go
    Validate Golang request data with simple rules. Highly inspired by Laravel's request validation.
  • mimetype

    7.3 8.3 Go
    A fast Golang library for media type and file extension detection, based on magic numbers
  • ObjectBox Go Database

    7.1 6.0 Go
    Fast Golang database for easy Go structs/objects persistence; plus out-of-the-box Data Sync
  • mo

    7.0 6.0 Go
    🦄 Monads and popular FP abstractions, powered by Go 1.18+ Generics (Option, Result, Either...)
  • Peanut

    6.8 9.1 Go
    🐺 Deploy Databases and Services Easily for Development and Testing Pipelines.
  • consistent

    6.7 2.6 Go
    Consistent hashing with bounded loads in Golang
  • PingMe

    6.7 5.2 Go
    PingMe is a CLI which provides the ability to send messages or alerts to multiple messaging platforms & email.
  • golang-tutorials

    6.4 0.0 Go
    Golang Tutorials. Learn Golang from Scratch with simple examples.
  • libvlc-go

    6.1 5.4 Go
    Go bindings for libVLC and high-level media player interface
  • resolv

    5.8 2.1 Go
    A Simple 2D Golang collision detection and resolution library for games
  • mani

    5.7 8.1 Go
    :robot: CLI tool to help you manage repositories
  • xdg-go

    5.6 7.2 Go
    Go implementation of the XDG Base Directory Specification and XDG user directories
  • fig

    5.4 1.3 Go
    A minimalist Go configuration library
  • netscanner

    5.3 0.0 Go
    netscanner - TCP/UDP scanner to find open or closed ports
  • countries

    5.3 8.3 Go
    Countries - ISO 3166 (ISO3166-1, ISO3166, Digit, Alpha-2 and Alpha-3) countries codes and names (on eng and rus), ISO 4217 currency designators, ITU-T E.164 IDD calling phone codes, countries capitals, UN M.49 regions codes, ccTLD countries domains, IOC/NOC and FIFA letters codes, VERY VERY FAST, NO maps[], NO slices[], NO init() funcs, NO external links/files/data, NO interface{}, NO specific dependencies, Databases/JSON/GOB/XML/CSV compatible, Emoji countries flags and currencies support, full support ISO-3166-1, ISO-4217, ITU-T E.164, Unicode CLDR and ccTLD standarts.
  • go-todo-backend

    5.1 5.4 Go
    Go Todo Backend example using modular project layout for product microservice.
  • go-wkhtmltopdf

    4.6 5.1 Go
    Go bindings for wkhtmltopdf and high-level HTML to PDF conversion interface