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What is Pixie?

Pixie gives you instant visibility by giving access to metrics, events, traces and logs without changing code.

Try out Pixie and join our community on slack.

Table of contents

Quick Start

Check out Pixie's Quick Start install guide.

Get Instant Auto-Telemetry

Run scripts with px CLI

Service SLA:

px run px/service_stats

Node health:

px run px/node_stats

MySQL metrics:

px run px/mysql_stats

Explore more scripts by running:

px scripts list

Check out our [pxl_scripts](src/pxl_scripts) folder for more examples.

View machine generated dashboards with Live views

The Pixie Platform auto-generates "Live View" dashboards to visualize script results.

Pipe Pixie dust into any tool

You can transform and pipe your script results into any other system or workflow by consuming px results with tools like jq.

Example with http_data:

px run px/http_data -o json| jq -r .

More examples [here](src/pxl_scripts)

To see more script examples and learn how to write your own, check out our docs for more guides.


We are excited to have you contribute to Pixie! Before contributing, please read our [contribution guide](CONTRIBUTING.md).

Under the Hood

Three fundamental innovations enable Pixie's magical developer experience:

Progressive Instrumentation: Pixie Edge Modules (“PEMs”) collect full body request traces (via eBPF), system metrics & K8s events without the need for code-changes and at less than 5% overhead. Custom metrics, traces & logs can be integrated into the Pixie Command Module.

In-Cluster Edge Compute: The Pixie Command Module is deployed in your K8s cluster to isolate data storage and computation within your environment for drastically better intelligence, performance & security.

Command Driven Interfaces: Programmatically access data via the Pixie CLI and Pixie UI which are designed ground-up to allow you to run analysis & debug scenarios faster than any other developer tool.

For more information on Pixie Platform's architecture, check out our docs.


About Us

Pixie was built by a San Francisco based startup, Pixie Labs, Inc. New Relic, Inc. acquired Pixie Labs in December 2020. New Relic, Inc. is in the process of contributing Pixie to the Cloud Native Compute Foundation.


Pixie is licensed under [Apache License, Version 2.0](LICENSE).

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the pixie README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.